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Redwood Rose and Rue Royale

September 23, 2019

“Redwood Rose” and “Rue Royale” are in the rose family but because they were created with full spectrum formulas, they both shift back and forth from rose to terracotta depending on the light. I was asked to create “Redwood Rose” by decorating clients who wanted their newly constructed bedroom addition to be the same color that renowned architect A. Hays Town created for the conference room of the Orangerie at the Rural Life Museum in Baton Rouge, his last project before he passed. I have to say, I nailed it!

The color rose lies behind the violet end of the spectrum blending spiritual understanding with physical manifestation, turning visions into realities. Rose is able to bring the ethereal and spiritual into physical form. Used in the environment, it promotes love and contentment.

“Redwood Rose”, named after my clients’ property, Redwood Ranch, was used on both walls and ceiling with “Edgewood Green” trim in their new master bedroom addition.
In this photo you can see how “Redwood Rose” shifts from terracotta to rose, yet it’s in the same master bedroom suite but here, we doubled the “Parchment” formula for the millwork, calling this color “200% Parchment”.

My full spectrum “Rue Royale” was copied from another color A. Hays Town created in the Orangerie. It’s the color he used in the foyer, right off of the conference room. Both are classic New Orleans stucco colors that you’ll see used often on the exterior of stucco buildings in the French Quarter.

“Rue Royale” is a dead ringer for many of New Orleans’ French Quarter buildings. This bathroom is also in the classic New Orleans style used with old black and white tiles.

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