The Best of Intentions for 2012

January 3, 2012

Every New Year, instead of making “resolutions”, I sit with a pen and blank journal and focus on what “intentions” I have for the upcoming year. I keep them in a journal so that I can go back at the end of each year to see what I have accomplished and sometimes I discover that what I thought was so important the year before, no longer is. 2012 in numerology is a “five”, which means it is a year of change and considering it is the last year on the Mayan Calendar, I’m sure it will be filled with lots of excitement and changes. The musical group “The Fifth Dimension” was certainly ahead of their time with their “Age of Aquarius” song, so let’s open our hearts and let the sunshine in!

I am a big fan of scientist-spiritual philosopher Gregg Braden and especially love his videos on YouTube. According to Gregg (and the numerous other authors I have read on my 20+ year spiritual path), we have already transcended many of the darkest prophesies predicted and 2012 is a doorway of opportunity to embrace these changes by living life fully and consciously with intent and integrity, in kindness to one another, asking ourselves on a daily basis “what can I do to make this a better world”? Gregg’s very interesting YouTube video gives more detail of what he predicts for 2012:  2012 Gregg Braden on Mayan Calendar

One of the things I am looking forward to participating in this year are Color Cares™ paint makeovers. Color Cares™ is a new non-profit organization dedicated to changing lives with color. Founded by Dan Wittenkeller (RoomVues.com and TruHue.com), Color Cares’ mission is to uplift and heal the suffering through a Color Cares makeover. Everyone has the right to a positive outlook on life but sometimes unforeseen circumstances such as terminal illness, loss of a loved one or other tragedy, make this especially difficult. Research has proven that using color in our surroundings can uplift the spirit, so if you are interested, you can help, too! If you are a color consultant, interior designer, redesigner, decorator, home stager or paint contractor, you can join the volunteer network.  And/or, you can nominate a deserving person or family for a color makeover. If you are an individual, corporation or organization, you can make a tax-deductible contribution. In lieu of a monetary contribution, Color Cares also graciously accepts new paint supplies (Zero VOC or Low VOC Paint, Paint Sundries (Brushes, Rollers, Tarps, Tape, etc. and Color Fan Decks). If you are interested in helping, please visit their website by clicking the image below:

 Wishing you many blessings in 2012!

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