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October 2, 2019

“Pumice” is one of my favorite complex neutrals. It’s a warm grey that is so misty, it makes you want to touch the walls because they don’t look solid. When I say warm, I mean although it’s a grey, it’s not cold and in some settings it can lean on the green side.

Grey at its highest silvery hue is the ray of peace. In interiors, it creates a timeless, contemplative and relaxing mood. It’s considered a color of compromise and harmony. I highly recommend it as the main neutral in open floor plans.

The warmth in “Pumice” make it a wonderful complement to the warm cypress wood tones used in this newly constructed sun room.
“Pumice” walls and ceiling with “Barry’s White” trim used in this guestroom create an oasis of calm to balance the vibrant bedding.
We used “Pumice” on both walls and ceiling since there was no crown molding and it visually raises the ceiling height when you paint both the same color. The trim is “Putty”

If you’d like to see a sample of Pumice or any of my full spectrum paint colors, visit my Online Store where you can order free hand-painted samples of any of my colors. Although Pumice is grey, it contains no grey or black pigment and is created with 7 pigments just like all my other colors.