The Last Word on the 2013 Color of the Year (& other news)

December 6, 2012

In my Autumn Living Well Newsletter on the 2013 Color of the Year & Color Trends, I reported on predictions of next year’s color of the year by pretty much everyone but Pantone. Although it was looking like “Monaco Blue” would be Pantone’s pick, they just announced that “Emerald” was their pick for 2013.


(“Emerald” in the center is Pantone’s pick for 2013’s Color of the Year)

Interesting that it is very close to Pratt & Lambert’s “Tidal Pool” which was their pick for the 2013 color to watch, a dead ringer for our Full Spectrum “Albania Teal”, that appeared in the October issue of House Beautiful. Here’s a photo of Albania Teal in artist Hunt Slonem‘s NYC studio featured in Russia’s Architectural Digest Magazine (I didn’t even know they had an Architectural Digest!). “Albania Teal” was named after one of his plantation’s in Louisiana. The great thing about this color is that it is both soothing and rejuvenating at the same time.Image

I have to say, I’m still selling a lot more whites and complex neutrals, than the saturated colors predicted. We mostly use the more neutral, easy to live with colors, in main areas and save the jewel tones for jewel box spaces like powder rooms, closets, inside of cabinets and bookcases.

Speaking of whites, one of my biggest “JV Cloud White” (JV for Designer Jon Vaccari & created for his New Orleans showroom) fans, Karina Gentinetta, has been making quite a name for herself on the national scene and will appear on More Magazine‘s television special about women who reinvent themselves (Karina was an attorney for 13 years before becoming an antiques dealer, artist and interior decorator). After seeing this video of her segment, I’m thinking she needs to have her own TV show! (Karina used “JV Cloud White” in her 1st Dibbs Showroom and Annunciation Restaurant in New Orleans which you’ll see in the video.)

(Click here to watch Karina’s More Magazine segment

I’m currently working on my Winter Living Well Newsletter featuring one of Interior Designer Marc Charbonnet‘s latest projects, where he had another designer friend of mine (Ken Tibbils of St. Francisville) make this table:


(I have featured Marc’s projects often over the years. and this latest project showcases his amazing design versatility. Wait until you see the rest of the photos!)


  1. Yeah, it takes a lot of courage to use a strong color on large wall space. It seems that the risk for failure is great and using them also limits the colors for other objects in the room, but I’m just an amateur.

  2. I’ll say Dirk! You are right on.

  3. Why am I just now realizing you have a blog! Sign me up! I really should send pics of the LR and DR we painted in Wheat last Fall. It’s been one year npw and still gives joy every time we walk in the door.

    • I really seem to be going against trend here. The rooms I repainted wheat looked exactly like “Albania Teal”. That may work in a large space or a small bathroom with high ceilings, but in your average 1930s bungalow, it felt like a cave. Very oppressive, especially when paired with mission furniture and other woods.

    • That is so nice to hear! So glad you’re enjoying your Wheat! Thanks so much!!

  4. Really enjoy your blog! We share a love of color!

    • Thanks so much Stephie!

    • Thanks so much Stephie! I will check out your website.

  5. I fully agree with the comments regarding this color being rather much to use as a full room color, but I also believe that as the “color wall”, the single plane of a specific wall painted to be the “pop” experience, this color is a fantastic option.

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