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October 10, 2019

“Putty” is one of my oldest colors. I created it to frame a window that looked out over the trunk of a huge live oak. The bark that color in it. It’s a warm grey that’s both a beautiful wall color as well as a versatile trim color.

“Putty” on walls, ceiling and trim work well with the wood tones in this kitchen because it’s a warm grey that can sometimes have a green cast.
“Putty” walls with “Sage” trim. Although you can’t see it in this photo, we used “Gustavian Grey” on the ceilings.
“Putty” brick and trim with “Lichen” walls and ceiling in the Sullivan Dental Center in St. Francisville

If you’d like to see what “Putty” looks like in person, you can order a free hand-painted sample at my Online Store. There are lots of other samples in different sizes as well as sample jars.


Luminaire and Honeysuckle

September 16, 2019

“Luminaire” is a brighter, clearer yellow than the “Buttercream” in my previous post. It’s what I consider a classic yellow that works well in any space where you want to create a warm, inviting and cheerful atmosphere. Although it’s been a popular color for years, I only have one photo of it used in a space. If anyone reading this has photos of Luminaire, I’d love to add them!

“Luminaire” with “Gustavian Grey” ceiling helps bring a sunny day inside.

“Honeysuckle” is a deeper yellow than both Luminaire and Buttercream and was named after the golden yellow color that the white honeysuckle flower turns into as it ages. Like Buttercream, it is also creamy and has a hint of red that casts a rosy glow.

“Honeysuckle” while still in the yellow family, it’s almost golden.
Top to bottom: Buttercream, Luminaire & Honeysuckle. Many clients use them all in the same palette, depending on the natural lighting in each room. I just snapped this photo in the bright sunlight on my deck and have to say, it’s pretty accurate color-wise!

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September 5, 2019

“Buttercream” is the first color I created. I recreated my own full spectrum formula of the color that I had Donald Kaufman make over thirty years ago for a client of mine in New York. I described it as a pale creamy yellow that looks like it is lit by candlelight. It’s that hint of red pigment we added that gives “Buttercream” its rosy glow in the corners of a room. I like the color so much, I have it in the main room of my own home and when I repainted several years ago, I chose “Buttercream” again because it’s like walking into a room where the sun is always shining and it promotes feelings of cheerfulness and optimism and stimulates conversation, creativity and the intellect. Like “Classic Marc”, the color in my previous post, it goes with every other color. It’s been featured in House Beautiful Magazine as a “colorful neutral”.

“Buttercream” walls and ceilings with “Ashen Green” trim in my own home.
“Buttercream” walls and ceiling” in this Hilton Head, SC home
“Buttercream” was also included in House Beautiful‘s App 500+ Favorite Paint Colors. I’m glad I took this screenshot because sadly, the app is no longer available.
“Buttercream” walls in Color Consultant Barbara Jacobs‘ project in Massachusetts.
“Buttercream” walls with “White Opal” trim.

So as you can see from the photos, Buttercream works in a variety of settings and with a variety of furnishings. If you’d like to see a hand-painted sample, visit my Online Store where you can order free 1″ x 4″ hand-painted cuttings as well as a variety of other hand-painted samples in several sizes. We also have 2 oz. sample jars and pints.

Shutter Colors

August 22, 2019

Shutters can be almost any color, like the “Kennon Ivy” shutters I featured in my last Blog Post. I created three more colors specifically for shutters that are historically approved colors: “Creole Shutter Green”, “Forest Black” and “French Quarter Green”. Although I haven’t had an opportunity to use “French Quarter Green” on a project yet, I’ve had a crush on this color for many years and just had to include it in my new color palette.

I created this collage of photos of what I call “French Quarter Green” used on several buildings in New Orleans’ French Quarter. A sample of my Full Spectrum Paint color “French Quarter Green” is on the bottom row in the middle. I love the way it looks both newly painted and weathered.
“Creole Shutter Green” couldn’t be more classic. It’s more interesting than the traditional “Essex Green” you usually see on historic buildings and almost a dead ringer for the “Charleston Green” shutters you see in Charleston. Because of the many pigments within this color, it’s very chameleon-like.
I like “Creole Shutter Green” so much I created a formula for it in PPG’s new Break-Through product that can be used on anything (concrete, vinyl, plastic, porch floors, etc.). It was a cheap quick fix for this wood counter top that was varnished cypress.
“Forest Black” is a brown so deep it’s almost black. The bright sun in this photo makes it look lighter than usual. It works well with the “Moss Green” painted brick.
“Forest Black” shutters with “Lichen” siding on this New Orleans Bywater home.

Of course, as I said in the beginning, shutters can be most any color, but if you’re wanting a more traditional yet interesting shutter color, these three, along with the “Kennon Ivy” shutter color written about in my previous blog post work with most any siding color. If you’d free hand-painted samples of these or any of my Full Spectrum Paint colors, visit my Online Store.

Moss Green and Kennon Ivy

August 21, 2019

Although “Moss Green” and “Kennon Ivy” have mostly been used on exterior projects, both colors have been used as interior wall and trim colors. “Moss Green” is my favorite color to transform ugly brick, increase a home’s curb appeal, and both “Moss Green” and “Kennon Ivy” blend into most natural surroundings better than any other color.

