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Happy Spring!

April 15, 2014

So nice to finally have some beautiful blue sky days! It’s been a while since my last post because I’ve been following my own advice from my Winter Living Well Newsletter which was to take advantage of the season to “go within“. We have had such a long winter and with all of the arctic storms we’ve all endured, being home bound has certainly had its advantages. We created six new paint colors! Ash, Dove, Smoke, Spanish Moss, Thunder Cloud and Pomegranate. All except Pomegranate are various shades of gray.

In the same newsletter, I also shared tips I’ve used to create the healing energy you feel when spending time in my little sanctuary in the woods. Besides finally being able to open our windows and breathe in some negative ions (i.e. negative ions are invisible molecules that, when we inhale them, produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of seratonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress and boost our energy), you can also use quartz crystals and Himalayan sea salt crystals for ionizing and purifying your environment.


Although raised Episcopalian, I love all kinds of religious artifacts: Evil Eyes, Angels, Christian crosses, Buddha heads and a collection of Quan Yin statues can be found in little altars all over the house, both indoors and out.

I have little altars everywhere, and you’ll see quite a few Quan Yin figurines and statues. The first time I ever heard the name “Quan Yin”, was from a healer in Mt. Ida, Arkansas. This woman is absolutely amazing! While you lie on a massage table, she pulls negative energy that has been stored in your body from emotional traumas. As she does this, she also tells you what she “sees” which can range from visits from loved ones who have passed on, descriptions of the emotional trauma that caused the body ailment, and in my case, she also relayed advice from Quan Yin. At the time, neither the healer nor I even knew about Quan Yin, who as it turns out is the most revered Goddess of Asia. Known as the equivalent of our Mother Nature and the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion, Quan Yin told me I was always giving, but it was important for me to learn how to receive because she said to receive was to “experience”. I didn’t think much about it until a week later, I received a demo CD, “The Tao of Healing” for our shop. On both the front and back covers, were images and descriptions of Quan Yin! Once I saw the spelling (there are several spellings since she is popular in both Buddhist and Taoist countries), I Googled her and discovered much more about her and realized that the beautiful three foot tall porcelain figurine in my favorite local restaurant was Quan Yin.  After telling the restaurant chef & owner, Philip Plaisance, what I had discovered about Quan Yin, he gave me the beautiful white porcelain figurine of her (in the photo above) as a house warming gift. (As it turned out, he had quite a collection of  Quan Yins but didn’t know why he was so drawn to her.) Since then, I have stumbled upon various Quan Yin statues in my travels and she now plays an important part in creating the healing energy of my home. 

Mantle at Mon Soleil

This photo taken by Anna Addison for an article in shows my most powerful altar which has three Quan Yin statues, in addition to Hunt Slonem’s Archangel Sandalphon painting, amethyst and clear quartz crystal clusters and a Himalayan Sea Salt crystal bowl/light.

Recently, Philip sold my favorite restaurant (The Oxbow) and gave me the wonderful porcelain Quan Yin (seen on the mantle) that I admired every time I dined there. I am so grateful for such an amazing gift!

Speaking of Hunt Slonem, his latest book, Bunnies, is now available on It certainly deserves all 25 five-star ratings received as of this post.  It is a gorgeous book filled with beautiful images of Hunt’s bunny paintings and a forward by John Berendt (author of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil) which is a fascinating description of how Hunt paints a dozen or so bunnies every day as his warm up before creating his larger paintings. Although there are book signings all over the U.S., the book is discounted considerably on Amazon and makes a stunning Easter gift.

Hunt Slonem Bunnies

Some of Hunt Slonem’s bunny paintings featured on our “Coral” wall color that was featured in New York Magazine.

Hunt Slonem Bunny Paintings-Ogden Museum

More Slonem bunny paintings on our “Monteverde” color that was featured in the Ogden Museum Exhibit & CBS Sunday Morning.

If you’d like samples of our new colors, just email us and we’d be delighted to send them out to you:

Happy Spring, Happy Easter & Happy Passover! May all the seeds you planted this past Winter blossom into your fondest dreams!

