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June 2022 Living Well

June 29, 2022

I hope this newsletter finds you well. We just celebrated the 21st anniversary of my line of Full Spectrum Paints and I realized it’s been an entire year since my last newsletter (& Post!) which is supposed to be seasonal. Needless to say, thanks to you, I’ve been busier than ever. In addition to helping clients select paint colors, I’ve been working on several decorating projects – including my own home. But that’s not the least of it. There have been many changes with both the paint and furnishings industry. If you’ve been involved in any building, renovation or decorating projects you know what I mean. There’s been a national paint materials shortage so it’s not always easy to get paint the same day you place your order and sometimes it can take over a week. Because of this, I have expanded my product line to include three interior and three exterior paint products. The only drawback is that I have to create a new formula for each product as formulas do not cross over from product line to product line, so that can delay your order up to a day or two. Visit our online store to view the different products. If you don’t see a color listed, check the custom color box and put the color names in the notes section.

One of the new products I’m offering is PPG’s UltraLast Interior Paint & Primer in One. I first used it on a new retail shop in Natchez, Liza Sharp’s Natchez Olive Market”. The walls are a combination of brick and old plaster so we used the UltraLast Matte finish for the plaster walls because although it’s a matte finish which hides imperfections, it’s so durable you can wash lipstick off of it. PPG uses the same technology from their automotive and industrial coatings divisions so it’s now the most durable paint on the market. The semigloss we used on the store’s checkout cabinetry is tough as nails! We created “Natchez Peach” from the old plaster and “Natchez Olive” for the cabinetry. Both are now available in the UltraLast. 

If you’re in the area, you should definitely visit NOM (short for Natchez Olive Market). It’s the most comprehensive gourmet food store within 100 miles or more. Liza not only has an incredible selection of high quality infused olive oils and balsamic, she has cheeses, homemade breads, charcuterie boards and an amazing variety of gourmet food products–my favorite being the Uncured Bacon Marmalade.

I took broken off plaster to copy the color calling it “Natchez Peach”. We created “Natchez Olive” for the existing cabinets.

NOM – Natchez Olive Market is located at 636 Franklin Street in downtown Natchez

In my last newsletter, it was at the beginning of Covid and I included a video tour of my home. Since then, like many folks, I’ve been making some home improvements. TCS Designs, the company I use for upholstered furniture, used to have a lead time of 5-6 weeks. I ordered two sofas for myself and it took eight months. I have to say, it was well worth the wait. Thankfully, they’re starting to get back to normal so their lead time has dropped considerably. Here’s a little show & tell:

I got tired of fluffing back pillows so I opted for a tight back and now that I have both a dog and a cat, I used this Crypton performance fabric that looks and feels like velvet. I’ve already spilled barbecue sauce on it and it wiped right off! The cat has scratched it several times yet there are no marks whatsoever. The rug is an indoor/outdoor from Wayfair I bought for a client and when I saw it, I liked it so much I ordered one for myself. The Tommy Bahama coffee table, also from Wayfair, is higher than usual (tea table height) and there are drawers on each side and a shelf underneath so it doubles as an extra desk. The console table behind the sofa (also from Wayfair) opens into a dining table that seats six. Wayfair has become my favorite furnishings source because everything usually arrives in under a week! ­­­

My newly transformed Guest Bedroom. We kept the same “Magnolia” trim color, painted the ceiling a color matched to the wallpaper background.

“Lightening up” has been the trend for quite some time and I’m finding myself doing the same by replacing dark walls and fabrics with lighter ones. There’s a new paper hanger in town, Jackie Jarrell, who transformed my guest bedroom by replacing the Magnolia walls (photo below) with wallpaper from Wayfair. Curtains are the Custom Belgian Flax Linen from Pottery Barn. Once again I opted for what I could get quickly. That’s Zeta, my newly adopted cat, lounging on the bed.

Guest Bedroom “Before” with “Magnolia” walls, ceiling and trim.

Wallpaper has become popular again and I have to say, it’s a great way to turn small areas into little jewel boxes and bring the feeling of nature indoors. I wallpapered the hallway leading to my bedroom and absolutely love the way it feels when I wall through it! ­­

My hallway walls weren’t in great shape so the wallpaper not only covered the imperfections, it created a little jewel box.

Speaking of bringing nature indoors, I’m excited to share that the weekend of October 14 & 15 I’ll be one of the speakers for this year’s Southern Garden Symposium here in St. Francisville on this topic and of course, color therapy. It’s a two day event featuring workshops, lectures, and tours of historic gardens and structures. The roster of six speakers includes Laura Dowling who’s served as chief floral designer at the White House and other nationally renowned gardening experts, including Brandon Branch of Bravo’s Southern Charm Savannah fame. Here’s the link to register: I apologize for not keeping up with my newsletter but I’m getting much better at keeping up with posts and slideshows on Instagram so I hope you’ll keep in touch by following me there @ellenkennon.  Here’s to better days ahead and a Summer filled with joyful, memorable times for you and your family! 

