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Lilac Mist and Lavender Mist

September 30, 2019

Both of these colors fall into the violet category and as stated in my previous blog post, have the qualities of spirituality and calmness, making them especially good for meditation rooms. However, as you’ll see from the photos below, they work equally well in bedrooms and bathrooms. “Lilac Mist” can also be somewhat masculine and makes a great wall color in rooms with brown leather furnishings, for instance.

As you can see, “Lilac Mist” is a very grayed down subtle color.
Used on the top exterior of this building in St. Francisville’s historic district, “Lilac Mist” passed the Historical Society guidelines.
“Lavender Mist” walls in this bathroom with “Smoke” cabinet and “Pearl” trim.
“Lavender Mist” walls in this office at Sullivan Dental Center in St. Francisville with “Putty” trim.

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Blush and Powder Pink

September 20, 2019

Pink is a calming shade of red that is very nurturing and emotionally healing. Although it’s considered a feminine color, it’s sedative qualities are good for places where you want serenity and a supportive atmosphere. “Blush” was created for Designer Marc Charbonnet who gave me a piece of the palest pink silk to create the color from. He used it on the walls of the bedroom below in a NYC project.

“Blush” walls in this bedroom designed by Marc Charbonnet for a baby girl’s room is not only a very pale pink but it has enough yellow in it to add warmth. He used “Snow” on the ceiling and trim.
“Powder Pink” isn’t as pale as the color “Blush”, but “Powder Pink” is still a very soft pink that works equally well in any room, like this New Orleans parlor.

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Camelhair and Moutarde

September 18, 2019

Both of these colors are in the gold family. I named “Camelhair” because it reminds me of a camelhair coat. It’s more of a traditional, brownish gold. “Moutarde”, French for mustard, is a deeper more saturated gold. Gold is one of my favorite colors, not because it is associated with abundance and success but on a spiritual level it is the color of divine awareness, spiritual healing and positive change. According to Meredith Young-Sowers of the Stillpoint Foundation, “It radiates love, compassion and understanding to all who come into contact with its radiant light. Gold symbolizes a degree of perfection, the completion of man’s process of transmutation from the base metal of instinct to the realization of the divine spark within.”

“Camelhair” walls with “White Opal” millwork and “Alexandra Blue” ceiling.
“Moutarde” used in this New Orleans kitchen was the perfect backdrop to the client’s family christening dress with gilt trim.

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