Hunt Slonem: Antebellum Pop! @ LSUMOA

April 26, 2016

Last Thursday was the Opening Reception for the Antebellum Pop! exhibition at the LSU Museum of Art which is up through August 5th. If you’re a Hunt Slonem fan, this is a must see collection of his paintings spanning over 30 years. It also includes over $2 million in antiques from M.S. Rau Antiques in New Orleans in addition to some of Hunt’s own antiques, fabrics and wallpaper as well as antiques from the museum’s permanent collection. Curator Sarah Clunis, an art historian and professor at Xavier University, led an impressive exhibition crew. I had the great pleasure of working closely with Sarah and preparator Brian Morfitt placing fabulous furnishings and artwork. I was able to snap these photos just prior to the opening:

Paperhanger Clay Fairbanks hung Hunt’s “Bunny Wall” wallpaper in the soaring 16′ high entry. Brian took Hunt’s suggestion and hung bunny paintings on the left wall. 

“Antebellum Violet”  was created especially for the entry. Purple velvet pouf and Gothic bench found at Renaissance Antiques are on loan from Hunt. Top hats are from his collection. 

The chandelier and mirrors are from M.S. Rau Antiques. The 12′ wide painting is of Valentino and Gloria Swanson on loan from the Ogden Museum of Southern Art.

The dining room curtain & chair fabric is Hunt’s “Star of India” by Groundworks @ Lee Jofa. “Hutch” wallpaper accent wall and “Watermelon Red” full spectrum painted walls. The chandelier, table, chairs and  sideboard are on loan from M.S. Rau Antiques.Mirrors are on loan from M.S. Rau. Girondolles are from the museum’s collection. All fabrics and wallpapers are from the Hunt Slonem Collection by Groundworks @ Lee Jofa.

The Parlor furniture is covered in Hunt’s “Bayou Casino” and “Fritillery” fabrics. The rug, on loan from Dr. Donna Tesi, is taken from one of Hunt’s bird paintings. 

Parlor set is upholstered in Hunt’s “Fritillary” fabric. All paintings are by Hunt except the antique portraits which are on loan from the museum. The “Lakeside Napoleon” full spectrum wall color was originally created for the Napoleon Room at Lakeside Plantation and also used as the main gallery hallway color in his new Brooklyn studio.

The rear of the settee is upholstered in Hunt’s “Guardians” velvet and the other parlor set pieces are upholstered in his “Bayou Casino” and “Fritillary” linen fabrics. “Countess” portrait on loan from Martine Chaisson Gallery.

“Juliet’s Potion” wall color is the natural “POP” color complement to Hunt’s “Monsterra”, color – red/green fabric used for the curtain, bed canopy and back of the settee & chair with “Monsterra” color – spring on the front. Bed linens are by Jane Scott Hodges of Leontine Linens. 

Behind the painted canvas curtain is the unsightly freight elevator door. Aimee English of ARE’ Customworks worked with Preparator Brian Morfitt on the elevator curtain and created all other curtains and the bed canopy. Bed is on loan from Arlin Dease as were many of the paintings. The bench at the foot of the bed, the chandelier and mirrors are from Rau. Tea table and antique portraits are from the museum’s collection.

The chest and desk are from the museum’s collection. Fabric is “Monsterra”, color – spring. 

The chaise, on loan from Hunt, is upholstered in his “Guardians” cut velvet, color – Cobalt.  The rest of the antiques and chandelier are from Rau. Wall color is “Sacre Bleu” full spectrum paint.

I’m honored to be included on the donor wall along with PPG Paints, who donated all of the paint. Working as design consultant on this project has been one of the most enjoyable and memorable experiences I’ve had. This exhibition would not have happened without the generous support of these donors. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  1. Love this. Your colors are amazing!

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