Luminaire and Honeysuckle

September 16, 2019

“Luminaire” is a brighter, clearer yellow than the “Buttercream” in my previous post. It’s what I consider a classic yellow that works well in any space where you want to create a warm, inviting and cheerful atmosphere. Although it’s been a popular color for years, I only have one photo of it used in a space. If anyone reading this has photos of Luminaire, I’d love to add them!

“Luminaire” with “Gustavian Grey” ceiling helps bring a sunny day inside.

“Honeysuckle” is a deeper yellow than both Luminaire and Buttercream and was named after the golden yellow color that the white honeysuckle flower turns into as it ages. Like Buttercream, it is also creamy and has a hint of red that casts a rosy glow.

“Honeysuckle” while still in the yellow family, it’s almost golden.
Top to bottom: Buttercream, Luminaire & Honeysuckle. Many clients use them all in the same palette, depending on the natural lighting in each room. I just snapped this photo in the bright sunlight on my deck and have to say, it’s pretty accurate color-wise!

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