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September 24, 2019

“Mushroom” was House Beautiful‘s “Editor’s Pick” as one of the top four brown paint colors in their App House Beautiful 500+ Favorite Paint Colors as well as in their bookazine by the same name. I call it a complex neutral because although it’s a beige, it’s definitely not your typical boring beige!

Beige, included in the brown family, is a purely physical vibration firmly grounded in the earthly plane, promoting stability and groundedness. It is similar to green in that it is a ray of balance. It carries with it a person’s natural desire for reasonable comfort, home and security. It typifies home and hearth and the satisfaction of basic human needs. The color of living wood and the earth, it can be rich yet subtle–extraordinarily restful to look upon, creating a feeling of coolness and warmth at the same time.

House Beautiful Magazine’s 500+ Favorite Paint Colors & their paint swatch of “Mushroom”
“Mushroom” walls and ceiling with “Sage” trim pull together a variety of colored furnishings.
When you compare the “Mushroom” walls in this living room to the photos above and below, you can see how chameleon-like it is.
“Mushroom” walls and ceiling with “Wedgewood” cabinets.

If you’d like a free hand-painted sample of “Mushroom” or any of my Full Spectrum Paint colors, visit my Online Store where you can order all kinds of paint samples and now, you can even pre-order my daughter’s book, Classic Restaurants of New Orleans, that’s coming out November 4th!

Our Best-selling Colors for 2012

January 22, 2013

This time every year, I run a report to see what colors were most popular over the past year. 2012 was quite a departure from previous years! Our “Buttercream” that has outsold all other colors three to one for years, has been eclipsed by “JV Cloud White”, a beautiful white, but not a color in the true sense of the word. This white was followed by White Opal (our purist white), Classic Cream, Mushroom, Gustavian Grey and Snow as our top sellers.

Could JV Cloud White on this book cover be the reason?

Could “JV Cloud White” on this book cover be the reason?

Wheat, Classic Marc, H2 Ahh!, Edgewood Green, Lichen and Chartreuse (last two were featured in House Beautiful) and weren’t far behind. Interesting how these more colorful colors are still quite neutral.

"Wheat" (on walls above) has quickly replaced Buttercream as the popular yellow.

“Wheat” (on walls above) has quickly replaced Buttercream as the popular yellow.

Last but not least, other popular colors include Honeysuckle, Sage, Bark, Pumice, Putty, Oasis, Sand, Citrine and Christine’s Cloud (the new popular ceiling color). I find the best place to try and envision any of these colors in your home is on our four Photos & Reviews pages that have hundreds of photos of completed projects sent to us by our clients.

If you didn’t see our last blog post, be sure to check it out to find out how to get in on our January Paint Sale!