Alexandra Blue

June 11, 2019

“Alexandra Blue”, named after my daughter, is the first pale sky blue that I created for my line of Full Spectrum Paints. I added just enough magenta to make it look like the sky at twilight. The tiny increment of magenta pigment added is just enough to make “Alexandra Blue” look almost misty. It’s an ethereal sky blue that creates an enveloping, calming atmosphere. (See my previous Blog Post for color therapy info on the color blue). Although perfect for ceilings and bedrooms, it’s a great color for any space where you want to be uplifted and soothed.

One of my favorite photos of this “Alexandra Blue” ceiling with “Adobe” walls in this California home. “Snow” is used on the French Doors and trim and crown molding.
I was able to snap this photo yesterday when visiting this project site where my clients painted “Alexandra Blue” on both walls and ceiling of their upstairs Master Bedroom overlooking Audubon Park in New Orleans. They tell me “it’s like being up in the clouds!”
I especially love this photo of a client’s little girl’s room because it shows the periwinkle quality that “Alexandra Blue” has.
This is my daughter Alexandra‘s room that I designed and had added on to my little cabin in the woods. Since I was going to the trouble of adding on a bedroom, I made it as large as I could without cutting down any trees. Now that she’s grown and living on her own, I’m enjoying it as my Master Bedroom! Of course, this is the first place I used “Alexandra Blue” on walls and ceilings. “Ashen Green” is on all trim.

If you’d like a free hand-painted sample of “Alexandra Blue” or any of my Full Spectrum Paint colors, visit my Online Store where you can get larger hand-painted samples and sample jars.


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