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Summer Sale!

June 24, 2014

I finally posted a Spring 2014 newsletter that announces that we are having a sale on all paint products through July 4th. 10% off on all paint ordered online. Simply use the code “summer” in the coupon box at checkout and it will give you the discount. Also, if you’re not a Louisiana resident, there’s no sales tax, so that’s another 8-10% in discounts!

By the way, did you know that our paints cover far more square footage than most other paint brands? Most brands only cover 300-350 square feet per gallon, but our Lifemaster eggshell covers 450-475 square feet per gallon which is only 13 cents per square foot! Considering what a difference paint makes in the overall project, it is by far the best deal around.

We also have a couple of new types of paint samples! One is an 11″x17″ color chart poster of all 100 of our stock colors, as well as a smaller 8″x11″ color chart of our 10 whites and 20 magical gems and brights. Especially helpful when putting together color palettes,  the 11″x17″ chart features 100 fail-safe colors that compliment each other flawlessly in any setting, be it an ultra modern office or a historic plantation home. These nature-inspired colors have proven themselves consistently beautiful and therapeutic no matter how they are paired or lit, so seasoned designers and amateur homemakers alike can benefit from using this simple yet broad and effective palette.


Hand-painted 11″x17″ Color Charts feature all 100 stock colors.

 Our 8″x11″ Whites & Brights Color Charts feature 10 Ethereal Whites and 20 Magical Gems and Summer Brights, the colors featured in House Beautiful Magazine as “Colors from the Deep South”. The whites include several new ones that we recreated full spectrum formulas for of some of  Benjamin Moore’s most popular whites: “Barry’s White” is our version of “Dove White”, “Pottery White” is our version of “China White”, “Nautical White” is our version of “Maritime White” and “Designer White” is our version of “Decorator White”. Did you know that our “White Opal” is whiter than Ben Moore’s “Super White”? What makes our whites so much better? No black and seven pigments in each one makes a huge difference!


Ethereal Whites, Magical Gems & Brights

Many clients use the more saturated colors to create jewel box spaces out of closets, bookcase and cabinet interiors, powder rooms and other spaces where you want to add pops of therapeutic color. Artist Hunt Slonem, who inspired many of our brights, often uses these colors for his plantation homes which surprisingly can easily handle these more saturated colors.


“Albania Mango” walls in the Parlor at Albania Plantation


Sea & Sand – I’m ready for the lazy days of Summer!

June 5, 2013

I apologize profusely for taking so long to post. Thankfully, Full Spectrum Paints has been keeping me quite busy, in addition to some local decorating projects. I did manage to write my Spring Living Well Newsletter before the end of Spring which showcased a color consultation project for Interior Decorator Cynthia Nicholas and Karen Lewis, a certified counselor in healing with color. I’ll share with you the color palette we used, but to read more about the project and these two talented ladies, just click on this link: Spring 2013 Living Well


The cabinets and stools are painted “75% Ashen Green” and walls are “50% Wheat”. We often use percentages of our formulas to lighten our colors.

Other colors used throughout the house were Wheat (at full strength), Buttercream, Sand, 50% Sand, Gustavian Grey and 50% H2 Ahh! with JV Cloud White ceilings and millwork. Karen wanted something very soothing and considering we used the sea and sand colors of the beach, it is indeed VERY soothing!

Feng Shui expert and coach Trisha Keel ( and also recently specified our “Sand” color for one of her projects in Houston, and recently sent me this photo of our “Turquoise” color she used in a client’s office reception area where they needed to bring in the element of water.


Turquoise, from our Magical Gems palette, promotes both a soothing and rejuvenating atmosphere, just like enjoying a day at the beach!

Be sure to visit Trisha’s websites, TrishaKeel and  Tomorrow’s Key, for a wealth of information about her varied services which range from Professional Feng Shui Practitioner Training and Consultations (including online courses!) to Tarot, I Ching & Divination Services.

And for more information about our Full Spectrum Paints, visit!

Happy Summer!


Chartreuse, Spice and All Things Nice!

May 29, 2012

I’m thrilled to report that Interior Designer Barry Johnson (of “Barry’s Babylon” color fame) was quoted in the June House Beautiful Magazine, naming our “Chartreuse” as his favorite healing color in the article where designers shared their favorite “life-changing colors” (color #5). Here’s Barry’s quote in HB:

“This color is about birth, growth and nature. It’s the color of new leaves. Chartreuse can be very acid but this is more of a soft yellow-green, Easy to work with. I see it in a Master Bedroom with creamy linens and a touch of coral. It would bring in some life.”

