Bringing the Outdoors In

March 27, 2012

I just love it when I get happy emails and photos from paint customers! I especially love it when they take my advice and see for themselves why what I suggest works. Over twenty years ago, when I was building my own home, I had already decided to paint all of the trim in my home “Ashen Green”, but it wasn’t until the “Ashen Green” was painted over the white primer on my window and French door trim, that I realized how it pulls your eye out into the view. In sunrooms or rooms with lots of windows, it can give you the feeling of being outside on a porch.

Natasha Nyberg, the client I wrote about in my October 25, 2011 post who won the Apartment Therapy contest for her room painted in our “Caribe”, emailed me recently asking to suggest a color for her sunroom (pictured below). I suggested pretty much any of the greens from our Nature’s Palette and Natasha, who lives in a cold climate and is drawn to warm colors, chose our “Peridot”.


Although her white sunroom certainly looks pretty, here’s what our “Peridot” on both walls and trim did for the space:



“I am SO HAPPY with how it turned out. The green is perfect. I really couldn’t be happier. It’s everybody’s favorite room in the house now. We never used to go back there, and now we’re always spending time in there–and the only things I had to buy were the paint and some of the plants!” 

– Natasha Nyberg

I especially like the way her newly painted “Pumpkin Spice” kitchen glows through the interior window. The Peridot reminds me of the Spring greenery outside my window right now. There’s just no other color like it for rejuvenation. For more on about the properties of the color green and to see another example of painting everything green in a small room to expand the space, read our February 14, 2012 post. For more photos from happy paint customers, check out our Facebook page.

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