January Paint Sale!

January 14, 2013

I’m happy to announce that we are having a sale on our VOC-free Lifemaster paint products! $5.00 off per gallon when you order online. At the end of the check out, you’ll be asked for the secret code. It’s “2013” (without the quotation marks). The link to our online store where you can take advantage of the sale:

Order Full Spectrum Paints & Samples Online

On another note, I am in the process of adding seven new colors to our palette of stock colors.

I also want to share this photo a client sent of her newly painted bedroom in “Lilac Mist”. This was one of my first custom colors created over 30 years ago! Still one of our most popular colors, I first used it in a client’s bedroom who said before we repainted, he rarely slept past 5:00 am, but in his Lilac Mist bedroom, he was sleeping weekends until 10:00! It’s actually also a manly color because it works so well with browns and grays.


Lilac Mist is not only soothing, but very versatile.

Don’t forget, when you purchase our paints, color consultations are free.

Look for us in Dwell Magazine‘s upcoming Spring renovation issue!




  1. I love this soft hue in the bedroom. Beautiful Ellen 🙂

  2. That is a really beautiful colour. It reads a gray with a purple undertone, so I’m not surprised it’s still being used, given the popularity of gray. I have a room in almost the exact shade I painted over 20 yrs ago. It has french doors and palladium windows. I chose this colour because I felt it was a masculine neutral that also went with girly things and have never regretted it. Classic. When it comes time to repaint, I’ll have to revisit this colour using YOUR paint. CTD

  3. Very pretty and soothing.

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