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Celery and Lettuce Leaf

August 14, 2019

Although I’ve sold quite a few gallons of “Celery”, the only photo of “Celery” I have, I took just last month of the interior of a client’s pool cabana. “Celery” is a crisp, rejuvenating green that is both fresh and timeless. It comprises the optimism of yellow with the healing qualities of green.

As you can see from the photo, “Celery” walls work especially well with crisp white trim, wood tones, and neutral as well as bright colors like you see in the artwork.

If anyone reads this who has used Celery, I’d love to add some more photos to this post!

I was inspired to create the color “Lettuce Leaf” after seeing photos of rooms designed by Charlotte Moss and Mario Buatta. I was able to get an actual sample of the Pantone color called “Young Wheat” that Charlotte used. However, the actual color looks nothing like wheat and Charlotte said it looks like lettuce, so I named my full spectrum version “Lettuce Leaf”. However, it’s a new color and no one has ordered it yet, so I’m offering three gallons of the color in any finish free if you’ll send me photos of your finished room! Just email me directly when you’re ready to order. In the meantime, below are some of the photos that inspired “Lettuce Leaf”.

This is Charlotte Moss’ dining room painted in Pantone’s “Young Wheat” which she says “To me it looks like lettuce. A dining room should be fresh and appetizing”. I couldn’t agree more!
Although the late designer Mario Buatta didn’t use Pantone’s Young Wheat for this living room he designed for Southern Charm’s Grande Dame Patricia Altschul, it’s very close. While photos can give you an idea of what a color would look like, you can see by the photo below of Pantone’s Young Wheat sample, that it can look different in different settings.
According to Patricia, Mario Buatta mixed her color on site. If you’re unfamiliar with Mario Buatta, he was known as the “Prince of Chintz” and his timeless English country style interiors. In the design world, he’s considered a “legend”. I found this photo of Bravo shooting Patricia for Southern Charm.

I also found this great article “Southern Charm by Mario Buatta” by Holly Phillips with more photos of Patricia’s Charleston home, the Isaac Jenkins Mikell house. I especially like the toilet concealed in a chinoiserie cabinet in her Master Bathroom!

If you’d like to see a free hand-painted sample of “Celery” and/or “Lettuce Leaf”, visit my Online Store where we have a variety of samples to choose from. If you’d like to take advantage of my offer to give you three free gallons of “Lettuce Leaf” in exchange for photos of your project, email me!