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June 24, 2019

The color “Dusk” is a more colorful blue than the pale sky blues in my previous blog posts. It works equally well as a wall color, a ceiling color inside and out, and as you’ll see in the last photo below, it adds a pop of color to the inside of cabinets.

“Dusk” walls with “Moss Green” trim create a soothing oasis in this client’s bedroom.
In the same client’s bathroom, we used “Dusk” on the walls with “Morning Yellow” wainscoting and “Moss Green” trim around the window.
One of the first projects to use “Dusk” was on the walls and vaulted ceiling of this entry shown in the photos above and below. Walls and other ceilings are retired color “Cognac” and trim is “Snow”
“Dusk” makes a cheerful porch ceiling color and balances the warmth of the stucco. Doors are “Mykonos Blue”. Stucco color is custom color “Provence Clay”. (I create custom colors for $60 per color)
“Dusk” adds a pop of color to these “Clay” cabinets. Walls are “Classic Marc” and ceiling is “Christine’s Cloud”

As you can see in the photos, depending on the lighting in each space, “Dusk” can be subtle or somewhat bright. The best way to discover how it will look in your space is to try a large sample of it. We have hand-painted samples in sizes 8×11 and 11×17 as well as 2 oz. and pint sample jars that may be ordered from my Online Store. However, if you aren’t ready to commit to purchasing large samples, we also have free hand-painted 1″ x 4″ cuttings.

Haint Blue

June 19, 2019

When I created my new color palette, I added 17 new colors and since some of them are historic exterior colors, I felt I definitely needed to include the Southern staple “Haint Blue”. Anyone who knows me and my work, knows that I love painting interior ceilings in shades of pale sky blue because it subconsciously makes you feel like you’re outdoors on a sunny day. A blue sky not only promotes optimism, it also brings in nature and the sky. So it’s no wonder that painting porch ceilings in shades of blue was popular in the Victorian era since they preferred the colors of nature. Blue is a calming color and since porches are a favorite place to sit and relax when weather permits, it makes perfect sense as it helps visually extend daylight even after the sun has set.

The name “Haint Blue” originally came from the word “haunt” referring to a ghost or spirit. Since blue also represents water and it was believed spirits can’t traverse water, descendants of the African Gullah culture around the Charleston area painted not only porch ceilings blue but also trim around windows and doors in order to keep the “haints” out. Also, around that time (early 1800s), paint had lye in it which is a known insect repellent so it was believed that it would keep insects from nesting on a painted porch ceiling or ledge. Today, many still believe that insects prefer not to nest on blue ceilings since they are fooled into thinking the blue paint is actually the sky. I can personally attest that this theory does not work here in Louisiana! However, I still recommend painting porch ceilings a sky blue and although many of my pale blues work well on porch ceilings (Christine’s Cloud, Dusk and Oasis to name a few), I created a full spectrum version of “Haint Blue” which is a classic blue used often down here in Creole homes.

I originally created my own “Haint Blue” version for this reproduction of a Creole antebellum home. Both the upper veranda ceiling and lower porch ceiling are painted “Haint Blue”
A close-up of the porch ceiling painted “Haint Blue”. Siding is “White Opal” and shutters are “Creole Shutter Green” which is quite similar to what is often referred to as Charleston Shutter Green.
“Haint Blue” works equally well on this Craftsman bungalow pictured above and below. Siding is “Titanium”, Trim is “Merlin’s Mist” and door is “Sacre Bleu”. Shutters are “Kennon Ivy”

Just in case you don’t know what I mean by “full spectrum”, it describes paint formulas where we don’t use the black pigment and use the full color spectrum of pigments in each and every color, including the “White Opal” on the siding in the first photos. Most paint companies use only 2-3 pigments to create a color and almost always they contain black which absorbs light and in comparison, makes colors look dingy.

If you’d like a sample of “Haint Blue” or any of my Full Spectrum Paint colors, visit my Online Store where you can order free hand-painted samples, larger hand-painted samples and sample jars. We send them out within 24 hours. When it comes time to order gallons of paint, you order online and pick up your paint at your nearest PPG Paints store. To see where one is in your area, visit PPG’s Store Locator and input your zip code. But be sure to click on the filter “PPG Paints” as we do not use Home Depot or Independent stores that carry some PPG products. We use PPG’s top of the line Manor Hall Paint, Primer & Stain Repellent in One which is not available in Home Depot or most Independent stores.

Christine’s Cloud

June 18, 2019

If you haven’t been following my Blog Posts lately, I started writing a post on each one of my Full Spectrum Paint colors since clients often ask me to describe colors and how I recommend they be used. Although my old website had a Virtual Room painter, I find photographs of the colors showing different uses to be more helpful in giving an accurate visual. Of course, there’s nothing like seeing the real color hand-painted on a sample. All of my samples are either hand-painted paper samples or sample jars of the actual paint I sell. These blog posts are in the order of my new Color Chart and at the beginning of each color range, I give the color therapy information related to each color range because the first question I always ask during a Color Consultation is “How do you want to feel in the space?”

