Concerned for our future and looking for some comfort?

October 19, 2012

For over twenty years I have been reading the Kryon books and channels. Shortly after reading the first book, I saw in the back of it where I could write and offer to host a Kryon channel in my home. Now I know the word “channel” sounds completely “woo-woo” to many, but Lee Carroll, who channels Kryon, has appeared many times at  the United Nations as well as numerous gatherings all over the world. The day 9-11 happened, although completely shocking and horrifying, I had an “a ha” moment because I immediately knew that this was one of the many predictions he had made that has come true. I am a firm believer in “no coincidences” and have been incredibly fortunate to have lived what he calls a “synchronistic lifestyle” where everything seems to magically drop into place at just the right moment (more on this in my Winter 2003 newsletter on “Creating a Synchronistic Lifestyle“). Within a week, I heard back that he had never been to our area, had some time the very next month and offered to come! Well, as it turned out, there were so many folks interested, that we had to move it to a public place in Baton Rouge to accommodate over 100 people. My mother even came!  Here’s a link to a recent channel that I find comforting about our future. He uses parables often to help communicate, so don’t let the word “sword” scare you. Remember, Archangel Michael is always shown with a sword.

Click Here to Read Channel

On a more frivolous note, I just posted my Autumn Living Well Newsletter on the 2013 Color of the Year and color trends. One of the things I learned from the Kryon books is that each one of us can create miracles and if you focus on your intent and just ask (especially out loud), you can make things happen! My intent (and mission statement) for my line of paints has always been that everyone who comes into contact with them is JOYFUL and BALANCED, whether it’s someone just holding samples, a paint store employee tinting the paint, and of course, the people who live in rooms painted with my paints. I repeatedly get confirmation from clients that my prayers and visualizations are working. Considering I’ve never advertised in the eleven plus years since I started creating them, I know that this is not only my passion but what I’m here to do. Here’s a link to my latest newsletter on the “Color Trends and Color of the Year for 2013” . Interesting that the driving force behind the newest trend in colors is all about “balance”. I hope you enjoy!



  1. I think it’s really cool that you share your spiritual life on here, and that you have used it in your work.

    • Thanks Dirk & Diane! Diane, I have enjoyed the Abraham teachings, too! Kryon also said years ago that color will become an important healing modality.

  2. Ellen, thanks for sharing this!!! I’m not famiiar with this work, but I’ll be checking it out. (I’m into Abraham.) Being a pacifist, feminist, environmental activist has lead me to worry a great deal about our future. This gives me a way to reframe it and feel better. I see the clash between the old and new ways of thinking intensifying daily. The polarization of our Congress, and certainly the fundamentalism in the Middle East. I believe the recent shooting of the young Pakinstani girl who advocated for education is an obvious example. Many are protesting what happened to her, but will her government actually kick out the Taliban? I believe that sweet, brave girl is a Lightworker. I pray for her recovery. And I thank you again for being willing to put your beliefs on the line. I hope you’re feeling better too.

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