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Serendipity, Publicity & New Friends

January 13, 2010

I received the nicest email from Yelena Kublitski of, the first commenter on my “2010 Color of the Year” post which is now up to over 15,000 visitors since Christmas Eve! Who would have thought so many folks would be interested in color. Yelena emailed to ask if she could interview me for one of her website articles with paint color experts. If you haven’t visited her site, you should! It contains a wealth of knowledge on everything you could possibly want to know about painting projects.  As it turns out, Yelena and her husband also run  AK Painting, one of the most respected residential painting contracting companies in New Jersey. Do you know how hard it is to find a painter with both skill, talent and integrity? Let me tell you, it’s RARE! 

The article  is a Question & Answer format and contains lots of photos as examples of both color and holistic design: “Interview with Ellen Kennon – Creator of Full Spectrum Paints and Holistic Designer”. Yelena’s questions were so thorough, I’m thinking I should get her to write that requested book proposal I keep putting off! 

I love that Yelena included this photo from a home I decorated in Crested Butte via Remote Control!

(Remote control? Yes, the entire house was decorated (including designing a fireplace & window treatments) with photos and measurements supplied by the client! Everything worked out perfectly!)

 Boston area Color Consultant & Designer Barbara Jacobs of Integral Color has also been wonderful about mentioning our paints in her new blog as well as articles she is often asked to write for other publications. If you haven’t visited her website, be sure to follow her “Case Studies” section (also new!) where you will see an in-depth view of  featured project’s client requirements and goals, design approach, methods and solutions, results, and response, complete with photos!

Barbara Jacobs' Photo of our Samples


True Blue

January 1, 2010

Lots of comments on my October 2nd “2010 Color of the Year” post from people who love the color blue.  Blue has been acknowledged as the most popular color for decades and there’s a reason for the phrase “true blue”.  Blue personality traits include being optimistic, empathetic, flexible, idealistic, tranquil, patient, devoted. Blues are  natural mothers and are often associated with Florence Nightingale. I say “blues” meaning people whose name carries the “blue vibration”. (To find out your personal color vibration, see the Color Numerology article in House Beautiful.)

The phrase “true blue” is also how I would describe my loyal and wonderful clients!  I discovered a thread on the GardenWeb forums “Comparison of Behr (Home Depot) and Ellen Kennon paint” and was thrilled to read such glowing testimonials (thank you,  thank you, thank you!) about our paints, as well as this “Lichen” bedroom, another example of our chameleon-like blues.

"Lichen" walls shift from blue, to green to gray

Blue is known for being calming, but I also love a vibrant cobalt blue. I created Mykonos Blue for artist Hunt Slonem‘s exhibit at the Ogden Museum in New Orleans (photos of exhibit & CBS Sunday Morning segment on our “Photos & Reviews” page.However, it looks even better in a small sitting room at Lakeside Plantation:

"Mykonos Blue" both energizes and calms

"Mykonos Blue" walls & ceiling

“I am amazed how much more I like the EK paint. The EK paint has a luminous quality; it reminds me of pointillism artwork (where dots of many colors give an impression of an overall color)”

-deltabreeze’s post on “Comparison of Behr (Home Depot) and Ellen Kennon paint

Thanks to wonderful clients like her, we have never advertised!


More on 2010 Color(s) of the Year

December 29, 2009

My post back on October 2nd (2010 Color of the Year) has certainly generated quite a few comments! I wrote this post shortly after finding out what the International Color Team for AkzoNobel (formerly ICI Paints) selected as their “Color of the Year”. Although there are other experts that predict color trends (Pantone & the Color Marketing Group), I have found for the past couple of years that Akzo’s color experts have seemed ahead by a whole year (could this be because there aren’t just Americans on this panel?). For instance, last year, their color was a blue-green (similar to Pantone’s turquoise color for this year) and the year before, Akzo’s team predicted a golden yellow (very close to Pantone’s “Mimosa” color predicted for last year). 

So, as one of the commenters asked, what is it? Blue or Green? Well, according to Kiki Titterud’s Trend Tuesday Blog post today, the Color Marketing Group (the premier international non-profit organization of color design professionals) there’s yet another contender for the role: “Mardi Grape”!  Could this be named because they held their last meeting in New Orleans? In any event, they describe it as “a crossover between brown, purple and gray”.  James Martin, president of Color Marketing Group says “This purple is browner and grayer, a neutral we can love long-term.   These days everyone is seeking versatile colors with staying power.  Colors used to be the focus while neutrals were the understudies.  Today, neutrals are the lead performers, chameleon colors that shift and change.” I love the photo they selected to showcase this color and although it is similar to our “Lilac Mist”, I think I’m gonna have to make a full spectrum version of this one, too!

Color Marketing Group's pick for 2010 Color

So as you can see, there are many ideas out there for what colors will be seen as “hot” for next year, but I think you’ll have to agree, it is hard to choose just one

Be sure to read Kiki’s Trend Tuesday Blog Post to find out more about what the Color Marketing Group predicts we’ll see more of in 2010 (Kiki is a prominent member and nationally known color forecaster)!


“Hot Pink!” and other New Age Colors

December 17, 2009

In my most recent Autumn Living Well Newsletter, I mentioned that I was working on a fuchsia color. Well, I finally finished it and I have to say, it’s yummy and hot! So no other name is more fitting than “Hot Pink!”. We’re happy to send out a free sample, just email us and we’ll get one right out to you. We created it in our “green” Lifemaster flat finish, but it is also available in eggshell and semi-gloss.

Our inspiration was the Ben Moore color “Razzle Dazzle” that was featured in a previous House Beautiful Magazine article in their July ’09 issue.

