August 6, 2019

The color “Clay” is one of my most neutral greens. It’s a cool green that leans toward gray so it’s a mental color and when used in a room, it creates a soothing, calming space. It would be great for an office, bedroom or any room where you want to feel soothed. I use it often on woodwork because when used on window trim, it pulls your eye out toward views of nature as opposed to a white which closes you in. It also doesn’t show dirt like white does!

Here is “Clay” used on this wall at The Old Goat restaurant in Grand Rapids.
“Clay” walls and ceiling in this soon to be Dining Room
“Clay” works well with wood tones. Imagine if they’d used “Clay” on the window trim. You’d feel like you were outdoors!
In this Airbnb Guest Cottage I helped design, we used “Clay” on cabinets and all millwork with “Classic Marc” walls and “Christine’s Cloud” ceilings. We used “Dusk” inside the cabinets.

So as you can see, “Clay” is quite a versatile color and although it’s a color, it’s very neutral and works well in most any setting. If you’d like to see a free hand-painted sample, visit my Online Store where you can order a variety of samples and paint.



  1. Ellen — is that the same color that you use in the Gardener’s Cottage at Shadetree ?

    • No, the trim in the cottage is more of an olive (yellow-brown) green whereas Clay is a cool (blue-gray) green.

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