Sacre Bleu

July 24, 2019

This deep rich teal was created for the Hunt Slonem Antebellum Pop exhibit at the LSU Museum of Art shortly after their Toulouse Lautrec exhibit where the wall color was a deep teal that was dull and obviously not a full spectrum color. So when I was asked to help with the Slonem exhibit, I was inspired to create a better version of it for one of the rooms. I named it “Sacre Bleu” in honor of Toulouse Lautrec who was featured in Christopher Moore’s novel, Sacre Bleu: A Comedy D’Art. It was also a stereotypical and very old fashioned French curse. It literally means “sacred blue”, but it comes from “sacre Dieu” or “sacred God” but “bleu” replaced “Dieu” to avoid the blasphemy of using the name of God. Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot used it often.

In the Slonem exhibit we recreated five rooms to evoke Hunt Slonem’s decorating style. This room painted “Sacre Bleu” served as a ladies dressing room off of the bedroom.
“Sacre Bleu” is a great color to turn a small Powder Room into a little jewel box!
Another tiny room, an Butler’s Pantry, where “Sacre Bleu” turns it into a jewel box
“Sacre Bleu” makes a great door color and I created a formula for it in PPG’s new BreakThrough product that is an interior/exterior product we also used on the porch floor because it dries within 20 minutes and is so durable it can be painted on anything, even concrete and vinyl!
Lastly, a close up of “Sacre Bleu” from the exhibit. As you can see from the photos, it looks a little different in each setting. This closeup shows it quite accurately.

If you’d like a free hand-painted sample, visit my Online Store where you’ll find all manner of samples ranging from larger hand-painted samples and sample jars. Next, I’ll be writing about the color green starting with the color “Lichen”.


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