One of the first projects where we used “Moss Green” was to cover up the ugly brick and boring stucco that you can see in this work in progress. “Forest Black” is on the shutters.
This home was painted “Moss Green” because not only was the orange brick ugly, but the architectural design of the home was awkward. One of my favorite sayings is “paint it out” and that’s exactly what we did with this exterior!
Another work in progress using “Moss Green” to cover up unattractive brick. The first two homes are in Louisiana (i.e. St. Francisville and Baton Rouge, respectively), however, this one is in Pittsburgh and shows how the color works in most any setting.
“Moss Green” works equally well on wood siding like on this Houston home. Trim is “Kennon Ivy” and the door is “Tiffany Turquoise”.
“Moss Green” with “Edgewood Green” trim helps this home nestle into the landscaping. The “Pressed Violet” door is a custom color that is very close to “Lady Gaga’s Dress” that I recently created after being inspired by the dress she wore when she won the Oscar for “A Star is Born”.
Want something to disappear? “Moss Green” to the rescue! We used “Moss Green” to hide this home and brick wall on my parents’ home in Lake Charles.
“Moss Green” used as interior trim with “Classic Marc” in this newly constructed Bywater, New Orleans residence.
“Kennon Ivy” shutters help this home nestle into its landscaping. As you can see, “Kennon Ivy” is darker and more brown than the gray-green “Moss Green”. The two work well together because of the interesting, yet subtle contrast.
What I especially like about “Kennon Ivy” is that it works well with both warm and cool greens like the “Clay” siding on this home in New Roads.
“Kennon Ivy” walls add drama to this office conference room.
“Kennon Ivy” was initially created for my own home where I used it as an opaque stain on most exterior doors, windows, porch and deck and as a semi-transparent stain on the cypress board and batten siding.
A closer look at “Kennon Ivy” semi-transparent stain and opaque stain surrounding the French Doors leading to the deck. I painted the French doors “Tiffany Turquoise” and the chair “Cornflower Blue” to cool things off during the hot Summer months.
I sat outside for days trying to create a green that blends into the greenery surrounding my little cabin in the woods that I call “Mon Soleil”. This outdoor shower has been featured in numerous articles. It’s also featured in the Houzz article “Cottage Comforts in the Louisiana Woods where you’ll see more “Kennon Ivy” in photos of the porch.

If you’d like to see free hand-painted samples of these or any of my Full Spectrum Paint colors, visit my Online Store where you’ll find a variety of samples to choose from.


August 20, 2019

It’s fitting that my blog post on the color “Peridot” falls during the month of August because it’s my birthstone along with all of the others born during the month of August. Happy Birthday to Us!

When creating my full spectrum paint version of Peridot, I was inspired by the many shades of green in the birthstone’s namesake.

As you’ll see from the photos below, my full spectrum paint color “Peridot” is much like the gemstone in that it’s a very warm, golden green that has many facets to its coloring.

One of my favorite uses of “Peridot” is Natasha Nyberg’s Sunroom that was featured in Apartment Therapy‘s article “Natasha and the Plant-filled Sunroom(photos above and below)
“Peridot” walls and “Dusk” on the ceiling make you feel like you’re outdoors on a sunny day.
Just like the birthstone, “Peridot” has many facets ranging from golden to deep olive. For more on Natasha’s home which is painted in more of my Full Spectrum Paint colors: “Natasha and the Plant-Filled Sunroom
Here we used “Peridot” inside cabinets painted “Tiffany Taupe’ and walls and ceiling painted “Chartreuse” (see more “Chartreuse” in my previous blog post “Chartreuse and Circa Green
“Peridot” cabinets and trim with “Moutarde” walls and “Alexandra Blue” ceiling turn this Sun Porch at Shadetree Inn into a magical little jewelbox.

If you’d like to see a free hand-painted sample of “Peridot” or any of my other colors, visit my Online Store where you can order all manner of samples and paint!

Chartreuse and Circa Green

August 19, 2019

Both “Chartreuse” and “Circa Green” are very warm yellow-greens. Although “Chartreuse” sounds like it would be a bright color, in reality, it’s actually quite traditional. It looks wonderful with a complete range of wood tones and really sings when you combine it with cool blue greens like “Oasis”, “Gustavian Grey”, and “Tiffany Turquoise” and reds like spice blogger Courtenay Dunk used in her office (photographed below). For more on Chartreuse, see my previous blog post “Chartreuse, Spice and All Things Nice“.

“Chartreuse” walls and bookcase in blogger Courtenay Dunk’s office.
Reds and oranges are great complements to these “Chartreuse” walls in this girl’s bedroom.

“Circa Green” was created for the exterior of The Market at Circa 1857. Circa is an old stucco building built in the 20’s that formerly housed a pharmacy. Owner Garrett Kemp wanted to repaint it so that it stood out but also didn’t want it to stick out like a sore thumb in this Garden District neighborhood. Since it’s surrounded by nothing but concrete, I felt it needed green to help it connect more with nature as opposed to the concrete that surrounds it.

Here’s Circa 1857 before we repainted it. As you can see, it really needed a facelift!
“Circa Green” was used as the main part of the stucco but the horizontal moldings cried out for some accent color and the base needed to work well with the concrete sidewalk so we chose “Sunset Orange” for the narrow moldings and “Moss Green” for the base and wide molding.
On Circa’s front doors we used “Lakeside Napoleon” in PPG’s new Break-Through product and “Spanish Moss” on the columns. All other paint is Manor Hall Exterior Paint & Primer in One.

If you’re in the Baton Rouge area, be sure to stop in at The Market at Circa 1857 where you’ll find over 50 vendors showcasing home décor, antiques, lighting, salvage and art. It’s located on the corner of Park Boulevard and Government Street (1857 Government Street, hence the name). This complex also houses a café that serves lunch, the Mosaic Garden gift shop and The Guru event venue which is another one of my fondest projects!

If you’d like to see free hand-painted samples of “Chartreuse” and “Circa Green”, visit my Online Store where you can order individual cuttings or larger hand-painted samples and sample jars in addition to gallons of paint. Never has painting been so easy, just order online and pick up at your local PPG Paints store. And don’t forget! Color consultations with me personally are included in the price of the paint!