About Ellen Kennon

Since 1982, interior designer Ellen Kennon has been creating environments often described as magical and healing.

After working in New York for “designers’ designer” architect Peter Marino and on numerous residential and commercial design projects there; Ellen returned to her native Louisiana where she created the Shadetree Inn Bed & Breakfast.

Ellen’s holistic approach to creating interiors is embodied in Shadetree Inn. Country Roads Magazine described Shadetree’s romantic retreats this way:

“There is a touch of the enchanted about this place, as though magic lingers just out of reach, bringing the energies depleted by day to day life flooding back into the body and soul. . . Ellen’s creations are simple, luxurious and beautiful to behold. Never is one allowed to forget the role of Mother Nature. The design is employed to maximize, rather than minimize the role of nature in the living spaces as a tonic to the strains of day-to-day existence.”

Ellen’s holistic approach to design is also featured in House Beautiful Magazine’s The Home Book in the chapter entitled “Creating a Holistic Bedroom”.

In addition to the renovation and interior decoration of numerous residences and offices in New York and the Gulf South, Ellen created the architectural design for Harmony House, St. Francisville’s first interior decorator showcase house, and several other country retreats.

After over two decades of working with color and light, Ellen created her own line of Full Spectrum Paints which have been featured in Architectural Digest Magazine, House Beautiful Magazine, Interior Design Magazine, Southern Accents Magazine, Renovation Style Magazine, Home Living Connecticut, Palm Beach Cottage & Gardens, Beautiful Southern Homes, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Palo Alto Weekly, The Times Picayune and The Advocate, as well as in numerous home decorating forums on The Garden Web and HGTV websites and House Beautiful’s book, Colors For Your Home.  (“Three of the Best” Color Consultants in House Beautiful Magazine, Fall 2009 Color Issue)

Ellen often creates custom colors and created a custom color palette for the Ogden Museum‘s exhibit of world renowned artist Hunt Slonem‘s exhibit entitled “Hunt Slonem: Artist & Collector” which was featured on CBS Sunday Morning. Ellen is also featured in Slonem’s book, Pleasure Palaces. Ellen’s philosophy on color therapy is quoted alongside Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in the critically acclaimed book, Chasing Matisse, by James Morgan.

In addition to paint, Ellen offers a collection of custom furniture, fabrics and accessories for home and garden. She won an Alpha Award in New Orleans for furniture design and designed a collection of iron and limestone furniture which was featured in Architectural Digest Magazine.

Ellen is also a personal development speaker with Inside Speakers of New Orleans (insidespeakers.com). Topics include Color Therapy, Healing with Color, Color Trends and all things color related, as well as inspirational talks on self-empowerment, creating sanctuaries and the joys of living an authentic life. Ellen’s seasonal newsletter, Living Well contains a wealth of information on these topics. A Library of Living Well Newsletters can be accessed at the end of each newsletters.

Ellen is available for speaking engagements, color and decorating consultations. For appointments, email or telephone toll free: (877) 877-7628.

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