The Energy of Paint

September 24, 2018

For over 20 years I read every spiritual new age book I could get my hands on. I have particularly been interested in angels and archangels and a few years ago, I even created jewelry with gemstones relating to the different archangels. I’ve also been a firm believer in the power of creative visualization because I manifested the property I live on! You can read more about that in my February 12, 2013 blog post. In the last paragraph of my last blog post, I even tell about how I manifested a “dream client” by writing affirmations.

Over the past 17 years I’ve often had clients and intuitives tell me my paints were healing and helped raise the vibration of the people who came into contact with them.  When I started my line of paints 17 years ago, I even set up an altar with the paints (before I had 100+ colors!) and would visualize that they bring joy and balance to everyone who comes into contact with them. I still continue that visualization to this day. Last Monday I had a telephone reading with medium Stacy Hilton who I’d seen on a local television news program in the hopes of hearing from a dear friend who passed away last January. Not only did I hear specific information from my friend, two other friends I lost over the past few years, and my Dad; she ended the reading by saying “Can I ask why I keep seeing paint?”

Here’s the audio excerpt that I put together with a slideshow of rooms painted with my paints:

As an interior designer, I’ve always said it’s not how a room looks, it’s all about the energy of the space. Just because we can’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not there. And just because someone has passed away, it doesn’t mean they’re gone. They’re just in another dimension and if you were close to them, they’re probably helping you from the other side of the veil just like my Dad helps me.


  1. This is awesome Ellen! I’ve been following a subtle spiritual guidance for a while, but I’m going more in this direction myself for a possible new shift in my business. Thanks for sharing!

    • I’ve learned it’s all about “intention”.😍

  2. It is very inspiring that you use intuition with your paint color selection. It’s one of the reasons I buy paint from you.

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