What’s New?!

May 1, 2018

As you may or may not know, there are always changes in the paint business. For the past several years, most paint companies have been changing their products, removing VOCs (volatile organic compounds), discontinuing products and implementing new tinting systems. When I started my Full Spectrum Paints almost 17 years ago, I created my formulas in ICI Dulux Paints’ products. They were bought out by Akzo Nobel a few years later and several years ago, PPG Paints bought out Akzo Nobel. PPG discontinued my most popular product, Lifemaster, so I replaced it with PPG’s Pure Performance and Manor Hall products, using PPG’s tinting system. Most recently, PPG started creating their own pigments, so for the 4th time in 17 years, I once again had to reformulate my entire color palette. So I figured this time, I would take the opportunity to create a completely new edited palette, retiring colors that are no longer as popular and adding new colors. Luckily, my local PPG Paints store in Baton Rouge is a pilot store, so I’ve been able to work on this for the past many months and have finally finished the new palette!

New Color Palette

My new color palette consists of 70 timeless, fail-safe colors that compliment each other flawlessly in any setting.

I kept my most popular best-sellers and added 17 new colors, several of which were created specifically for exterior applications. These nature-inspired colors have proven themselves consistently beautiful and therapeutic no matter how they are paired or lit, so seasoned designers and amateur homemakers alike can benefit from using this simple yet broad and effective palette. The new color chart above is now available for ordering (Click to order new chart.) However, although you can order online, these new colors are currently only available for pick up at PPG Paints stores in Seattle, Philly, Louisiana, Detroit, Arizona & New Mexico and the brand new PPG DIY stores opening in Dallas, Miami, Austin, Houston & Pittsburgh. All other stores will have the new pigments by the end of this year. Since I have gotten so many rave reviews over the quality of the Manor Hall Paint, Primer & Stain Repellent in One, I chose it for my new palette. It’s also the only exterior paint I use since it has a life-time warranty. The best thing to come out of all of this is that the Manor Hall product rivals any top of the line product on the market!

If you have ordered Pure Performance or Manor Hall paints from me over the past years and want to ensure you are able to get the exact same color (i.e. using the same formula and older pigments), I’d order a gallon so you’ll have it for touch ups. Email me at ellen@ellenkennon.com and I’ll send you a code so you can get a discount. Since I have discontinued colors, I have discounted my custom color fee to $50. Any orders of paint for over three gallons in a custom color will have no custom color fee.

On another note, in my newsletters and blog posts I’ve often written about how I’ve magically managed to create a life I love. After a very successful friend confirmed he was still writing affirmations while waiting between planes in airports, I stumbled upon an exercise where you meditate to come up with an affirmation and then write it 55 times, five days in a row. Then you put it in an envelope. Put it away and send it out to the universe and forget about it. My affirmation was “I am joyfully attracting a dream client.”  A few months later, I was asked to create the color palette and custom colors for the exterior of a gigantic building for the dreamiest client you can imagine. They say angels and guides take you literally and when I’m able to disclose who the client is (I had to sign an NDA), you’ll know exactly what I mean! I just wanted to pass this along since it really works!





  1. Congrats!!!! Beautiful, as always, Ellen!

    • Thanks so much, Georgia! I sure have been using that Break-Through product since you told me about it! Is it still wearing well on your floors?

  2. I love this Ellen! I believe in manifestation too! I’ve seen it happen in my own business and can’t wait to hear more about your dream project!

    • Thanks! I actually created where I live. When I lived in NYC I often drifted off to sleep listening to a self-hypnosis tape that started out with “imagine yourself in your perfect place in nature”. Mine was lying in a hammock, high above a creek, looking up at tall trees. It wasn’t until my father gave me a hammock while I was building my home that I realized the connection! (the hammock is between 2 100′ tall trees about 35′ above Alexander Creek!

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