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The Energy of Paint

September 24, 2018

For over 20 years I read every spiritual new age book I could get my hands on. I have particularly been interested in angels and archangels and a few years ago, I even created jewelry with gemstones relating to the different archangels. I’ve also been a firm believer in the power of creative visualization because I manifested the property I live on! You can read more about that in my February 12, 2013 blog post. In the last paragraph of my last blog post, I even tell about how I manifested a “dream client” by writing affirmations.

Over the past 17 years I’ve often had clients and intuitives tell me my paints were healing and helped raise the vibration of the people who came into contact with them.  When I started my line of paints 17 years ago, I even set up an altar with the paints (before I had 100+ colors!) and would visualize that they bring joy and balance to everyone who comes into contact with them. I still continue that visualization to this day. Last Monday I had a telephone reading with medium Stacy Hilton who I’d seen on a local television news program in the hopes of hearing from a dear friend who passed away last January. Not only did I hear specific information from my friend, two other friends I lost over the past few years, and my Dad; she ended the reading by saying “Can I ask why I keep seeing paint?”

Here’s the audio excerpt that I put together with a slideshow of rooms painted with my paints:

As an interior designer, I’ve always said it’s not how a room looks, it’s all about the energy of the space. Just because we can’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not there. And just because someone has passed away, it doesn’t mean they’re gone. They’re just in another dimension and if you were close to them, they’re probably helping you from the other side of the veil just like my Dad helps me.


What’s New?!

May 1, 2018

As you may or may not know, there are always changes in the paint business. For the past several years, most paint companies have been changing their products, removing VOCs (volatile organic compounds), discontinuing products and implementing new tinting systems. When I started my Full Spectrum Paints almost 17 years ago, I created my formulas in ICI Dulux Paints’ products. They were bought out by Akzo Nobel a few years later and several years ago, PPG Paints bought out Akzo Nobel. PPG discontinued my most popular product, Lifemaster, so I replaced it with PPG’s Pure Performance and Manor Hall products, using PPG’s tinting system. Most recently, PPG started creating their own pigments, so for the 4th time in 17 years, I once again had to reformulate my entire color palette. So I figured this time, I would take the opportunity to create a completely new edited palette, retiring colors that are no longer as popular and adding new colors. Luckily, my local PPG Paints store in Baton Rouge is a pilot store, so I’ve been able to work on this for the past many months and have finally finished the new palette!

New Color Palette

My new color palette consists of 70 timeless, fail-safe colors that compliment each other flawlessly in any setting.

I kept my most popular best-sellers and added 17 new colors, several of which were created specifically for exterior applications. These nature-inspired colors have proven themselves consistently beautiful and therapeutic no matter how they are paired or lit, so seasoned designers and amateur homemakers alike can benefit from using this simple yet broad and effective palette. The new color chart above is now available for ordering (Click to order new chart.) However, although you can order online, these new colors are currently only available for pick up at PPG Paints stores in Seattle, Philly, Louisiana, Detroit, Arizona & New Mexico and the brand new PPG DIY stores opening in Dallas, Miami, Austin, Houston & Pittsburgh. All other stores will have the new pigments by the end of this year. Since I have gotten so many rave reviews over the quality of the Manor Hall Paint, Primer & Stain Repellent in One, I chose it for my new palette. It’s also the only exterior paint I use since it has a life-time warranty. The best thing to come out of all of this is that the Manor Hall product rivals any top of the line product on the market!

If you have ordered Pure Performance or Manor Hall paints from me over the past years and want to ensure you are able to get the exact same color (i.e. using the same formula and older pigments), I’d order a gallon so you’ll have it for touch ups. Email me at and I’ll send you a code so you can get a discount. Since I have discontinued colors, I have discounted my custom color fee to $50. Any orders of paint for over three gallons in a custom color will have no custom color fee.

On another note, in my newsletters and blog posts I’ve often written about how I’ve magically managed to create a life I love. After a very successful friend confirmed he was still writing affirmations while waiting between planes in airports, I stumbled upon an exercise where you meditate to come up with an affirmation and then write it 55 times, five days in a row. Then you put it in an envelope. Put it away and send it out to the universe and forget about it. My affirmation was “I am joyfully attracting a dream client.”  A few months later, I was asked to create the color palette and custom colors for the exterior of a gigantic building for the dreamiest client you can imagine. They say angels and guides take you literally and when I’m able to disclose who the client is (I had to sign an NDA), you’ll know exactly what I mean! I just wanted to pass this along since it really works!





