Happy Paint & Happy Clients!

January 25, 2011

Not a day goes by that I don’t get at least one email (along with photos) from a happy paint customer. Although I have been known to pray and visualize that everyone who comes into contact with our paints is “joyful and balanced”, it’s sometimes hard to figure out exactly what it is that creates such glee. After all, I have certainly seen enough miracles to believe in them. All it takes is believing, right?

Donna, a clinical psychologist from Massachusetts, sent this nice note:

“Good morning Ellen. I thought I would send you the professional video done of my condo now that after six and a half lovely years I need to sell. My right knee is no longer happy with all the stairs. But I thought you might want to see these pictures because all of the rooms with the exceptions of the guest bathroom (what was I thinking!!??) are painted with your paints. I want to thank you once again for making such beautiful paints. I have so enjoyed this condo for many reasons, but one of the primary ones is the way in which the light changes the look of the room because of your paints. Everyone has commented on how warm and cozy (as well as elegant!) it all looks. I am ready to move on though and will be getting in touch with you for paints for my next place!”

Here’s a link to the video: http://www.Obeo.com/643403

What “warm and cozy” colors did she use? Slate, Buttercream, Celery & Citrine. If you’re looking for a great condo in Massachusetts, this one is move-in ready!

Another client sews most of the clothes for her three precious daughters and has created a wonderful sanctuary that she calls “Deb’s Sewing Studio” and describes as her “Happy Place,” aka “A little slice of heaven”. After much debating over what color to paint the walls (she wanted something happy), she finally took the plunge and went for the color she really wanted–“Tuscan Sun”.

This space is so inviting, cleverly furnished and organized, I asked her if I could share her photos, along with her comments: Visit Deb’s Sewing Studio & Learn How to Create One for Yourself!

If you’d like to see samples of any of these colors, just email me. ellen@ellenkennon.com

I’m just about finished with the Winter 2011 Living Well Newsletter which will feature Barbara Jacobs’ new color palette, Eco Hues, and the custom upholstery we’ve been creating with the talented Peggie Rhodes. If you missed last season’s living well: 2010 Autumn Living Well


  1. Stricker Paint in Novi Michigan has had their own paint label called Happy Paint for years… I’d be interested in understanding more about your paint and colors.

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