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Miss me? It’s been far too long!

December 2, 2015

I am so sorry to have not posted anything in months. It hasn’t been for lack of any news, I’ve just been busy juggling design projects and working on formulas for all 100 stock colors into the new PPG products.

I did just manage to post a newsletter today featuring Hunt Slonem’s new 30,000 square foot studio in Brooklyn, thanks to Marc Charbonnet’s photos and Jacqueline Terrebonne’s video interview for Architectural Digest.

If you need a little color therapy, check it out:

Living Well Newsletter

By the beginning of 2016 PPG will be changing out the tinting system for the Lifemaster, Diamond 350 and Fortis products to the VOC-free PPG tinting system, so if you have used these products in the past and need any additional paint, now is the time to order. To take the sting out, these products (if available–depending on your local store’s stock), I am offering a 20% discount. Just input “discontinued LM” into the discount box at checkout for Lifemaster and “discontinued D350” for Diamond 350 (formerly labeled Dulux Ultra). To order online, visit:

I’m anxiously awaiting more photos from Marc Charbonnet of his latest project in Old Brookeville, NY that I’ll be featuring in my next newsletter. He is such a talent and his new “Fierce Whimsey” style is quite colorful!

This weekend, Saint Francisville puts on it’s annual Christmas in the Country weekend, complete with a home tour to benefit the Friends of the Library. Two of my projects, Harmony House and Melody House are on the tour so I’ll be there showing them off and serving Bellinis! If you’re in the area, get a ticket and come by and see me! For tickets: Christmas in the Country Home Tour Tickets


Climbing Out of the Black Hole of Computer Madness!

January 25, 2012

Don’t get me wrong, I love all this new technology, but I feel like I have been dropped down the rabbit hole this past few weeks, working on one computer problem, that’s led to another, to another. Where did it all start?

I always start my new year off trying to be organized, so I spent the days at the end of last year cleaning out the accumulated clutter in my office and then continued on trying to organize myself so that when I enter a date or a contact into my iPhone, it will automatically appear on my office computer and my iPad (which I use often to hook up to my office computer remotely when I’m away from the office). Although Apple’s new iCloud is a great idea in theory, it still has quite a few kinks and come to find out, doesn’t work with Outlook 2010 or an older version of Windows, so the software upgrades began!

One of the upgrades I’m happy to report on is my new online samples shopping catalog (shown below). It was out of commission from last Thursday until Monday morning, but it all seems to be working fine and is much easier to use than the one before. You will also be able to order our larger 11″ x 17″ hand-painted samples, pint jars and free cuttings, in addition to the 8″ x 11″ hand-painted samples and 2 oz. sample jars. Best of all, you’ll be able to order paint! Here’s a link to it:  which you can also get to from our “Full Spectrum Paints” page by clicking on “Order Samples“.

Our new shopping cart page!

On another note, I also wanted to report that Akzo Nobel has had yet another price increase. However, I do want to point out that this is the norm for all of the paint companies out there because of the scarcity of Titanium Dioxide which is a major ingredient in quality paint. Although we in turn had to  increase our prices by $4 per gallon on our eggshell and semi-gloss Lifemaster VOC-free products (i.e. from $59 to $63 per gallon), we have been able to keep the same price ($56 per gallon) on our most popular Lifemaster Flat product. When I started this paint line ten years ago, it was with the intention that everyone should be able to afford full spectrum color, so I have always tried to keep my prices competitive with the main stream top of the line products and although our prices increased, they are still better than Sherwin Williams’ Duration which is retailing for $68 a gallon and it’s not even full spectrum color!

Speaking of wanting more people to be able to experience the beauty and healing benefits of our full spectrum colors, I look forward to working with Color Cares, the organization I mentioned in my previous newsletter, so that full spectrum color will be available for their Color Cares makeovers! I’ll be talking more about that in my upcoming Living Well Newsletter (Winter 2012) that will be posted in the very near future.