All the best,



20th Year Anniversary

June 21, 2021
Today marks the 20th anniversary of my Full Spectrum Paints line! The first “Nature’s Palette” and “Magical Gems” paint colors have since expanded to an edited palette of 70 tried and true full spectrum colors that have been used successfully in every area of the United States. I have loved creating hundreds of custom colors over the last two decades, and it’s been such a joy making friends with so many interesting and talented folks during my telephone color consultations. I am so very grateful for every single one of you. Several of you have even been to visit me here in Saint Francisville! Thank you!
Despite a pandemic, both my paint and design businesses have thrived and not a day goes by that I’m not filled with gratitude that I’m able to work from home doing what I love. So what better way to celebrate than to offer a 20% discount through the end of June on all paint products. When you order online, at check out enter “20YEARS!” in the box that says “discount code”. Don’t forget that color consultations are included in the cost of my paints. Knowing how daunting selecting paint colors is to most, I offered this service from the very beginning and have helped clients put together color palettes for homes and businesses all over the country. 
I also owe many, many thanks to the writers, editors and friends who are responsible for all of the publicity I’ve received in so many publications. I’ve never advertised so without you and the wonderful reviews from clients on the GardenWeb (now Houzz) website, I doubt I’d still be in business. Thank you!!!
During Covid, like many folks, I did some redecorating and made quite a few home improvements. I was thrilled when Elise Saloom of InRegister Magazine contacted me about bedroom paint colors for her article “Color expert Ellen Kennon explains how your bedroom’s paint color can impact your mood“as I had just redecorated my own bedroom and hallway-vanity area as you’ll see in the photos below. 
One of the things I didn’t change was the “Alexandra Blue” paint color I used on both walls and ceiling. It is such a soothing color! The “Ashen Green” trim helps bring the outdoors in and the new hallway wallpaper also gives the feeling of being outdoors. Nature is a tonic so I try and recreate its healing energy indoors whenever I can.
I didn’t plan to start my business on the Summer Solstice. It wasn’t until I was walking out the door of ICI Dulux Paints (now PPG Paints) with my first newly created paint colors that I realized it was June 21st–a time to celebrate new beginnings and the day we are closest to the warmth and energy of the sun. How fitting since the sun plays such a role in Full Spectrum Paints. Thank you again for contributing so much to the last 20 years of my life! Happy Summer Solstice!

Summer 2020 Living Well

June 28, 2020

The Summer Solstice this year marked the 19th anniversary of my first full spectrum “Nature’s Palette” paint colors. So many of you have been loyal paint customers for most of these years and thanks to you, I’m able to continue working remotely from home as always. I’m so fortunate that business has been steady even during this pandemic. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  

Adapting my business to these stay at home restrictions has been easy since paint is ordered either online or by phone, and now when you go to your nearest PPG Paints store to pick up your order, you just call from your car when you arrive and they’ll bring your paint directly to your vehicle. 

I’ve really enjoyed Zoom happy hours with friends, so I thought it might be fun to do some Zoom question and answer sessions on color and design. If you’re interested in joining in, send me an email so I can send you an invitation. Sidney Coffee of The Guru in Baton Rouge is planning a series of Zoom events and I’ll be featured as one of her guest presenters, along with others on a variety of subjects including astrology, interior design, and help with relationships during these challenging times. 

Speaking of challenging times, I confess to having more than a few anxious and sleepless nights and have found great comfort in listening to creative visualization tapes by Jeanne-Marie Taylor/Muse via YouTube. I’ve always been a big fan of creative visualization, especially since that’s how I created my little sanctuary in the woods here in Saint Francisville (read that story here). I found instant relief from her “Channeled Message from Gaia” and there are many others, so I highly recommend subscribing to her YouTube channel

Besides escaping with visualization tapes, virtual happy hours and lots of TV series and movies, I really enjoyed reading Beth Arnold‘s  Jours of Our Lives: On the Road in France and BeyondIt’s no wonder I felt like I was along on the journey with Beth – she captures the colors, cuisine and countryside so beautifully, you will be transported! 

I give thanks every single day that I’m able to live on this magical little piece of earth surrounded by 100′ tall trees in a home I designed. My daughter Alex and her partner Dominic Rivera who normally live in New Orleans have been here since early March, so I’ve had the pleasure of their company and fabulous cuisine most evenings. Alex has become quite the gourmet cook since writing her book Classic Restaurants of New OrleansDom, who was working on movies before the pandemic, was kind enough to make a video of me giving a tour of my home that I named “Mon Soleil”. I hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve been enjoying virtual glimpses into other’s homes. Click on the photo of my home to take the tour!

