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It’s a Mighty Long Way from Peter Marino Architect to St. Francisville!

June 20, 2012

Last week a video crew from NYC came to St. Francisville to interview one of our newest residents, writer Rod Dreher. Rod just landed a column with the BBC, so they came down to shoot a video of him and the St. Francisville area in conjunction with his first column. I can’t help but reflect on what a different life I am living, compared to my first year in Manhattan where I was honored to work for the great Peter Marino whose projects include some of the most opulent residences in New York.

I didn’t even know who Peter was (a friend suggested I send him my resume’) until I was sitting in his office waiting for an interview. His secretary handed me a copy of the latest House & Garden Magazine with an article about Peter’s project for Christopher Whittle in the Dakota. The first line of the article was ” ‘Peter Marino‘  Marie-Helene de Rothschild was heard to reply when asked by a dinner companion to name the most sought-after architect/interior designer on the international axis.”  The article went on to not only showcase Whittle’s apartment, but talked about all of the custom furnishings. . . upholstery made by a tapissier in Paris, the silk fabric made in Lyon, museum quality antiques. . . Needless to say, I was bowled over!

On my first day, Peter sent another new employee and I to see the Whittle project which was even more stunning in person.


Whittle’s Edwardian Apartment in the Dakota

I learned more in that one year from this incredibly talented and brilliant man (he was often on the phone speaking Italian, German, French. . . ) than I’ve learned about design in my entire 30 year career. What a surprise it has been to see his personal transformation from this somewhat thin man wearing bow ties, button-down collar shirts and pleated pants, to this muscular black leather-clad powerhouse!


From Bow-ties to Black Leather, Peter Marino today.

 Here’s a link to the article on Peter that goes with the above photo that appeared in last January’s issue of Architectural Digest that’s now online:  AD: Peter Marino’s Edgy Style

Needless to say, I was exposed to some of the finest interiors in New York and my first project for him was completing the punch list for the new (back in the eighties, mind you) Barney’s women’s store. I spent the first two weeks drooling with mouth agape most of the time. However, as the year went on, I found myself constantly saying how much nicer my clients were down South than the ones I had to work with in Manhattan. So that brings me back to the video that was shot just last week on Rod Dreher and St. Francisville. The opening photo is of the front of Shadetree Inn where we paint samples, pour jars and handle all things related to paint samples and shipping. Kenwood (my former husband, daughter’s Dad and still family) and our dog Rosie are also featured. Be sure to read Rod’s interesting article on the War of 1812!     


Link to video & article: BBC News: West Florida Republic: The birth of US Imperialism

On another note, my office (where I handle the business part of my company) was featured again on in this article on Dutch beds: houzz=


Using Color to Pull a Room Together

June 18, 2009

Yesterday I received a request to come up with a color for a living room with two matching sofas covered in the fabric shown below and it reminded me of a recent interview I had where I stated that Designers often pick wall colors by trying to match it to fabrics and furnishings, and they don’t give a thought to the powerful ways that color affects the emotions. To me, this is by far the more important consideration: how we feel is what life is all about!  The current color of the room was a wimpy sky blue which washed out next to the vibrantly patterned sofas.  We’re going to go with “Edgewood Green” which is not one of the fabric’s colors, but it is a soothing, healing color that complements the red color in the fabric (opposite on the color wheel and all that) which is predominant and has enough depth to balance the boldness of the sofas.  She has wonderfully high ceilings with wide crown molding, so we’ll go with the pale sky blue on the ceilings which will make you feel like you’re outdoors in nature on a sunny day!  When I get back photos, I’ll be sure to post them, so you can see for yourself you don’t need to match colors the furnishings when selecting wall colors, go by what feels right!



Colorful New Spaces!

April 27, 2009

I just posted several photos from clients’ newly painted spaces on my website’s most popular “Photos & Reviews” page.  Colors added:  A Monet Soleil & Watermelon Red basement turned playroom, a very colorful newly renovated New Olreans’ home & that soothing “Gustavian Grey” bedroom I’m always trying to talk everyone into!


ggbr (“Gustavian Grey” walls & ceiling with “Edgewood Green” trim creates a cloud-like oasis perched up at treetop level in the Louisiana woods)

The carpet is my favorite short cut-pile that although a synthetic, looks like a fine wool.  Color  “Croon” coordinates beautifully with the “Edgewood Green” trim and helps ground the space.


Beautiful Ceilings!

November 7, 2008

I just received an email from a client who we created a custom color for several years ago.  She has taken creating beautiful ceilings to a whole new level and has a new educational blog where she shares decorating projects and gives “how to” advice:

Wait until you see her fabulous home where you’ll not only enjoy her beautiful ceilings, but the incredible acid stained concrete projects she’s accomplished!