Winter 2011 Living Well Newsletter Posted

February 9, 2011

Finally! Today I posted my latest seasonal newsletter showcasing a wonderful 800 square foot house design & renovation by Cheryl Carnation, Barbara Jacobs’ new Eco Hues Palette and the introduction of our new Private Label upholstery line.  If you’re suffering from Winter weather doldrums like I was, check out the colorful photos of Cheryl’s California renovation:

Winter 2011 Living Well Newsletter

Here are a few more photos of Cheryl’s project not included in the newsletter:

“Wheat Walls & “Gustavian Grey” Ceilings in the Kitchen. What a view, eh?
A Closer look at the salvaged Mantel (Wheat walls)

A closer look at the "acid-washed" stucco with embedded rocks, shells & Indian arrowheads

To see Barbara’s new Eco Hues, be sure to check out the newsletter where you will also be brought up to date on some business news about our paints and upholstery.

Winter 2011 Living Well


  1. Wheat is beautiful!!!! I love a great neutral caramel-y parchment. They are so dexterous. Great job!


  2. Thanks Andrea!

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