Ashen Green

July 29, 2019

“Ashen Green” was one of the very first colors I ever created. I used it on all of the trim and millwork throughout my own home that I designed and built 20 years ago and I wouldn’t change the color for anything. As I said in my previous post about the color green and it’s healing properties, every room could use at least a little bit of green and because it falls in the middle of the color spectrum, it’s a neutral that is balancing. “Ashen Green” will work in most any historical setting as it was used as early as the mid 1700’s on interior millwork and exterior shutters. Just yesterday, I visited two beautifully restored Creole homes, Maison Chenal and LaCour House where a variety of neutral greens were used in the interiors. For more information on Creole architecture which is prevalent down here in Louisiana, visit “deConstructing Creole Architectural Color“.

One of the reasons this color was probably used so often is because it not only connects us to the views of nature outdoors, it’s also a very cooling color in that it is a blue-gray-green. As you’ll see in the photos below, “Ashen Green” also makes a great wall color.

One of the many greens used in this circa 1790’s Creole home is very similar to my “Ashen Green”
“Ashen Green” bookcase and cabinetry with “Mushroom” walls in this new addition.
“Ashen Green” walls with “White Opal” trim and wainscoting.
“Ashen Green” millwork and hallway color with “Buttercream” walls and ceiling in the Great Room of my own home in the photos above and below.

If you’d like a free hand-painted sample of “Ashen Green” or any of my Full Spectrum Paint colors, visit my Online Store. What makes my paints so special and why are they called “Full Spectrum”? It’s because each and every single color is created from a minimum of seven pigments and we never use black or gray pigments because they absorb light. When you have all of the colors from the color spectrum in one paint color, it’s like seeing colors outdoors in nature. The colors are more luminious, they have more depth and they never clash with the colors around them. That’s a big reason why they’re so popular with interior designers and architects!



  1. The Ashen Green color in the dining room photo above is the exact color of my dining room 100%. I used EK ashen green in 2009. I need to repaint now but I am concerned that the color will not be the same as Ashen Green from 10 yrs ago as I understand you changed your paint formula. If I order ashen green from you now will I get the same exact look as the dining room photo above?

    • Probably not as there are many factors involved since there have not only been a change in manufacturers, products and tinting systems. In this last reformulating, I tweaked some of the colors. However, I’m happy to recreate your exact Ashen Green from 10 years ago if you’ll send me something with the actual paint on it.

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