2018 Color Predictions

November 12, 2017

Every year color experts research color trends in order to predict what colors will be popular during the upcoming year. Last year, violet-tinged hues dominated the selections by major paint companies while Pantone’s pick was a bright green.


This year, it’s still all about creating a sanctuary with color, but deep shades of blue are dominating the predictions. PPG unveiled “Black Flame”, a black infused with an undertone of indigo, as it’s 2018 Color of the Year touting it as the “new neutral” fulfilling our craving for comfort, privacy and hope. As you can see, it’s very similar to Benjamin Moore’s “Shadow” from last year.

black flame

PPG’s “Black Flame” touted as the timeless “little black dress”

Sherwin William’s pick is “Oceanside”, a jewel-toned blue-green much like my “Sacre Bleu” created last year for Hunt Slonem’s Antebellum Pop Exhibit. I can’t tell you how many powder rooms and front doors have been painted with it, so I’m not surprised to see it as one of the colors of the year.


Sherwin Williams’ “Oceanside”

sacre bleu

“Sacre Bleu” used in Hunt Slonem’s Antebellum Pop exhibit at LSUMOA

Pratt & Lambert went for a more midnight blue with it’s “Heron” selection for 2018.


“In our search for serenity in today’s dynamic and often hectic world, we found Heron . . offers calmness, tranquility and adaptability allowing it to transform an ordinary space into a sanctuary that truly showcases the power of color.”  – Ashley Banbury, Sr. Designer, Pratt & Lambert Paints

Last but not least, Benjamin Moore selected “Caliente”, a red with hints of orange, as their top color for 2018. Although a jewel tone, it’s a total departure from the soothing blues and a whole lot like one of the first colors I created for my Magical Gems Palette back in 2001,”Carnelian”.


Ben Moore’s “Caliente”


“Carnelian” in Hunt Slonem’s Brooklyn Studio

So what do you think Pantone’s number one color for 2018 will be? According to their color trend report for 2018, look for anything metallic, pearlized or translucent as well as intense colors to match our intense lifestyles. However, Pantone also predicts that 2018 will be the year of pink as a power color. So who really knows? I have to say, I’m always surprised!



Touching Base

July 22, 2016

Once again, it has been a while since I posted on my blog. However, I recently posted a lengthy newsletter that includes a recent interior design project that I especially enjoyed working on since it was new construction for some color clients I’ve had for over a decade. Now that they both retired and all of their children are grown, they down-sized into a lovely town home in a private development in Baton Rouge. The Living Room shown below opens into both the Dining Area and Kitchen. To see more photos, check out my latest Living Well Newsletter. This project is towards the end.


It’s now been a couple of years since we’ve been using the new PPG Paints products and I can’t tell you how pleased with the feedback I’m getting. Both the Pure Performance and Manor Hall are premium products. The Pure Performance is VOC-free and covers exceptionally well. However, I’m thrilled to report that we’re now reformulating our really saturated Bright and Magical Gem colors into the Manor Hall product for these usually hard to cover colors. The “Hot Pink!” for instance, almost covers in one coat (in the old Lifemaster, it took 3-4 coats!). Now, we’re talking two coats, tops!

I’m also creating new colors almost weekly and there are some great ones so be sure to check the drop down color lists and if there are colors you don’t recognize that aren’t in your sets, please don’t hesitate to email me to find out more about them. Also, I usually post photos of the samples on my Facebook page. Two new ones you might like are full spectrum versions of Farrow & Ball colors I was asked to make: “Middleton Pink” (we kept the same name for now) and our “Verdant” is their discontinued “Chappell Green”. Both photos of the same sample below show how much the color shifts from green to blue.


The same “Verdant” sample above and below shifts with the light.


The samples below are of two new colors. The top one is “Kelly Green” and the bottom two are the same exact color sample (“Castle Piano Rm Green”) but with different lighting. These colors were created for artist Hunt Slonem’s 102,000 sq.ft. Castle in Scranton.

New Greens

Although these colors were initially created for special clients, these paint colors may be ordered by anyone and we’re having one of our “Blog Sales” so be sure to input the word “blog” in the discount box at checkout when you order online.  While you’re there, check out the fabrics and wallpaper that can now be ordered online. There are always discounts, but you need to email me with the quantity so I can give you the secret discount code!

I hope you’re having a swell (not sweltering) Summer!





Well Priced But Not Cheap!

