Barry’s White

May 23, 2019

This is the third color in a series of blog posts where I will be describing and showing photos of each of my 70 full spectrum paint colors. This post is all about the color “Barry’s White” that I created for San Francisco designer Barry Johnson. Barry asked me to create a full spectrum version of Benjamin Moore’s popular Dove White. It has since become one of my most popular whites, especially when used on trim and other millwork. We used it recently on trim and wainscoting in the St. Francisville Inn here in St. Francisville.

“Barry’s White” on trim and wainscoting in the breakfast room at the St. Francisville Inn. “Silvery Blue” is on the ceiling and “Brandon Blue” on the doors and floor in the adjoining room.

We used “Barry’s White” as trim throughout the entire Inn. It’s incredibly versatile and especially popular as trim with “JV Cloud White” walls. To see more photos of it in the Inn, read my latest newsletter.

“Barry’s White” trim with “JV Cloud White” walls and “Silvery Blue” ceiling in designer Marc Charbonnets recent Dallas project.
Here we used “Barry’s White” as exterior trim on this newly constructed Bedford, NY home. The body is “Classic Cream” and green window trim and doors are “Peridot”

To my knowledge, it hasn’t been used as a wall color, however, if you’re looking for a fairly bright white for walls, this is worth considering. If you’d like to see a sample, you can order free hand-painted samples at Full Spectrum Paints’ online store. Want to see more photos of my Full Spectrum Paint colors? Follow me on Instagram.

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