(In the video, I neglected to introduce my little YorkiePoo Winson who you’ll see following me everywhere I go!)

I hope to see you sometime soon for a Zoom Q&A event. Be sure to email me for an invitation. Please take care and stay safe!


Caroline’s Ethereal Color Palette

December 17, 2019

I’m thrilled to share photos that Interior Designer Caroline Alberstadt just sent me of her project where she used my Full Spectrum Paints inside and out. Besides creating stunning spaces, Caroline and her associate Maggie Lambert put together a color palette to equal the ethereal setting of this newly constructed home.

The home was constructed by Waterfront Custom Homes of Vidalia, Louisiana. The body and trim are painted “Rainbow Fog” with “Sage” doors and “Ashen Green” shutters.
Porch ceiling is painted “Oasis”. All interior and exterior paints are Manor Hall by PPG Paint’s using my full spectrum formulas.
Main colors throughout the home’s interior are “Classic Cream” walls with “Perret Ivory” trim. All ceilings are “75% Classic Cream”.
The kitchen cabinets are painted “Putty”. Walls are the same “Classic Cream” with “Perret Ivory” trim. Although I retired “Perret Ivory” when I created the new palette, it’s still available and as you can see, works really well with the “Classic Cream”. Ceilings are “75% Classic Cream” since colors tend to look darker on ceilings.
The Master Bedroom walls are “Pumice” with “Perret Ivory” trim and “75% Classic Cream” on the ceiling. “Pumice” is one of my favorite complex neutrals because although I’d describe it as a warm gray, it’s very chameleon-like as you can see in the photos below.
Love the antique gold in the accessories—especially the Rebecca Vizard antique pillows!
Master Bath walls are also “Pumice” with the same “Perret Ivory” trim and “75% Classic Cream” ceilings. Cabinets are painted “Smoke”. The antique doors are from The Corbel.
Caroline had me create a full spectrum formula for Sherwin Williams’ “Intimate White” for the daughter’s bedroom and bath walls. In the bathroom we used “Barry’s White” on the trim and cabinets. This color is also available although it started as a custom color.
Last, but certainly not least is the Powder Room where the walls are “Peridot” high gloss with “Barry’s White” trim.

Caroline is going back to the project site today to take even more photos that I’ll be adding, so check back! If you’d like to see hand-painted samples of any of these colors, visit my Online Store where you can order free cuttings or larger hand-painted samples and jars.


Catching up!

November 7, 2019

Now that I’ve finished posting about each of my Full Spectrum Paint colors, I’m working on getting my newsletters linked to this blog. I sent out my Winter Living Well this past Monday so if you’re not one of my subscribers, here’s a link to it: Winter 2019 Living Well.

The newsletter features two projects by talented designers Cecile Thompson and Peggie Rhodes of Timpson Creek Gallery in Clayton, Georgia. There were so many fabulous photos, I had a hard time figuring out which ones to include. Since I posted it, Peggie found some even more wonderful photos that I’ll share here.

I wish I would have had this photo for my newsletter since it really shows the “Adirondack-style” of the Highlands, NC home (or should I say Lodge?) we featured.
Almost all ceilings in the Highlands house are painted “Christine’s Cloud” which has become a favorite ceiling color of many clients both inside and on porches.
One of many hallways in this home. The clients are quite the art collectors. Timpson Creek Gallery has over 10,000 square feet of art, antiques and furnishings.
I created a custom color, “Teal”, for this guest bedroom. If you’re interested in this color, my “Albania Teal” is mighty close. All trim is “Pearl”.
Many of the walls are painted “Buttercream” like in this kitchen and the bathroom below. The kitchen ceiling is one of many painted “Christine’s Cloud”.
This chest is just one example of the furnishings you can get at Timpson Creek. The attention to detail in this home is incredible. You see it everywhere: furniture, cabinetry, hardware…even the lamp shades are like little works of art, like the one below from the Lamp Shoppe in Atlanta
This charming window seat reminds me of the Dutch beds I had built into my own home. The perfect place to curl up and read a book like my daughter’s first book “Classic Restaurants of New Orleans”!

Yes, I’m way too excited about Alexandra’s book and am plugging it every chance I get! It came out Monday, November 4th and the first printing sold out before the publish date! Having a forward by Walter Isaacson certainly helps but I have to say, it’s an incredibly interesting book. Here are links to the first couple of articles since it’s been out: Country Roads Magazine and New Orleans’ Gambit. There are many book signings planned so if you’re in the area, I hope to see you at one!

If you’d like a sample of any of my full spectrum paints colors, visit my online store where you can get free hand-painted samples in addition to a variety of samples, paint and even my “Classic Restaurants of New Orleans”!