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Jon Vaccari’s “JV Cloud White” Gets Around!

April 19, 2012

In my May 19, 2010 blog post “Many Shades of White“, I posted photos of Jon Vaccari’s fabulous New Orleans showroom where everything is painted this dreamy white created especially for him. Almost two years later, this color has made its way from Los Angeles to Miami to New York and back again to New Orleans.

I used it as the main color in Rob and Veronica Wasserman‘s Spanish-style home in Los Angeles and jewelry designer Isabella Holguin’s Miami apartment and most recently, designer/antiques dealer Karina Gentinetta used it in Desegno Karina Gentinetta, her new showroom located on the 1stdibs floor in the New York Design Center at 200 Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. Karina has been getting quite a bit of press lately, starting with a fascinating article in the New York Times (“A New Cottage in New Orleans with Katrina Patina”, a must read for true inspiration!) and most recently, she was featured on in their “Saturday Shopping with Karina Gentinetta“.

Karina in her new showroom, Disegno Karina Gentinetta

Karina’s home is also featured in this month’s issue of Southern Living Magazine and is also featured in Kerri McCaffety‘s gorgeous new book, New Orleans New Elegance, which is coming out next month.


Cover Photo of Jon Vaccari’s Dining Room painted in our “JV Cloud” White!

I can’t wait to meet Karina in person at a booksigning party for Kerri and her new book which will be held in Jon’s St. Charles Avenue showroom. His living quarters, which are also featured in the book, are upstairs from the showroom where most everything is painted in our “JV Cloud White”. It promises to be a great party reconnecting with many old friends like Jon, Kerri, Dean Coe and Mimi Read (who is quoted in the book and has generously included me in several of her articles for House Beautiful).

Also, Karina is designing a new restaurant to open next month in New Orleans’ Warehouse District (1016 Annunciation) which promises to be divine! I say “divine” because not only is Karina designing it, but the team opening it includes the chef from Clancy’s and the general manager of  Tommy’s Cuisine. I can’t wait to go enjoy what promises to be fabulous food in a divine atmosphere where the walls and millwork will be painted “JV Cloud White”!  I see many more trips to New Orleans in my future!

Speaking of New Orleans and on a personal note, my daughter Alex attends Loyola University majoring in theatre, so I love any excuse to go visit. She plans to spend the summer here in St. Francisville working on four plays with the St. Francisville Transitory Theatre, where she’s been a member since she was 12. Mom that I am, I am trying to help them raise money for this new venture. If you’re so inclined (and especially if you’re a local), here’s the link:

Thanks so much and have a wonderful Spring day!


“Tuscan Sun” Brightens Dreary Gray Day

October 22, 2009

It is the middle of the day and it looks like it is dusk outside. I don’t recall such a gray day in a very long time–even though we’ve had more rainy than sunny days over the past week. What a pleasant surprise to get a call from Hunt Slonem asking me if I saw his most recent article in The New York Times. I hadn’t, so imagine my delight to see the beautiful photo of Hunt in his divine purple velvet dinner jacket in front of his Tuscan Sun walls!

Love that color combo: Tuscan Sun & purple!

Love that color combo: Tuscan Sun & purple!

Although the article was about this weekend’s auction of his 19th century furniture and decorative arts from his recently sold Cordts Mansion in upstate New York, the photo was actually taken at Lakeside Plantation for a previous NY Times article on Hunt entitled “Southern Gothic: Ghosts Welcome” that had folks talking and blogging for weeks !

I had the pleasure of dining with both the writer Joyce Wadler and photographer Fred Conrad the evening before the interview and photo shoot. When the article came out, I was amazed to find out just how incredibly talented these two turned out to be. Joyce is quite the storyteller as you can see by her first two sentences:

People come and go in the homes of the painter Hunt Slonem, both the quick and the dead. There’s the handyman, who’s brought a stray cat that’s been screaming its head off all morning; the antique picker who has spread his wares outside; the friends who have stopped by to visit Mr. Slonem in his latest acquisition, an 1832 plantation house called Lakeside, pink if you please, as surprising in this community of shoebox houses as an aged diva in a pink organdy dress at McDonald’s.”

We’re so happy that Hunt will be spending more time in Louisiana. His time here seems to be quite an inspiration (some of his latest paintings are gorgeous bayou scenes). Next time I visit Lakeside, I’ll be sure to take photos of his newly painted “Mykonos Blue” sitting room.  Mykonos Blue was created especially for Hunt’s Ogden Museum exhibit and although it was rich and vibrant in the Ogden; in Hunt’s beautifully decorated sitting room, it’s really quite stunning.

"Mykonos Blue" at Ogden Museum's Hunt Slonem Exhibit

"Mykonos Blue" at Ogden Museum's Hunt Slonem Exhibit

I hope I can capture the color more accurately, because it is actually a deeper more cobalt blue than in the photo above.  If I could pick my favorite blue as the “2010 color of the year” (see previous post), it would be Mykonos, because for a blue, it’s actually very refreshing, dare I say even cheerful? Blues aren’t usually described as cheerful like Tuscan Sun and other colors in the orange range of the spectrum–anti-depressant colors that can brighten any room on a dreary day like today!

"Tuscan Sun" walls & ceiling @ Lakeside Plantation

"Tuscan Sun" walls & ceiling @ Lakeside Plantation

Oh, by the way, there’s a sale (10% off!) on Tuscan Sun if when you place your order,  you mention you read about it here . And if you’d like a sample of Tuscan Sun just to look at to cheer you up, email us at and we’ll get one right out to you, free of charge.