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Summer Showers, Sales and Cool Colors!

July 24, 2009

After more than a month of absolutely zero rain (which is almost unheard of in Louisiana) we have been having those wonderful afternoon showers almost daily!  It used to be that you could always count on an afternoon shower to cool things down before the evening, and thankfully, the past week hasn’t let us down here in St. Francisville. 

Must be something about the Summer heat that’s stimulting an interest in cool colors. I can’t tell you how many people we’ve had call to repaint a bedroom in one of what I call our “spa colors” (Aqua, Oasis, H2 Ahh!, Lichen, Gustavian Grey).  Our most popular, Gustavian Grey, is currently gracing the walls of more and more bedrooms and bathrooms.  I have to say, it really is an amazing color in that it is THE most chameleon-like, atmospheric color we’ve created to date.  Color Consultant Lori Sawaya (also known as “Funcolors” on many decorating forums, like Gardenweb and HGTV Message Boards) posted this photo of it she had taken by photographer Karen Zacheis:

Gustavian Grey on all walls in this photo show how it shifts from blue to green!

You can see how Gustavian Grey, which is on all walls in this photo shifts back and forth between blue and green!

I just heard from Lori who is almost finished revamping her new website,, and her Color Noodle Blog, after recently moving from Ohio to El Paso, Texas where she says she’s loving the weather even though it’s been 100 degrees!  She says that dry heat is much cooler than we’re used to and the evenings are wonderfully cool.  When I think of El Paso, I immediately think Mexico, so after getting her email, I was inspired to invite a few friends over for Margaritas and thought I’d share this recipe from an authentic Mexican restaurant: 

Equal One-Third Parts (1/3) each of Tequila, Triple Sec & Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice, shaken over the rocks, served in a glass with a salted rim.  Very refreshing, but can be potent, so not too many!

The Sale I mentioned?  Dino Mark Anthony is having a HUGE sale on all fabrics in stock!  Also, a very nice sale on furniture as well, upholstered or slipcovered in the “in-stock” fabrics.  Seems he is reducing his large fabric inventory as several of the mills have gone out of business.  One thing about the Dino line of furniture, the quality is so outstanding, you’ll never have to replace anything you get from him!


Happy Paint!

June 25, 2008

When I started this paint line seven years ago, it was the quintessential cottage industry.  My office was in my upstairs loft and I kept pitchers of paint in my laundry room where I poured all those little 2 oz. jars.  I personally painted all of the sample sets (of course, they were quite small back then) out on my deck.  I kept the gallons lined up on shelves in my hallway which was actually more like an altar, complete with church candles.  I would sit on a stool in front of them and visualize that everyone who came into contact with our paints became joyful and balanced.  

Well, today I still like to work out of my home, but the “official” office is at Shadetree, a wonderful space in the main cottage of Shadetree Inn, the bed & breakfast I helped create 15 years ago.  Now that our palette has grown to over 90 colors, and then there’s all the custom colors we have created, there are just way too many gallons and pitchers of paint to keep in my laundry room.  However, I still keep visualizing and praying that everyone who comes into contact with our paints is joyful and balanced and it is so wonderful to get feedback that it’s working!  Here’s a recent testimonial that’s certainly boosted interest.  As it turns out, unbenownst to me, one of our customers, Terry Sapienza, is on the Washington Post Home Staff.  Every week, they talk about various ways to improve your home.  Here’s a quote from her poston June 12th:

“Last year, I painted the inside of my linen closet with “Cameo” from Ellen Kennon paints. The brand is a “full-spectrum” paint, which is supposed to absorb light and change as the light changes in the room ( The colors are beautiful. It was a little pricey (I think a little over $60 a gallon – don’t tell my husband!), but I loved the color and it was such a small space we didn’t need much, so I splurged. And I’m so happy I did – I love it! It’s soft and light, a whisper of a pink that I feel happy about whenever I open the closet.”

(Of course, our paints are closer to $50 per gallon than $60)  We all know that certain colors promote cheerfulness:  Yellows & oranges to be specific.  But pink isn’t usually thought of as one of the cheerful colors.  It’s comforting and nurturing, and has recently been used in prisons to tamper aggression.  So, I’m thinking, surely my prayers are working! 

So next time you order paint, if you mention you want “Happy Paint”, we’ll give you $5 off per gallon.  I hope you are having a Happy Summer! 

P.S. have you seen our “Photo’s & Reviews” page lately?  We are constantly adding new photos as we get them–which I have to say is mostly from posts on the GardenWeb and HGTV website decorating & color forums. Thank you loyal paint customers who have become my friends!