I created my full spectrum version of Akzo Nobel’s “Color of the Year” for 2007 and named it “Chartreuse” because it is the perfect balance between yellow and green. It is actually more traditional than the name suggests and I’ve used it recently on a couple of projects down here to brighten up spaces that had lots of dark wood (floors, beams, etc.).

I recently recommended it to Courtenay Dunk, author of the wildly popular Blog, when she sent me this photo of her office, saying that she was having trouble selecting a new wall color because all the samples she tried tended to have a greenish cast. In addition to her divine red & white chaise longue and rug, the only other major color in the space was her turquoise desk chair.


Courtney’s “before” photo of her office.

As soon as she said “turquoise”, Chartreuse immediately came to mind. I also figured if the light in the room tended towards green, why not enhance it and go with a green.


All photos are courtesy of Courtenay Dunk,

The turquoise in the recesses of her bookshelves needed some special attention since the shadows affected how the colors we tried (Turquoise, Tiffany Turquoise and Eco Hues’ Peacock Blue) looked. We ended up going with 75% of the Peacock Blue formula, which turned out to be a gorgeous color and perfect with the Chartreuse.

When I first heard from Courtenay, I was immediately intrigued by her website,, in her email signature, so I visited it to discover a treasure trove of information about spices, cooking, exotic places and more! Courtenay describes herself as “obsessive cook, style fanatic, avid traveler, reluctant writer, food photographer when the light is right”, and as you can see by her photos, she’s quite the talented photographer!

When we finally talked over the phone, I asked her more about her office. She explained that this is where she writes her spice blog and her grandmother’s chaise longue is where she has tea most afternoons (and sometimes a nap). Books on the shelves are about spices, herbs and cooking. Objects have been collected on her travels.


All photos courtesy of Courtenay Dunk of


On top of the Tibetan chests there are jars of rare Indian peppercorns Courtenay picked up in Paris. “This is ‘le sniffing bar,’ where I try to keep my sense of smell honed by inhaling the scent of different spices everyday. Right now I’m trying to distinguish between varieties of peppercorns grown in different regions without looking at the labels.” 


The Buddhist Lohan is a beneficent figure whose presence bestows good fortune. 

Courtenay’s blog is far more than an interesting read. She also helped a coffee grower she met in Veracruz who was about to go out of business, turn his business around! You can read about it in her post, “The Butterfly Effect“.

Here’s what she says about her new Chartreuse office:

“I love your Chartreuse so much that I haven’t hung a single picture on the walls. It’s soft and lively at the same time.  When I’m working in my office, I feel as if I’m bathed in a gorgeous light that relaxes and recharges the spirit.  The modified Tiffany blue is like a little glimpse of the Caribbean.  It’s a more electric hue which really makes the inside of the bookcases pop.  The two colors are fantastic together, especially with the red in the upholstery and the Moroccan rug.”

If you’d like a hand-painted sample of Chartreuse, email me at with your address and we’ll get one right out to you!


Guest Post on Faber Birren by Allison Brooks

November 21, 2011

Faber Birren:

The pioneer of Color Therapy

Colors and furniture placement are easy things to overlook. Not many people understand that the color of room or object can be more than just appealing to the eye. But when one really thinks about the use of color, it becomes apparent that certain colors are picked to stimulate certain senses. This is known as color therapy, and is being utilized in healing facilities and homes all around the world.

This in not a new concept; color is everywhere and subconsciously affects a person’s emotions, health, and energy. For example, the dark, muddy colors of a landfill or dirty swamp makes one feel uncomfortable and maybe a little depressed, while a bright, vibrant field of flowers will make one feel easygoing and relaxed. A man by the name of Faber Birren noticed this natural gift and soon became the pioneer in color prescription.

Faber Birren, was a very practical man and noticed how the use of color could inhibit certain actions, healing practices, or emotions. He enjoyed picking out colors to effect change in military bases, mental hospitals, office buildings, and homes. Birren changed how many companies and human lives operated.

It was not until he solved a big problem for Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company, when Faber got recognized. The company noticed that the general public was not buying pool tables, and wanted a change. Mr. Birren saw that the women of the household were turned off to the green-topped billiard tables because they reminded them of cheap pool-halls. He recommended that they change to a soft-purplish covering, which resulted in an increase of home-sales.

