Summer Living Well Newsletter Just Posted

July 19, 2011

I’m happy to report that I just posted my Summer Living Well Newsletter about a  color consultation project I worked on several years ago. I hadn’t seen it finished until I visited last Saturday to take photos, but have been hearing raves about it from several friends who have seen it (including famed designer Marc Charbonnet of NYC who after visiting asked me if I could help him find a place just like it!).

It’s no wonder it’s been getting lots of “oohs and ahs” since it was decorated by designer Patrick Tandy of Baton Rouge and St. Francisville who is well-known for his sensibilities towards historic properties.

Be one of the first to enjoy this Summer “Retreat”!

Summer 2011 Living Well



  1. Fantastic! I remember visiting this “magical zone” 5 years ago. The home’s interior design is tasteful, elegant and welcoming. The place, home and property, possesses a character that is warm, honest and friendly. Ellen’s colors are, as usual, stunning. This feature is a delight.

    • Thank you Marc! Coming from you, that’s mighty high praise!

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