Apartment Therapy Contest – Please Cast Your Vote for “Caribe”!

October 25, 2011

I have been helping Natasha Nyberg for a little over a year now selecting colors for her home where the main criteria was to help the house feel “warm, cozy and cheerful”–especially during Michigan’s long dreary winter months. We started out painting the first two rooms with Citrine and Shrimp, followed by other main areas in Honeysuckle, Luminaire and Classic Marc and bedrooms in soothing blues like Alexandra Blue and Dusk. However, since the Living Room had recently been painted Ben Moore’s Paladian Blue, they saved that room until last. Off and on we considered colors like Coral and Caribe (both “retired” colors but still available), but it was daunting for them to go that daring.   Finally, last April, they took the leap and painted it “Caribe” and it’s looking like it might just pay off in more ways than one!

Nyberg's LR "before" painted in Ben Moore's Paladian Blue

Natasha and Brad’s “Caribe” Living Room is featured in Apartment Therapy‘s “Room For Color 2011″ contest (Natasha and Brad’s “Coral Me Happy” Room)! I hope you’ll help them win by clicking on the heart-shaped “favorites” icon just below the article.

"Caribe" Living Room with "Honeysuckle" Beyond

Here’s another photo (there are more in the article) that shows just how much better the blue chair and sofa looks balanced with a warm color:

That sofa just loves being in that "Caribe" room, no?


  1. What a great write up! Thanks, Ellen!

  2. Love the Caribe! I think it looks so much better than the blue walls since it’s warmer, like the wood floor.

  3. […] Nyberg, the client I wrote about in my October 25, 2011 post who won the Apartment Therapy contest for her room painted in our “Caribe”, emailed me […]

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