May 27, 2019

“Snow” is one of the first whites I created and has been used successfully with every color in my palette of full spectrum paint colors. It’s a warm white yet not too warm to work equally as well with cool colors as it does with warm colors. One client describes it as “a creamy white that sparkles like fresh snow”. In addition to being a great trim and ceiling color, it’s been used very successfully for clients who wanted white kitchens that don’t come off stark and cold. I had a client that had not been able to sell his mother’s home for months so we painted all of her walls “Snow” and it sold within the week!

“Snow” trim works equally well with the warm stucco and cool ceiling color. Stucco color is custom “Provence Clay”, ceiling is “Dusk” and door is “Mykonos Blue”.
“Snow” on trim, wainscoting and cabinets with warmer “Classic Cream” walls and cool blue backsplash tiles and gray soapstone counters.
“Snow” cabinets really brightened this newly remodeled kitchen in this old farmhouse where my clients wanted to keep the dark stained ceiling and floors.
This is the house I mentioned where we painted the all the walls “Snow” for resale. However, in this room, we only painted the walls “Snow”, keeping the existing ceiling, stained wood wainscoting and gray trim (again both cool and warm colors). After sitting on the market for months, it sold within the week. I’m not a proponent of using beige or taupe for resale. I’ve used soft whites and even pale yellows like “Classic Marc” and “Buttercream” which was featured in House Beautiful Magazine as a “colorful neutral”.

If you’d like to see a sample of “Snow” or any of my Full Spectrum Paint colors, I’d be happy to send you a sample. All paper samples are hand-painted, including the free 1″x4″ cuttings that can be purchased via the link here. Other paper sample sizes and sample jars can be ordered via my online store. However, when you purchase gallons of paint, I email the order into the nearest PPG Paints in your area so that all you have to do is walk in and say “I came to pick up my Ellen Kennon paint” and they’ll put it into your car. No waiting for them to tint it. (To find a PPG store in your area, visit the Store Locator, input your zip code and click on the filter “PPG Paints” not Independent Stores or Home Depot).


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