Color Chart of 70 Full Spectrum Paint colors is available for purchase from my Online Store

If you want to create a calming, soothing atmosphere “Christine’s Cloud” is a soft, enveloping blue that is a true blue without being the feared “baby blue” that so often happens to folks who aren’t used to selecting paint colors. Although the photos below show “Christine’s Cloud” as ceiling colors for interiors and exterior porches, it makes a great color for bedrooms since it evokes feelings of sea and sky.

We used “Christine’s Cloud” on this ceiling with “Classic Marc” walls in the living room of a decorating project I did a few years ago because we wanted the space to feel like you’re outdoors on a sunny day. This living room has three sets of French Doors that open onto the glassed in porch in the photo below.
The porch overlooks Audubon Park in New Orleans so we painted the walls “Edgewood Green” and the ceiling “Christine’s Cloud” so that it feels connected to the outdoors as the green helps pull your eye out towards the view as opposed to using a white which would have the opposite effect and close you in.
The same clients like “Christine’s Cloud” so much, we used it on the porch ceiling of their country home here in Saint Francisville. The siding is “JV Cloud White” and the shutters are in my new color “Creole Shutter Green”. Note the softness of the “JV Cloud Whitenext to the existing white rockers. The home was on tour shortly after it was painted and got rave reviews!

You can order free hand-painted samples of any of my Full Spectrum Paint colors from my Online Store. There are also larger hand-painted samples and sample jars. Color Consultations with me are free when you order my paints!

Alexandra Blue

June 11, 2019

“Alexandra Blue”, named after my daughter, is the first pale sky blue that I created for my line of Full Spectrum Paints. I added just enough magenta to make it look like the sky at twilight. The tiny increment of magenta pigment added is just enough to make “Alexandra Blue” look almost misty. It’s an ethereal sky blue that creates an enveloping, calming atmosphere. (See my previous Blog Post for color therapy info on the color blue). Although perfect for ceilings and bedrooms, it’s a great color for any space where you want to be uplifted and soothed.

One of my favorite photos of this “Alexandra Blue” ceiling with “Adobe” walls in this California home. “Snow” is used on the French Doors and trim and crown molding.
I was able to snap this photo yesterday when visiting this project site where my clients painted “Alexandra Blue” on both walls and ceiling of their upstairs Master Bedroom overlooking Audubon Park in New Orleans. They tell me “it’s like being up in the clouds!”
I especially love this photo of a client’s little girl’s room because it shows the periwinkle quality that “Alexandra Blue” has.
This is my daughter Alexandra‘s room that I designed and had added on to my little cabin in the woods. Since I was going to the trouble of adding on a bedroom, I made it as large as I could without cutting down any trees. Now that she’s grown and living on her own, I’m enjoying it as my Master Bedroom! Of course, this is the first place I used “Alexandra Blue” on walls and ceilings. “Ashen Green” is on all trim.

If you’d like a free hand-painted sample of “Alexandra Blue” or any of my Full Spectrum Paint colors, visit my Online Store where you can get larger hand-painted samples and sample jars.

The Color Blue & Silvery Blue

June 6, 2019

It’s no wonder blue is humanity’s most popular color. The calming quality of blue is undeniable since it represents the energy of water and sky. Blue is the color of introspection, tranquility and serenity. While its influence on the physical is soothing and calming, it stimulates a spiritual force of upliftment. Frequently called the “Nightingale color”, it’s also known to reduce inflammation and induce sleep, so it’s ideal to use in the bedroom. Ever since I read Alexandra Stoddard’s inspiring book Living a Beautiful Life, I have often used pale sky blue on ceilings because it makes you subconsciously feel like you’re outdoors on a sunny day.

“Silvery Blue” was initially created for the Master Bedroom ceiling in designer Marc Charbonnet‘s NYC Fifth Avenue project. I liked it so much, I immediately used it on the ceiling in the Living and Dining rooms for an old farmhouse here in St. Francisville. Although it’s a beautiful, very subtle blue, I’ve yet to see where anyone has used it on walls but I’m certain it would create a wonderfully soothing space. You’ll see from the photos of it below, depending on the light in each space, it changes its hue.

