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Avalon Mist

October 9, 2019

“Avalon Mist” was named after the legendary island of King Arthur lore because it’s a most mysterious color. It’s one of my complex neutrals that can’t really be defined in a color category. It’s so chameleon-like it constantly changes with the light and when you put two samples of “Avalon Mist” side by side, they look like two different colors! If you’d like to see a hand-painted sample, visit my Online Store where you can order free hand-painted cuttings, larger hand-painted samples and sample jars.

“Avalon Mist” on the walls and ceiling of this hallway with “White Opal” trim.
“Avalon Mist” walls with “Silk Road Plum” accent wall.
“Avalon Mist” walls in the same home from the same gallons used to paint the Powder Room in the photo above!

So as you can see, Avalon Mist is very mysterious–definitely not dull! The image below is a screenshot showing where to order free hand-painted cuttings.


Merlin’s Mist

June 5, 2019

“Merlin’s Mist” is similar to the “Rainbow Fog” color I wrote about in my previous post. It’s an atmospheric “no color” complex neutral that works well as a wall color and equally well as a trim and millwork color. I initially created it for the interior of a law firm’s office in New Orleans and was so intrigued by it, I named it after my favorite wizard. I actually have quite a story about Merlin but I’ll save that for another post.

I had such fun color consulting with talented designer Brandon Branch on a project in Houma that’s not finished. However, the kitchen was just repainted in “Merlin’s Mist” so I got him to send me a photo. The first photo is the kitchen “before”. Everything in this newly purchased home was painted some sort of gray or taupe so it was quite dreary. I can’t wait to show you the finished project after everything has been painted. We specified quite a few different colors!

This is the “before” photo where both walls and ceiling were painted this mid-toned taupe. The cabinets were quite nice and since “Merlin’s Mist” is so versatile, it blended beautifully with the cabinets as you can see in the photo below.
The client loves the colors at the St. Francisville Inn so Brandon chose the same “Silvery Blue” for most ceilings including the kitchen. He plans to replace the island light fixture.
We used “Merlin’s Mist” on the trim on this bungalow in Baton Rouge’s Garden District with “Titanium” siding, “Sacre Bleu” door and “Light Kennon Ivy” porch floor.
A close-up of “Titanium” siding with “Merlin’s Mist” trim and “Haint Blue” ceiling.

If I were to describe the difference between “Rainbow Fog” and “Merlin’s Mist”, I’d say “Merlin’s Mist” is less warm and more of a taupe. And although famed interior decorator Alexandra Stoddard used to say “I can’t cope with taupe!”, this is not your ordinary taupe. When on the walls, it has an almost misty, atmospheric quality about it. It’s the last of the colors in my range of what I consider whites. My next post will be all about the color blue.

If you’d like to see a sample of this or any of my Full Spectrum Paint colors, visit my Online Store where you can order free hand-painted samples, sample jars and color charts.