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May 24, 2019

“Pearl” got its name from the gemstone and although pearls come in many different colors, when I think of pearls, I always tend to think of them as white with a slightly rosy cast. So the “Pearl” paint color I created has a very, very subtle pink glow. Designers Cecile Thompson and Peggie Rhodes of Timpsen Creek Gallery in Clayton, Georgia liked it so much, they used it on all millwork and most ceilings in the Atlanta, Georgia project shown in the photos below. It’s especially stunning and timeless with this sunny “Azure” blue!

“Pearl” millwork and ceiling in this Dining Room with “Azure” walls
“Pearl” millwork with “Azure” walls in the Hallway
I couldn’t resist showing another view of the Hallway in this fabulous home!

As you can see, Pearl, like White Opal and Barry’s White, is a crisp enough white to work well with most any color and shows off beautiful millwork like the gorgeous millwork in this home.

This project is almost complete and when it is, I’ll be sure to write about it showing many more photos in an upcoming newsletter!

Barry’s White

May 23, 2019

This is the third color in a series of blog posts where I will be describing and showing photos of each of my 70 full spectrum paint colors. This post is all about the color “Barry’s White” that I created for San Francisco designer Barry Johnson. Barry asked me to create a full spectrum version of Benjamin Moore’s popular Dove White. It has since become one of my most popular whites, especially when used on trim and other millwork. We used it recently on trim and wainscoting in the St. Francisville Inn here in St. Francisville.

“Barry’s White” on trim and wainscoting in the breakfast room at the St. Francisville Inn. “Silvery Blue” is on the ceiling and “Brandon Blue” on the doors and floor in the adjoining room.

We used “Barry’s White” as trim throughout the entire Inn. It’s incredibly versatile and especially popular as trim with “JV Cloud White” walls. To see more photos of it in the Inn, read my latest newsletter.

“Barry’s White” trim with “JV Cloud White” walls and “Silvery Blue” ceiling in designer Marc Charbonnets recent Dallas project.
Here we used “Barry’s White” as exterior trim on this newly constructed Bedford, NY home. The body is “Classic Cream” and green window trim and doors are “Peridot”

To my knowledge, it hasn’t been used as a wall color, however, if you’re looking for a fairly bright white for walls, this is worth considering. If you’d like to see a sample, you can order free hand-painted samples at Full Spectrum Paints’ online store. Want to see more photos of my Full Spectrum Paint colors? Follow me on Instagram.

Be sure and check out my new website!


Golden White

May 22, 2019

In my previous blog post, I gave color therapy information on the color white. This post is about the color “Golden White” which was initially created for renowned designer Marc Charbonnet who asked me to create a “golden white” for a ceiling that was surrounded by a gold leaf border.

The “Golden White” ceiling in this NYC Fifth Avenue apartment designed by AD 100 designer Marc Charbonnet
“Golden White” was the perfect white to complement this honey-toned wood. It was as if someone brought in sunshine (the previous color was a dull beige).

When I first started to create this color, I was a little daunted by the task, but I have to say I’m especially pleased with the results because it actually has a golden cast to it. It works especially well with other warm colors as a wall color, ceiling color and/or trim color. If you’d like to see a free hand-painted sample, click here. Larger hand-painted samples and sample jars are also available: Full Spectrum Paints Online Store

Have you read my latest newsletter? Click here to read about a recent color consultation project where we used the next color on my list, “Barry’s White”.

The Color White

May 21, 2019

Over the past few weeks several customers asked me to bring back my old webpage where I describe each of my colors, giving color therapy information on each one and examples of my favorite ways to use and pair them with other colors. Since this blog has a search feature, I’ve decided to put that information here, updated and with photos. I’ll start with the colors in the order they appear on my color chart.


The color white contains an equal balance of all the colors in the spectrum and is totally reflective, awakening openness, growth and creativity. An inherently positive color, it’s associated with purity, innocence, light, goodness, heaven, safety, brilliance, illumination, cleanliness, spirituality, softness and perfection. White rooms create a sense of peace, purity and calm.

White Opal” is my crispest, whitest white. Like an opal, it contains an equal balance of every pigment in the spectrum. It’s the perfect bright white ceiling color, is great on trim when you want to highlight beautiful millwork, yet when used on walls, it’s still soft enough to work equally well in historic settings as in contemporary spaces. I especially like it with off-whites like “JV Cloud White” and yellows like “Classic Marc” and “Buttercream” as well as any of my light blues.

“White Opal” on walls, ceilings and trim used throughout this contemporary home
“White Opal” walls, ceiling & trim in this Pre-Civil War cottage
“JV Cloud White” walls with “White Opal” ceiling and trim

In my next post, I’ll show you some more whites. In the meantime, if you’d like to see any of the colors, visit my online store where you can order free hand-painted cuttings, larger samples, sample jars & pints and a color chart like the one shown above. My next blog post? The color “Golden White”!

New Website!

April 17, 2019

I’m so excited to announce that I have a new website! Local artist and webmaster Megan Moran Smith created a more streamlined, better functioning website. Here’s what you’ll see when you pull up

Home screen slide show featuring this foyer where I created a custom green to match the wallpaper on the left. Photo by Sue Auriemma who became a paint customer after photographing this project for talented Interior Designer Regina Kraft.