“Silvery Blue” surrounds the silver leaf ceiling in designer Marc Charbonnet’s NYC 5th Avenue project.
Here is “Silvery Blue” on the ceiling in the farmhouse I mentioned. The “Wheat” walls and “Camelhair” millwork pull out more blue. Also, the blue sofas might also make it look more blue in this space.
Another Marc Charbonnet project in Dallas where he used “Silvery Blue” on all of the ceilings with “JV Cloud White” walls and “Barry’s White” trim
After posting photos on Instagram and Facebook of “Silvery Blue” with “JV Cloud White” walls and “Barry’s White” trim, this client painted her Master Bedroom in the same colors. I especially like it on this vaulted ceiling!
The St. Francisville Inn used “Silvery Blue” on all of their ceilings and as you’ll continue to see, it looks different in every space. Walls are “JV Cloud White” and trim is “Barry’s White”
The St. Francisville Inn‘s Summer Parlor above with the same “JV Cloud White” walls and “Barry’s White” ceiling.
Another example of the color reflective qualities of “Silvery Blue” on the St. Francisville Inn‘s porch overlooking the courtyard. Rough cypress walls were painted “JV Cloud White” and floor is painted “Brandon’s Blue” in PPG Paints’ new BreakThrough product.

So as you can see, “Silvery Blue” is quite chameleon-like! If you’d like to see a hand-painted sample, you can order a free sample at my Online Store.

Merlin’s Mist

June 5, 2019

“Merlin’s Mist” is similar to the “Rainbow Fog” color I wrote about in my previous post. It’s an atmospheric “no color” complex neutral that works well as a wall color and equally well as a trim and millwork color. I initially created it for the interior of a law firm’s office in New Orleans and was so intrigued by it, I named it after my favorite wizard. I actually have quite a story about Merlin but I’ll save that for another post.

I had such fun color consulting with talented designer Brandon Branch on a project in Houma that’s not finished. However, the kitchen was just repainted in “Merlin’s Mist” so I got him to send me a photo. The first photo is the kitchen “before”. Everything in this newly purchased home was painted some sort of gray or taupe so it was quite dreary. I can’t wait to show you the finished project after everything has been painted. We specified quite a few different colors!

This is the “before” photo where both walls and ceiling were painted this mid-toned taupe. The cabinets were quite nice and since “Merlin’s Mist” is so versatile, it blended beautifully with the cabinets as you can see in the photo below.
The client loves the colors at the St. Francisville Inn so Brandon chose the same “Silvery Blue” for most ceilings including the kitchen. He plans to replace the island light fixture.
We used “Merlin’s Mist” on the trim on this bungalow in Baton Rouge’s Garden District with “Titanium” siding, “Sacre Bleu” door and “Light Kennon Ivy” porch floor.
A close-up of “Titanium” siding with “Merlin’s Mist” trim and “Haint Blue” ceiling.

If I were to describe the difference between “Rainbow Fog” and “Merlin’s Mist”, I’d say “Merlin’s Mist” is less warm and more of a taupe. And although famed interior decorator Alexandra Stoddard used to say “I can’t cope with taupe!”, this is not your ordinary taupe. When on the walls, it has an almost misty, atmospheric quality about it. It’s the last of the colors in my range of what I consider whites. My next post will be all about the color blue.

If you’d like to see a sample of this or any of my Full Spectrum Paint colors, visit my Online Store where you can order free hand-painted samples, sample jars and color charts.

Rainbow Fog

June 3, 2019

“Rainbow Fog” is one of those “no color” colors that’s hard to put into a color range category. It’s what I call a complex neutral in that because it contains so many pigments but is no discernable color, it’s very atmospheric. Walls painted “Rainbow Fog” are so soft, they almost look misty. It’s also great when used as a trim color where you want less contrast between walls and trim. Less contrast helps create a soothing atmosphere.

Rainbow Fog” is the perfect neutral for these walls. As you can see in the photo below of the same room, it works well with the slate fireplace surround.
(This home with the “Rainbow Fog” walls belongs to Michelle Spencer, creator of the Dream Glo Essential Bath Salts & Soaps that we use at Shadetree Inn here in St. Francisville.)
We used “Rainbow Fog” on all of the millwork and trim in this Dallas home in the photos above and below.. It works beautifully with every color in my Full Spectrum Paint palette, and I especially like it with the “Classic Cream” walls and “Gustavian Grey” ceiling in the photo below. This was a large home, so we used lots of other wall colors with this trim: JV Cloud White, Lavender Mist, Powder Pink, H2 Ahh!, Lilac Mist, Smoke, Merlin’s Mist & Wedgewood.
All of the trim in this home was stained wood so the client wanted to brighten everything up without using the typical white trim.

If you’d like to see a hand-painted sample of “Rainbow Fog” or any of my Full Spectrum Paint colors, visit my Online Store where you can order free 1″x4″ hand-painted samples or larger hand-painted samples and jars.

If you’d like to see more photos of “Classic Cream” check out my previous blog post. I’m anxiously awaiting photos of “Merlin’s Mist” used in a project by renowned designer Brandon Branch that I can’t wait to share with you in my next Blog Post!