The Best of Intentions for 2012

January 3, 2012

Every New Year, instead of making “resolutions”, I sit with a pen and blank journal and focus on what “intentions” I have for the upcoming year. I keep them in a journal so that I can go back at the end of each year to see what I have accomplished and sometimes I discover that what I thought was so important the year before, no longer is. 2012 in numerology is a “five”, which means it is a year of change and considering it is the last year on the Mayan Calendar, I’m sure it will be filled with lots of excitement and changes. The musical group “The Fifth Dimension” was certainly ahead of their time with their “Age of Aquarius” song, so let’s open our hearts and let the sunshine in!

I am a big fan of scientist-spiritual philosopher Gregg Braden and especially love his videos on YouTube. According to Gregg (and the numerous other authors I have read on my 20+ year spiritual path), we have already transcended many of the darkest prophesies predicted and 2012 is a doorway of opportunity to embrace these changes by living life fully and consciously with intent and integrity, in kindness to one another, asking ourselves on a daily basis “what can I do to make this a better world”? Gregg’s very interesting YouTube video gives more detail of what he predicts for 2012:  2012 Gregg Braden on Mayan Calendar

One of the things I am looking forward to participating in this year are Color Cares™ paint makeovers. Color Cares™ is a new non-profit organization dedicated to changing lives with color. Founded by Dan Wittenkeller ( and, Color Cares’ mission is to uplift and heal the suffering through a Color Cares makeover. Everyone has the right to a positive outlook on life but sometimes unforeseen circumstances such as terminal illness, loss of a loved one or other tragedy, make this especially difficult. Research has proven that using color in our surroundings can uplift the spirit, so if you are interested, you can help, too! If you are a color consultant, interior designer, redesigner, decorator, home stager or paint contractor, you can join the volunteer network.  And/or, you can nominate a deserving person or family for a color makeover. If you are an individual, corporation or organization, you can make a tax-deductible contribution. In lieu of a monetary contribution, Color Cares also graciously accepts new paint supplies (Zero VOC or Low VOC Paint, Paint Sundries (Brushes, Rollers, Tarps, Tape, etc. and Color Fan Decks). If you are interested in helping, please visit their website by clicking the image below:

 Wishing you many blessings in 2012!


Rescuing Gigi!

June 15, 2009
Haven’t posted in a while because I’m happy to say that in addition to being busy, I have a new family member! Preparing for my upcoming empty nest (daughter Alex is going away to school mid-August), I started looking to rescue a little lap dog like my friend Owen’s “Beau Pierre”. After a couple of days searching the internet, I found a woman outside of New Orleans who rescues small dogs from shelters. She told me about a 4 pound little toy poodle that she found in a shelter that was about to be put to sleep! Here’s what Gigi looked like at the shelter:
Gigi at the shelter just before being rescued!

Gigi at the shelter just before being rescued!

They think she’s around 8 years old and her teeth were in deplorable condition, so she immediately had to have dental work done.  But, she’s very friendly and sweet and sure seems to be loving her new home!  I sneak her into places hidden in my purse, but I certainly had to clean her up first!
Gigi on the way home from dental surgery where Dr. Penny cleaned her up while she was out.

Gigi on the way home from dental surgery where Dr. Penny cleaned her up while she was out.

I’m waiting for some of her fur to grow out before having her groomed, so I’ll follow up with some “glam” shots!  It’s a cryin’ shame to buy from a breeder when there are so many dogs that need to be adopted!  From my experience, they also make the best pets.  My search led me to which is how I ended up finding little Gigi.

Helping Amanda Get To College!

May 13, 2008

 Today I received an email forwarded from another single mother who found an ingenuous way to try and help her daughter follow her dreams.  After clicking on the link to their website, , and reading more about them, I immediately donated $10 and forwarded it on to about 30 friends.  Just when I was figuring out how I could put together an entry for my blog about this, Julia Rogers Hamrick, who forwarded the email, emailed me again with a link to her newly written blog entry all about it!

Kate Smith with Sensational Color, another talented single mother, who is incredibly internet savvy, sent me a link to another website she had recently heard about,, that does something similar but on a huge scale.  They’re calling it “the ebay of giving”!  Pass it forward!!


Finally! A Way to Stop Junk Mail & Unwanted Catalogs!