Faber later went on to work with military bases and set up color systems and different uniforms for personnel. He helped reduce the accident rate in industrial plants for World War II by the use of color and set up a safety color code for the U.S. Armed Forces which reduced the accident rate from 46.14 to 5.58 per thousand. The Navy adopted the practices of Faber Birren and colored-coded everything on the ship and even changed helmet colors. This simple, but impacting change resulted in the drop of accidents by 28%.

Though these are just a few accomplishments of Birren, many of these ideas are being used today. From the terror-alert color scheme to pollen amounts, color codes are used everywhere. Many doctors are also using this natural, non-invasive therapy. Doctors and patients are seeing a difference in attitude and recovery time with the use of certain colors. The colors of waiting rooms, treatment facilities, and the offering of color therapies are being adopted in clinics all around. Many patients have noticed a change in themselves to heal faster and stay more positive during treatments by the colors of their surroundings. Doctors know that an unfavorable cancer prognosis is a stressful situation, and even the smallest of things can help ease the mind.

Allison Brooks

Allison is a self-proclaimed “holistic health nut” who is very passionate about enlightening people about the benefits natural and integrative therapies can have on multiple diseases and illnesses. She went to the University of Mississippi and earned her degree in biomedical anthropology. She’s currently studying in the field to finish an ethnography on the effects of biomedicalization on Bolivian cultures.

She can be reached via email:



Happy Paint & Happy Clients!

January 25, 2011

Not a day goes by that I don’t get at least one email (along with photos) from a happy paint customer. Although I have been known to pray and visualize that everyone who comes into contact with our paints is “joyful and balanced”, it’s sometimes hard to figure out exactly what it is that creates such glee. After all, I have certainly seen enough miracles to believe in them. All it takes is believing, right?

Donna, a clinical psychologist from Massachusetts, sent this nice note:

“Good morning Ellen. I thought I would send you the professional video done of my condo now that after six and a half lovely years I need to sell. My right knee is no longer happy with all the stairs. But I thought you might want to see these pictures because all of the rooms with the exceptions of the guest bathroom (what was I thinking!!??) are painted with your paints. I want to thank you once again for making such beautiful paints. I have so enjoyed this condo for many reasons, but one of the primary ones is the way in which the light changes the look of the room because of your paints. Everyone has commented on how warm and cozy (as well as elegant!) it all looks. I am ready to move on though and will be getting in touch with you for paints for my next place!”

Here’s a link to the video:

What “warm and cozy” colors did she use? Slate, Buttercream, Celery & Citrine. If you’re looking for a great condo in Massachusetts, this one is move-in ready!

Another client sews most of the clothes for her three precious daughters and has created a wonderful sanctuary that she calls “Deb’s Sewing Studio” and describes as her “Happy Place,” aka “A little slice of heaven”. After much debating over what color to paint the walls (she wanted something happy), she finally took the plunge and went for the color she really wanted–“Tuscan Sun”.

This space is so inviting, cleverly furnished and organized, I asked her if I could share her photos, along with her comments: Visit Deb’s Sewing Studio & Learn How to Create One for Yourself!

If you’d like to see samples of any of these colors, just email me.

I’m just about finished with the Winter 2011 Living Well Newsletter which will feature Barbara Jacobs’ new color palette, Eco Hues, and the custom upholstery we’ve been creating with the talented Peggie Rhodes. If you missed last season’s living well: 2010 Autumn Living Well


Colorful Doors

November 17, 2010

I can’t tell you how many calls I’ve received lately from clients who want to paint their front doors in an exciting, unexpected color. I was drawn not that long ago to a photo in House Beautiful featuring a mocha colored house with a hot pink door. Last Summer, I painted deck railing and exterior trim on three small stained glass windows “Cornflower Blue” and am so thrilled with the results I’m considering painting the main entry door to my house (I have 5 exterior doors on a 1500 sq.ft. cabin) yet another color!

In Feng Shui, the front door is where the major part of Ch’i enters so it plays a major role in creating the overall energy of your home. Although many Feng Shui experts say you should paint your main entry door one of the colors relating to the directions it faces (i.e. N, S, E, W), I suggest considering choosing a color that creates the feeling & ambiance you’d like to experience each time you come home. After all, your home is your sanctuary. Here are some photos I found online Googling “colorful doors”:

I LOVE this rejuvenating color!

