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Scarlett and Sunset Orange

September 26, 2019

I retired all of my reds and oranges since not many folks are using these colors these days. However, there’s nothing like a grand red room so I created a new red, “Scarlett” and a new orange, “Sunset Orange”. Both are physical colors so they’re best used in rooms that are used socially, like living and especially dining rooms. I also like to use red in a powder room since you’re not spending much time in it (red closes in on you) and it casts a flattering glow to the skin when you’re looking at yourself in the mirror. Red is the color of energy, vitality, power, passion and desire. It’s known to increase your heart rate, so while it inspires passion, it doesn’t make for a restful bedroom.

The artist Hunt Slonem loves a red room so when he saw “Scarlett” it was the first color he chose for Madewood Plantation.

Orange is also associated with energy and vitality. It’s also associated with enthusiasm and optimism. As it lies between red and yellow, it affects both physical well-being and the intellect. It’s a good welcoming color for hallways or where conversation needs to be stimulated. Unfortunately, the photo below is the only one I have, but as you can see, it’s certainly a cheerful room!

Although there’s not much wall space in this room, we used “Sunset Orange” on walls and crown molding. To pull your eye out to the view, we used custom “Tyler’s Taupe” on the door and window trim.

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Gustavian Grey

July 10, 2019

“Gustavian Grey” is what I call a complex neutral. It is very chameleon-like in that sometimes it can look blue, sometimes green, and more gray, depending on the light and the space it’s in. If I had to put it into a color category, it is definitely a blue-green–it’s just subtle. What I love about blue-green is that it combines the soothing, calming qualities of blue with the rejuvenating, healing qualities of green. So it both soothes and refreshes!

“Gustavian Grey” is one of my most popular colors. It’s especially popular in bedrooms and bathrooms. However, I use it often on ceilings. One client painted the entire interior of her waterfront home in Seattle. It makes a great beach house color, especially when your window views look out onto water, so I often describe it as a “water color”. Here are a few photos to give you an idea of what it looks like in different settings.

This photo is on the Gallery Page of my website because this setting really shows off “Gustavian Grey’s” many hues. It’s on all ceilings and walls in the private quarters of the St. Francisville Inn.
Here “Gustavian Grey” used on the ceiling of this space with “Classic Cream” walls and “Rainbow Fog” trim looks more blue and on ceilings it usually does look blue.
“Gustavian Grey” walls with “Snow” trim and ceiling in this bathroom.
The “Gustavian Grey” walls look more blue in this bedroom setting with “Sage” trim.
We used “Gustavian Grey” on both bedroom and bathroom walls and ceilings. My client finds the color so soothing, she doesn’t want to hang any artwork!

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