June 25, 2019

“Azure” is what I call a sunny blue. Although blue is usually a cool color, this blue has enough yellow in it to make it look warm and cheerful, yet not enough to turn it aqua. Perhaps that’s the reason it was used so successfully in the Atlanta project by the designers at Timpsen Creek Gallery featured in the first photo. The client likes it so much, she used it in all of the main rooms! More photos of this project can be seen in my Blog Post on the color “Pearl” which we used on all millwork throughout the home.

“Azure” walls with “Pearl” millwork and although it’s hard to see in the photo above, “Christine’s Cloud” is on the ceiling. It shows up better in the photo below of the same project during renovation.
“Azure” is the perfect color in my tiny guest room with Dutch beds. The room is only 7′ x 10′ so it definitely needed a cool color since cool colors recede and don’t close you in. I also upholstered the interior walls of the beds with a pale blue linen. Trim is “Ashen Green”.

As you can see by the photos, “Azure”, like all Full Spectrum Paints, is color-reflective so it looks different in every setting. To see an actual hand-painted sample, visit my Online Store where you can get small hand-painted samples for free or larger samples and jars for a nominal cost.


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