Another great color that creates both a soothing and rejuvenating welcoming atmosphere.

Coral is known as a "happy color" creating a cheerful atmosphere.

Interestingly, over the weekend a friend gave me an article from the Wall Street Journal’s Design & Decorating section about painting interior doors in unexpected colors. Traditionally, interior doors and millwork are usually painted the same color to create harmony from room to room, but some designers add pizzazz to more humble spaces with colorful doors. I love this idea! Especially using colorful doors in white rooms, like Shell Pink to soften the harshness of a white room. Or like the canary-yellow doors that cheer up the room below:

Yellow, the color of hope and optimism certainly cheers up this space!

A dark blue door creates both a soothing and tranquil space.

Regal purple is a spiritual color. Keywords include wisdom, vitality, motivation & passion.

We have lots of colors that would make a great front door: Hot Pink!, Barry’s Babylon, Del Sol, Mykonos Blue, Giverny Blue, Turquoise, Coral, Caribe, Monet Soleil, Ruby, Berry Red, Cornflower Blue, Turquoise, Amethyst . . . I could go on and on! Here is more eye candy to inspire!

A pink door certainly sets the tone for this girl's bedroom.

More interesting than white, green is soothing, healing, cooling.

Some of the most colorful doors were found in Ireland

The possibilities are endless and the richness and depth of a full spectrum color greeting you at your front door is spectacular! Email me and I’d be happy to send you samples!


2011 Color of the Year

August 18, 2010

I’m happy to report that the international color trends research team for Akzo Nobel (the manufacturer of our paints) has already posted their annual Colour Futures book! Once again, it is a beautiful book with an exciting palette of colors that they predict we’ll be seeing in 2011.  What I found most exciting was the key word they used to describe the overall influence for 2011, “APPRECIATION”! If you have been reading my posts and newsletters, you know that gratitude is the mantra I live by! Not only have I been keeping a gratitude journal for many years now, where each day I write down everything I’m grateful for, but lately everywhere I turn, I see constant reinforcement that there is nothing more powerful than the feeling of appreciation and gratitude. I know from personal experience, it is the major component in creating a life you love.  Here’s what the color futures team sees as the colour future for 2011:

“This year we see a continuing move towards colours that are cleaner in character and much more optimistic and hopeful in the feeling they create. Shades for 2011 bring joy and charm to our lives and create an overriding mood of clarity and freshness in all palettes.”

So, what’s THE color they predict for 2011? It’s the wall color in the photo below!

"Lime Twist" is Akzo's color name for the 2011 Color of the Year, a light, airy, citrus yellow

This yellow has a lot of green in it and in person, is a good bit brighter than what comes across on my monitor. The color trend team describes its slight green edge as giving it newness and freshness, reflecting our appreciation of nature and man made materials. Both organic and technological, “Lime Twist” is surprisingly flexible and works beautifully with the rest of the 2011 colour palette they created.  I especially like it paired with what they consider to be the “2011 Cool Neutral” known as Akzo’s paint color “Crystal Glimmer”, an ethereal gray much like our full spectrum “Lavender Mist”.

2011 Colour of the Year "Lime Twist" coordinates beautifully with "Crystal Glimmer"

The Colour Futures book also contains trend colors from eight colour families that they have chosen as “2011 Key Colours”, along with coordinating colors for each palette. The other trend “2011 Key Colours” are:  Red Red Rose (a juicy pink red), Apricot Ice (a stimulating crisp coral), Honey Frost (a zesty lemon), Fairy Tale Green (an electric blue green), Peacock’s Plume (a rich peacock blue), Midnight Cruise (a deep blackberry), Hiking Trail (a warm neutral brown).

Best of all, the 2011 Colour Futures book can be downloaded as a PDF by visiting their new website,!

Although color trends are very exciting, what’s trendy is not always timeless when it comes to coloring our interior spaces. You may want to add a bit of 2011 into your spaces with new pillows or pieces of painted furniture. However, I pulled several of our  tried and true full spectrum colors that are similar: Celery, Limone, Cornsilk, Watermelon Red, Coral, Albania Teal, Sable and Lavender Mist. Many of them can be seen on the Photos & Reviews page of my website, which by the way, is the most popular page of the entire site! I am constantly updating it with photos and comments from our wonderful paint customers, so if you haven’t been there lately, check it out!

Photos & Reviews