P.S. About the healer I mentioned. I not only felt light as a feather afterwards, she was able to rid me of a pain I had in my hip for years. It has now been over a year and the pain has never returned! She is very private, but if you are interested in seeing her, email me for her contact info.








41st Audubon Pilgrimage is This Weekend!

March 15, 2012

For 41 years now, dedicated citizens of Saint Francisville have dressed up in period costumes like the ones shown below to host our annual Audubon Pilgrimage, celebrating the time when John James Audubon came here from France to tutor Eliza Pirrie at Oakley Plantation.  I have never had the courage to don one of those not so flattering costumes, so when I was asked to write an article about one of the homes on tour this year; I felt it was the least I could do to contribute. A few days later, I received an invitation from one of the country’s best-selling authors to accompany him to the Angola Rodeo here in town on the same weekend as my interview.  Considering I had never written an article for a magazine before, I took it as “a sign” to bring him along, figuring he could certainly show me some pointers! Thanks to him (read the article to find out who!) and Country Roads Magazine editor James Fox-Smith, it turned out quite well: Tales Tall but True of Woodland Plantation

Being a gal who only wears tailored clothes, I guess I have to claim vanity when it comes to wearing one of these outfits--especially the hats!

This year’s Pilgrimage features three days of festivities including historic home and garden tours, an antiques show and sale, a wine & cheese reception on Friday night and on Saturday night, a “Light up the Night” Soiree with dinner al fresco, street dancing to live music and a wine-tasting. For the schedule of events and more information visit:

In conjunction with Pilgrimage this year, the Historical Society Museum on main street features a traveling Smithsonian exhibit, Journey Stories. The West Feliciana Historical Museum produced a short video that chronicles the journeys in West Feliciana Parish from the time of the Tunica Indians and the French traders to the beginning of the 20th Century. David Norwood (of Woodland Plantation’s story mentioned above) and Janie Simmons ( wrote the script, and the video was produced by Sarah Powell. CDs are available for those wishing to take a driving tour of the areas mentioned in Journey Stories.

Hemingbough Antiques across from the Post Office will be open during Pilgrimage and has fine Audubon prints on sale.

If you are in our area, you really should come for the festivities. The weather promises to be fabulous and the azaleas are all in full bloom. Don’t miss Afton Villa Gardens which is spectacular as always! Hope to see you there!


House Beautiful’s September Color Issue

August 4, 2011

I just received the September issue of House Beautiful today and this special color issue is gorgeous! Love the new cover logo and of course, the colors (shades of pink and chocolate) are divine!

Artist Hunt Slonem is quoted in the “Color for Artwork” article about our Berry Red color which he’s used both in one of his homes and in his NYC studio:

“I’m a big fan of red in general and this red in particular. It has that crusty historic look that I adore. And it sings. It’s not a silent color. If you hang a painting against a white wall, your eye goes to the edge. If you hang it on a colored wall, your eye goes straight to the center.”         – Hunt Slonem

“Berry Red” Sings!

I knew they had interviewed Hunt about Berry Red, but it wasn’t until I turned to the Editor’s page that I discovered the “Colors of the Deep South” mention! I especially liked seeing the little “Expect a Miracle” card with my sun logo peeking out from the green elastic band on his journal. I insert those cards randomly in my sets of samples in the hopes it inspires others to expect miracles.  


Our Magical Gems & Summer Brights

Best-selling Author John Berendt (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil) comes to St. Francisville! 

This Saturday, at Grandmother’s Buttons (corner of Royal and Prosperity) from 4:30 until 6:30, John will be signing copies of his new children’s book, My Baby Blue Jays. Here’s what the New York Times had to say about it:

“. . . the simple, homey storey is so appealing, and the prose so carefully and sweetly pitched to young readers, that even adults will be transported to a state of childlike wonder.”

Dolly Parton purchased 150,000 for her Imagination Library!

 If you can’t make it to the Book Party, you can order one on Amazon.