June 16, 2016

Let’s talk money. Not something I like to talk about unless I’m sharing “a good deal”.  And actually, that’s just what I’m going to do. The other day I was in Helm Paint in New Orleans working on a custom color for a client whose painter would only use Fine Paints of Europe’s Brilliant Gloss, which by the way, is going for $148 a gallon. But what was enlightening, was Helm Paint’s big price menu posted behind the counter: Ben Moore’s Aura @ $72.95 a gallon & Satin Impervo @ $69.95 a gallon. I’m often asked by designers to make full spectrum formulas of Farrow & Ball colors that sell for $95 a gallon – not because they love the product or because my paint is less expensive and easier to get, but because they want the full spectrum color without the black pigment.

When I started my line of Full Spectrum Paints back in June 2001, my original intent was to provide local customers with affordable, beautiful full spectrum color. At the time, there was only access to Donald Kaufman paints which were not only over $100 a gallon but also very hard to get down here in Louisiana. Since then, the company who manufactures my paints has been bought out twice, most recently by PPG Paints. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with PPG Paints’ products and customer service. The price of my paints range from $58 – $69 a gallon and with the new formulas, contain up to 12 voc-free pigments. I’ve also created a few custom colors in PPG’s 7-Line Interior/Exterior Industrial Gloss which is every bit as beautiful as Fine Paints’ Brilliant Gloss. When I compared the samples we painted of each product, you could not tell the difference in finish and considering PPG Paints claims you can use 7-Line on floors and machinery, I’d say it’s just as durable, if not more durable!

For over a year now, we’ve been using Pure Performance ($58-63/gal.) interior and Manor Hall ($67-69/gal.) interior and exterior products and have been getting great reviews from customers AND their painters. Both have built in primers and the Manor Hall also has a stain repellent.

Since the Hunt Slonem Antebellum Pop exhibit opened, I’ve had a flurry of inquiries about his fabrics and wallpapers, so everything in his collection is now available for ordering on my online store in addition to some of my favorite fabrics that I often use in my decorating projects. I plan to continue adding more fabrics, wallpapers and eventually, upholstered furniture. I offer discounts on all fabrics and wallpaper, ranging from 10 – 20%, depending on quantity. Here’s the link:  Ellen’s Favorite Fabrics & Wallpaper

Navy Hutch tablescape

My favorite Hunt Slonem fabric is the “Hutch” linen which also comes in orange, pink, black, red & turquoise. Here the Navy is shown in this tablescape by David Duncan Antiques photographed by Marco Ricca, the photographer who photographed Hunt’s latest book, When Art Meets Design.

My favorite wallpaper?  The “Bunny Wall” that we used in the LSUMOA Hunt Slonem Antebellum Pop exhibit which is up through August 5th. I’ll be giving a Gallery Talk and Tour on Sunday, July 10th @ 2:00. If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll join us!

Bunny Wall_edited

The “Bunny Wall” wallpaper comes in two sizes. This size is 54″ wide and comes in ivory or black backgrounds. There is a “Small Bunny Wall” for smaller spaces that is the normal 27″ wide paper and also comes in blue and and orange/red. (We hung bunny paintings on the bunny paper so it’s not 3-D!)


Hunt Slonem: Antebellum Pop! @ LSUMOA

April 26, 2016

Last Thursday was the Opening Reception for the Antebellum Pop! exhibition at the LSU Museum of Art which is up through August 5th. If you’re a Hunt Slonem fan, this is a must see collection of his paintings spanning over 30 years. It also includes over $2 million in antiques from M.S. Rau Antiques in New Orleans in addition to some of Hunt’s own antiques, fabrics and wallpaper as well as antiques from the museum’s permanent collection. Curator Sarah Clunis, an art historian and professor at Xavier University, led an impressive exhibition crew. I had the great pleasure of working closely with Sarah and preparator Brian Morfitt placing fabulous furnishings and artwork. I was able to snap these photos just prior to the opening:

Paperhanger Clay Fairbanks hung Hunt’s “Bunny Wall” wallpaper in the soaring 16′ high entry. Brian took Hunt’s suggestion and hung bunny paintings on the left wall. 

“Antebellum Violet”  was created especially for the entry. Purple velvet pouf and Gothic bench found at Renaissance Antiques are on loan from Hunt. Top hats are from his collection. 

The chandelier and mirrors are from M.S. Rau Antiques. The 12′ wide painting is of Valentino and Gloria Swanson on loan from the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

The dining room curtain & chair fabric is Hunt’s “Star of India” by Groundworks @ Lee Jofa. “Hutch” wallpaper accent wall and “Watermelon Red” full spectrum painted walls. The chandelier, table, chairs and  sideboard are on loan from M.S. Rau Antiques.Mirrors are on loan from M.S. Rau. Girondolles are from the museum’s collection. All fabrics and wallpapers are from the Hunt Slonem Collection by Groundworks @ Lee Jofa.