The photo above is a sneak peek into a design project Regina Kraft recently finished for this newly constructed house in Bedford, NY. I loved helping create colors for this very colorful home and can’t wait until a magazine snaps it up so I can show more of the fabulous project photos by photographer Sue Auriemma. Be sure to check out the breathtaking photos on her website:

My old website had an archive of my seasonal newsletters and unless I figure out a way to turn my upcoming newsletters into a webpage, the only way you’ll be able to receive them, is via email. My newsletter is the first place you’ll hear about new colors and discounts on paint. You can sign up at the bottom of most every web page as well as via this link: Sign up for Living Well Newsletter

You can also read it here: Spring 2019 Living Well

Since most PPG Paints stores now have the new NexGen tinting system that I used to create my new color palette, I have removed the Pure Performance products from my online store. However, if your local store still has the older tinting system, just email me and I can put together the order for you. I chose not to create my new palette in the Pure Performance because PPG recently discontinued the ultra white tint base I use for most all of my whites and lighter, ethereal colors. The new palette uses the Manor Hall Interior Paint, Primer & Stain Repellent in One and the Manor Hall Exterior Paint & Primer in One, the BEST paint product I’ve used in my 18 years in the paint business.

Screenshot of the home page of my online store where you can order a variety of paint samples and paint. As always, color consultations with me via email and phone are included in the price of my paints.

So be sure to sign up for my newsletter! I plan to send out the next one very soon. It features lots of photos of the newly renovated St. Francisville Inn by renowned designer Brandon Branch (of Southern Charm Savannah fame) and his charming husband Jim Johnston!

2018 Color Predictions

November 12, 2017

Every year color experts research color trends in order to predict what colors will be popular during the upcoming year. Last year, violet-tinged hues dominated the selections by major paint companies while Pantone’s pick was a bright green.


This year, it’s still all about creating a sanctuary with color, but deep shades of blue are dominating the predictions. PPG unveiled “Black Flame”, a black infused with an undertone of indigo, as it’s 2018 Color of the Year touting it as the “new neutral” fulfilling our craving for comfort, privacy and hope. As you can see, it’s very similar to Benjamin Moore’s “Shadow” from last year.

black flame

PPG’s “Black Flame” touted as the timeless “little black dress”

Sherwin William’s pick is “Oceanside”, a jewel-toned blue-green much like my “Sacre Bleu” created last year for Hunt Slonem’s Antebellum Pop Exhibit. I can’t tell you how many powder rooms and front doors have been painted with it, so I’m not surprised to see it as one of the colors of the year.


Sherwin Williams’ “Oceanside”

sacre bleu

“Sacre Bleu” used in Hunt Slonem’s Antebellum Pop exhibit at LSUMOA

Pratt & Lambert went for a more midnight blue with it’s “Heron” selection for 2018.


“In our search for serenity in today’s dynamic and often hectic world, we found Heron . . offers calmness, tranquility and adaptability allowing it to transform an ordinary space into a sanctuary that truly showcases the power of color.”  – Ashley Banbury, Sr. Designer, Pratt & Lambert Paints

Last but not least, Benjamin Moore selected “Caliente”, a red with hints of orange, as their top color for 2018. Although a jewel tone, it’s a total departure from the soothing blues and a whole lot like one of the first colors I created for my Magical Gems Palette back in 2001,”Carnelian”.


Ben Moore’s “Caliente”


“Carnelian” in Hunt Slonem’s Brooklyn Studio

So what do you think Pantone’s number one color for 2018 will be? According to their color trend report for 2018, look for anything metallic, pearlized or translucent as well as intense colors to match our intense lifestyles. However, Pantone also predicts that 2018 will be the year of pink as a power color. So who really knows? I have to say, I’m always surprised!



The 2017 “Year of Kale” Just Got Brighter

December 14, 2016

Pantone just announced its pick for the 2017 Color of the Year and it’s not Kale. It’s a much more hopeful color they’ve named “Greenery”. The yellow undertones remind us of the regeneration and revitalization of Spring, “something life affirming to look forward to” according to Pantone’s color guru Leatrice Eiseman.

If you’ve been reading my newsletters (& especially my most recent Living Well), you know how important I think nature is to our very well being and that I use green in some way in most all of my interiors because it is THE most healing neutral that coordinates with all other colors. As much as I love green painted walls and woodwork, of the many greens I have in my color palettes, I don’t have this exact hue. I find it could be rather jarring on all four walls, however you can easily get the same effect with my Spring Green, Tulip Leaves, Chartreuse, Jaunty Jen or Peridot. Spring Green was used as an accent wall with Beige by color consultant Barbara Jacobs in the office below:

One of the most popular rooms featured on both Apartment Therapy and Pinterest is Natasha Nyberg’s “Plant-Filled Sunroom” below painted in “Peridot”:

Now, if you’re really brave with color, like our client artist Hunt Slonem, you might like “Juliet’s Potion”, but keep in mind it’s not the most resful color, so it’s used as one of many colors in his new Brooklyn studio:

“Chartreuse” was featured in House Beautiful by our client designer Barry Johnson who named it as his favorite healing color in the article “Life-Changing Colors”. I created Chartreuse back in 2007 as my version of Akzo Nobel’s pick for color of the year because it is the perfect balance between yellow and green. blogger Courtenay Dunk makes it sing with her red chaise and my “Tiffany Turquoise”:

If any of these colors strike your fancy, you can order free hand-painted samples

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