Spring Full Moon at Sidney’s Zen House

March 23, 2011

In my Winter 2010 Living Well Newsletter, I wrote about my friend Sidney Coffee’s “Zen House”, a 10′ x 16′ screened in structure her talented husband Al Coffee built in their backyard.  What a magical space they have created!  One of my favorite times to visit is at sunset when the 7 foot strands of mirror garland that hang inside the screened walls sparkle in the sunlight as they sway in the breeze created by the ceiling fan.  I actually made something similar a couple years ago and hung them from trees out in my yard because I heard that they attract fairies. Not sure about the fairies, but I’ve never seen as many fireflies as I do now! Thanks to Sidney, I have tracked down a source who sells them and have ordered some that will be for sale on my website soon.

Sidney and Al visit their son, Tyler, a bilingual anthropologist and resident of  San Miguel De Allende often; so the interior of the space is filled with wonderful religious artifacts that help create the ambiance of the space. Sidney says she enjoys it year-round since she’s added Sunbrella curtains to keep the rain out and a wood-burning fire pot for chilly nights.  The entry door is a 36″ wide screened door on a sliding track which further creates a “Zen” feeling and doesn’t take up the space that a typical swinging door would have.

The moon was so beautiful the other night, I just had to take photos and share!


Al shared that the tin roof is a 45 degree angle & the base is recessed.

The Zen House sits at the rear of their enclosed backyard/courtyard that is filled with little white lights that not only create the magical atmosphere, but also doubles as inexpensive outdoor lighting.


The huge cross from San Miguel sets the mood for the space.


A huge full moon added even more magic to an already magical evening! Al enjoyed creating the Zen House so much, he’ll build one in your backyard (phone: 225-964-6544). Their son Tyler customizes tours to archaeological sites and to sacred places in Mexico, including tours to “La Canada de la Virgen” that just opened to the public fo the very first time–an extraordinary site just outside San Miguel. Tyler helped work on the site some years back and recently finished interviewing the indigenous people throughout the area where the site is. Tyler can be reached at 225-963-0870.


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