New Website!

April 17, 2019

I’m so excited to announce that I have a new website! Local artist and webmaster Megan Moran Smith created a more streamlined, better functioning website. Here’s what you’ll see when you pull up ellenkennon.com:

Home screen slide show featuring this foyer where I created a custom green to match the wallpaper on the left. Photo by Sue Auriemma who became a paint customer after photographing this project for talented Interior Designer Regina Kraft.

The photo above is a sneak peek into a design project Regina Kraft recently finished for this newly constructed house in Bedford, NY. I loved helping create colors for this very colorful home and can’t wait until a magazine snaps it up so I can show more of the fabulous project photos by photographer Sue Auriemma. Be sure to check out the breathtaking photos on her website: https://www.susanauriemmaphotography.com/

My old website had an archive of my seasonal newsletters and unless I figure out a way to turn my upcoming newsletters into a webpage, the only way you’ll be able to receive them, is via email. My newsletter is the first place you’ll hear about new colors and discounts on paint. You can sign up at the bottom of most every ellenkennon.com web page as well as via this link: Sign up for Living Well Newsletter

You can also read it here: Spring 2019 Living Well

Since most PPG Paints stores now have the new NexGen tinting system that I used to create my new color palette, I have removed the Pure Performance products from my online store. However, if your local store still has the older tinting system, just email me and I can put together the order for you. I chose not to create my new palette in the Pure Performance because PPG recently discontinued the ultra white tint base I use for most all of my whites and lighter, ethereal colors. The new palette uses the Manor Hall Interior Paint, Primer & Stain Repellent in One and the Manor Hall Exterior Paint & Primer in One, the BEST paint product I’ve used in my 18 years in the paint business.

Screenshot of the home page of my online store where you can order a variety of paint samples and paint. As always, color consultations with me via email and phone are included in the price of my paints.

So be sure to sign up for my newsletter! I plan to send out the next one very soon. It features lots of photos of the newly renovated St. Francisville Inn by renowned designer Brandon Branch (of Southern Charm Savannah fame) and his charming husband Jim Johnston!



  1. Love the new site. My friend recently painted his bedroom azure and it turned out beautiful. It really made a teeny room a gem. Still working on the rest of the house so more to come. : )) P.S. Any way to put what colours are on the new pics? The adobe colour looks so inviting in the bedroom with dark wood.

    • Thanks so much! The gallery page tells you the colors of the photos but any specific photo you’re interested in?

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