February 13, 2008

I can’t believe I’m just now hearing about this, but I’m so happy to have found!  Every day when I go to my mail box, I bemoan all the trees wasted on all the catalogs that keep popping up in my mailbox!  

Yesterday, I received an email letting me know about Green Dimes which is this wonderful service that not only takes care of getting rid of junk mail and unwanted catalogs, but they will plant trees as well!  There is a one time fee of $20 which covers all of their services.  Just go onto their website, complete their form and via their Catalog Screener section, you list all the catalogs you are currently getting that you want stopped.  They take care of the rest.  Interestingly, I discovered the biggest catalog culprit, Victoria’s Secret, makes it extremely difficult to cancel.  For that reason alone, I have decided to shop elsewhere! 

With internet shopping more convenient than ever, including via iPhones, there’s really no reason to waste not only trees, but as it turns out, water!  Here are the stats according to Green Dimes:  “In the US alone, over 100 million trees and 28 billion gallons of water will be lost this year to create junk mail.  Green Dimes has already stopped 3 million pounds of junk mail and planted over 425,000 trees, all in just over a year.”

If you too are inspired, spread the word!  I’m inspired because someone is finally doing something, but if all this weren’t enough, they have an email program where if you use their site to email friends, they will pay you $3 for every friend who also signs up.  Needless to say, they have some non-profit partners involved.

I’m so excited, I’ve decided to have a sale to celebrate “green”!  $5 off per gallon on all paint colors in the green range if you mention this blog.  Heck, I’ll make it $5 off per gallon on all our colors if you tell us you signed up with Green Dimes!  But remember, you have to tell Teresa you read it on my blog when you place the order to get the discount.  Sale is good through the end of February.

Have a wonder-filled “green” day!


Alexandras and Alexander

January 10, 2008

Recently, an old NYC friend, Dan Barclay Thompson, came to visit.  Dan is one of those renaissance men:  actor, decorator, contractor, and now he’s going to nursing school!  His visit was on the heels of another trip to New Hampshire where he visited another old NYC friend who has recently created a new line of earth-sustainable beauty products, “Alexandra’s Jewels“.  Alexandra had given Dan some products to try and he was so impressed, he had some sent to me.  Alexandra uses only the finest natural ingredients, rich in anti-oxidents, and contain no chemicals of any kind.  Her “Diamond Deodorant” (that comes in a container that looks like perfume), has none of the typical ingredients found in deodorants that cause breast cancer.  Actually, the reason she calls them “jewels” is not only because they reflect some of nature’s precious jewels like her proprietary “whipped” shea butter, moringo oil, coconut oil and diamonds, but she packages them to look like precious jewels!  I’ve been trying them for a couple of weeks now and love all three products.  Her “Lip Glossing Creme” is so light, I want to slather it all over my face!  Her “Sugar Lips” is an exfoliant that moisturizes at the same time and although, created for lips, like many of her products, it mult-tasks as a hand and face polish, too!  If all that weren’t enough, everytime I pick up one of her little jewels, I smile because it makes me think of my daughter, Alexandra!  “Alexandra’s Jewels” can be purchased online via her website:

What I love best about the holidays (besides taking time off) is that many old friends re-surface.  I received an email from architect and friend Mark Meche who used to work at Concordia Architects in New Orleans and moved to Salem, Massachusetts many years ago and opened Winter Street Architects where he is now Principal Architect.  I hadn’t heard from Mark in a few years and was dismayed to learn that his youngest son, Alexander, was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in June 2006, and although he has been clear of Leukemia for a year now, he will have to continue treatments.  Good news, though.  His prognosis is very good!  Mark is showing his gratitude to Massachusetts General Hospital by participating in their fundraising marathon.  The funds raised will go directly to support the Cancer Care for Kids by supporting research into the causes of childhood cancer and to develop new treatments for these cancers.  To read more of Mark and Alexander’s story, visit their fundraising webpage:

I was able to spend the day with Hunt Slonem yesterday, who I mentioned in my previous blog entry will be on CBS News “Sunday Morning” this Sunday, January 13th (9EST, 8CST).  Hunt doesn’t even have a television, so I plan on taping it.  However, if anyone reads this has that capability, I sure would appreciate having a back up!

Thanks so much!