Just Out! House Beautiful’s 1st iPad App!

May 31, 2011
I’ve been sitting on a big secret for months and now I can finally spill the beans! House Beautiful’s first iPad App has finally hit the iTunes store and I must say, it was well worth the wait! Based on their popular bookazine, House Beautiful’s 500+ Favorite Paint Colors, it has 669 of the most popular paint colors (selected by some of the country’s top designers) that can be sorted by colors, spaces, direction of light and moods. There’s also an “Editor’s Picks” section with 40 colors broken down into 10 color ranges.
Our “Mushroom” made the Editor’s cut in the brown range! But best of all, they took my Color-Numerology Article and turned it into an interactive game, where all you have to do is type your name into the box, and it automatically gives you your personal color and corresponding personality description! That alone is well worth the $4.99 price!

By far, THE best color tool on the App scene!

I finally posted my Spring (I know, it’s going on Summer) Living Well Newsletter which you can access here: Ellen’s Newsletter

The newsletter has follow up photos to our previous “Work in Progress” post in addition to the latest flood news and my use of our new “Tiffany Turquoise“.

As I mentioned in my newsletter, you can order pint jars of Tiffany Turquoise & Cornflower Blue exterior paints (perfect sizes for doors & furniture): ellen@ellenkennon.com or 877-877-7628.

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