Inspiration for our newest color

Now, “Hot Pink!” isn’t a color for just any space, although it’s stunning in the foyer and stairwell of the Brooklyn Townhouse featured in HB. It would make a fabulous powder room, dining room and/or teenage girl’s bedroom. Try complimenting it with “Mocha” or “Milk Chocolate” and you’re really talking yummy!

Well, if you haven’t heard, Pantone recently came out with their selection for 2010’s Color of the Year. They have selected a turquoise (see below):

Pantone's 2010 Color of the Year

Turquoise is a warmer shade of blue that is both soothing and refreshing, much like ICI/Akzo Nobel’s International Color of the Year for 2010 (see October 2nd post). According to Color Expert Kate Smith of Sensational Color, Global Color Research selected “Verdigris” as the 2010 color. Of course, color trends are all interesting and it is certainly fun creating new colors, but there’s something to be said about classic colors that have been popular for decades, which is why the majority of our palette consists of historic colors and easy to live with neutrals. Our “H2 Ahh!!” created especially for Kate was suggested by her as a “complex neutral” version of turquoise because it shifts back and forth from a subdued blue to green. It also works especially well with our own “Verdigris” color we initially created for Orange County designer Karen Mason’s master bedroom.

Over 20 years ago, when I first moved from NYC to St. Francisville, I took a metaphysical color class from local artist and channeller Anna Macedo ( which is where I first learned about the correlation between color and numerology. I still remember her prediction about the colors turquoise and magenta being what she called “new age” colors and becoming more popular. Well, Anna was certainly ahead of the game, don’t you think? I still have my notes from her class:

Magenta is born of two invisible rays which together become visible. This blend of ultra-violet and infrared is a mysterious newcomer into our realm of sight. It inspires achievement through love of family, friends or an ideal. It promotes inner satisfaction from that which is well done and is a bridge to Spirit and connection with Divine love, beyond passion into compassion.

Turquoise is an ethereal, healing color that is particularly useful in reducing stress without depleting energy and is the color of the new chakra located at the thymus gland or what is often called the higher heart. It promotes compassion and unconditional love, self-respect and respect for all life and all forms of communication, marking the dawn of the Age of Aquarius – the age of silicon vs. coal (computers, the internet and all forms of communication taking place over wires and waves or through wireless mediums).

On a more earthly note, most ICI Paints stores will be closed Christmas Eve through Monday, December 28th (we will be too), so if you’re planning any painting projects over the holidays (you’d be surprised how many people are!), be sure to call us early next week to place your order.

If I don’t post before then, I wish everyone a very happy holiday season!


2010 Color of the Year

October 2, 2009

The international team of color experts for the manufacturer of our paints, AkzoNobel (formerly ICI Paints), has already posted their selection for the 2010 Color of the Year!  Here’s how they describe it in their Colour Futures brochure which can now be downloaded (click on Colour Futures link throughout this post to download the pdf of the brochure).

“The Colour of the Year is an airy and optimistic blue that symbolizes infinite horizons, new beginnings, renewed energy and a positive dynamic. This clear, transparent shade encapsulates a sense of purity and goodness – a hopeful colour full of possibility. It puts over an image of vast skies, breezy ozone freshness and the energy and essentiality of water. Given these associations plus the fact that it is a receding colour it will always create a sense of space.

Blue, in colour psychology terms, is the colour associated with sky and sea. Airy light blues are recognised as being refreshing, soothing and liberating. They are good in helping to combat mental strain and stress, physical tiredness and feelings of exhaustion whilst at the same time being re-energising and encouraging fresh starts. They are also thought to enhance powers of communication which can help to promote feelings of confidence.

A balance of the spiritual and the intellectual is represented by the allusion to air, sky and water – the freedom of the spirit married to the rationality of the mind; the vision of the artist to the knowledge of the scientist. Both in interior and exterior setting this blue has an important role to play. It complements perfectly the contemporary materials and modern neutrality of glass, steel and concrete, but also works with stronger and more traditional interior shades such as crimson, burgundy, plum, teal, pewter and gold.

This colour speaks of hope and clarity – a pure, clean and unpolluted direction for the future of our planet; a chance to reclaim possibility with renewed vigour and energy – the clear new horizon of tomorrow.

–  from AkzoNobel Colour Futures brochure


(blue inspiration photo from Colour Futures )

One of my favorite, chameleon-like blues is “Gustavian Grey” shown in the photo below. It changes so much you are constantly asking “Is it blue? Is it gray? Is it green?”  Considering the great feedback I get about it, I’d have to say it’s my pick for 2010 Color of the Year! 🙂

All walls in this photo are painted Gustavian Grey, an atmospheric complex neutral gray, constantly shifting from green to blue.

Color is light and energy–one of the most powerful elements in design because it’s the most effective door to emotion, yet the least expensive element to work with. By simply changing the color of a room, you can literally transform your life.

Over the past year, we have added several new ethereal blues to our palette of  Full Spectrum Paints:  Alexandra Blue, Azure, Christine’s Cloud, Dusk, Gustavian Grey, H2 Ahh!, Sky, Seaglass, Slate and Wedgewood.

To discover the emotions and activities enhanced by other colors in our palette of certified “green” Full Spectrum Paints, visit us at In addition to our Colors & Suggested Uses section, you’ll also find a Virtual Room Painter and a Photos & Reviews page with numerous photos of finished rooms sent to us by our valued paint customers.

For the latest on the 2010 color trends, see December 17 post (“Hot Pink!” and Other New Age Colors) and December 29 post (More on 2010 Color(s) of the Year)!