The Parlor furniture is covered in Hunt’s “Bayou Casino” and “Fritillery” fabrics. The rug, on loan from Dr. Donna Tesi, is taken from one of Hunt’s bird paintings. 

Parlor set is upholstered in Hunt’s “Fritillary” fabric. All paintings are by Hunt except the antique portraits which are on loan from the museum. The “Lakeside Napoleon” full spectrum wall color was originally created for the Napoleon Room at Lakeside Plantation and also used as the main gallery hallway color in his new Brooklyn studio.

The rear of the settee is upholstered in Hunt’s “Guardians” velvet and the other parlor set pieces are upholstered in his “Bayou Casino” and “Fritillary” linen fabrics. “Countess” portrait on loan from Martine Chaisson Gallery.

“Juliet’s Potion” wall color is the natural “POP” color complement to Hunt’s “Monsterra”, color – red/green fabric used for the curtain, bed canopy and back of the settee & chair with “Monsterra” color – spring on the front. Bed linens are by Jane Scott Hodges of Leontine Linens. 

Behind the painted canvas curtain is the unsightly freight elevator door. Aimee English of ARE’ Customworks worked with Preparator Brian Morfitt on the elevator curtain and created all other curtains and the bed canopy. Bed is on loan from Arlin Dease as were many of the paintings. The bench at the foot of the bed, the chandelier and mirrors are from Rau. Tea table and antique portraits are from the museum’s collection.

The chest and desk are from the museum’s collection. Fabric is “Monsterra”, color – spring. 

The chaise, on loan from Hunt, is upholstered in his “Guardians” cut velvet, color – Cobalt.  The rest of the antiques and chandelier are from Rau. Wall color is “Sacre Bleu” full spectrum paint.

I’m honored to be included on the donor wall along with PPG Paints, who donated all of the paint. Working as design consultant on this project has been one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences I’ve had. This exhibition would not have happened without the generous support of these donors. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Antebellum Pop!

April 4, 2016

I’ve been having such a good time working with curator Dr. Sarah Clunis and the team at the LSU Museum of Art on the upcoming Hunt Slonem exhibit I just realized I haven’t posted in months! If you live in the area, you won’t want to miss this unique exhibit that’s already started getting quite the buzz. Here’s a link to a blurb in last Saturday’s Page Six of the NY Post:

The exhibit opens Thursday, April 21st with a talk by Hunt Slonem at 6:00 followed by a reception from 7:00 until 8:30. As you’ll note from a copy of the invitation below, you do not have to be a museum member to attend. In addition to the opening reception, there are several other programs and lectures over the course of the exhibit, including a Gallery Talk with me on July 10th.

POP Invite

Antebellum Pop! will intermix his paintings from the 1980s to the present with decorative art and furniture chosen by Slonem from the LSU Museum of Art’s permanent collection, M.S. Rau Antiques, and his two Louisiana Plantation homes. This exhibit will bring together his work in painting with his work in architecture, interior decor and decoration. Here’s a sneak peak:

Bunny Wall

“Bunny Wall” in foreground and “Hutch” wallpaper in what will become a dining room behind it. Images taken from Slonem’s paintings are now available in wallpaper and fabrics by Groundworks for Lee Jofa. Photo taken by paperhanger Clay Fairbanks.

eAntebellum Violet

“Antebellum Violet” in the foreground was created especially for the exhibit. “Watermelon Red”, “Lakeside Napoleon” & “Juliet’s Potion” (L>R) are from my Full Spectrum Paints Brights Palette. Many thanks go to PPG Paints who donated all of the paint for the exhibit!

Juliet's Potion

“Juliet’s Potion” in the foreground with my new “Sacre Blue” teal in the background.

Hutch Gold

Slonem’s “Hutch” wallpaper in what will be transformed into a dining room with that 30′ $448,500 dining table mentioned in the Page Six article! Photo taken by paperhanger Clay Fairbanks.

The exhibit stays up until August 5th. A trip to the LSU Museum of Art with its newly installed permanent collection is well worth a trip, no matter how far away!

The Hunt Slonem wallpaper, fabrics and rugs are available through Ellen Kennon Design, Furnishings & Full Spectrum Paints. Please email me directly for more information.