“A Year and a Few Cans of Full Spectrum Paint”

November 24, 2010

The title of this blog post comes from a new thread I just saw on The GardenWeb’s Home Decorating Forum, where their regulars have been the backbone of my business since November 2004, when I received a call because someone had posted a question about “full spectrum paints” and then another poster posted a link to my website address. This was the first of eight threads (they can only have 100 posts each) on “full spectrum paints”. I can’t begin to thank these wonderful folks, many who have not only been loyal customers, but are such savvy homemakers, they’ve actually taught me quite a bit about decorating & paint (& I have over 28 years experience)!

I started my line of paints back in 2001 because I know how powerful color is at creating ambiance and how daunting it is to pick the right paint color. With companies like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams offering thousands of colors to choose from, I created an edited palette of what I consider to be “tried and true” colors that work in most spaces and parts of the country. Of course, one of  the reasons they work so well is because they’re “full spectrum”!  (Full Spectrum paints contain all of the colors in the spectrum so they coordinate more easily with the furnishings around them, just as the colors you see in nature do.)

I just had to share this post from a happy customer who has been pulling down wallpaper and re-painting, room by room, and after a year, has finally finished and was so pleased with her new home, she shared “before & after” photos.  To read all about it and see more photos:

A Year and a Few Cans of Full Spectrum Paint

A common complaint comes from women whose husbands won’t let them paint over wood trim and cabinets, so I often use warm colors and especially warm greens to complement and compromise!


Spring Green brings out the lustre of wood tones. Other colors that bring out the richness of wood tones: Edgewood Green, Sage, Peridot, Chartreuse & Olive.



  1. With Full Spectrum Paints you don’t need “thousands” of colors, just the ones that all work best together!

  2. Thanks Barbara! You should know since you use them so often. Can’t wait to debut your new full spectrum palette!

  3. That’s how I heard about full spectrum paints ~ Garden Web. I recently painted my kitchen Pumpkin Spice and just LOVE it …. get many compliments on it.

    And, I too, would love to paint my 30 yr. old cabinets. Also got rid of wallpaper border, put up a crown molding and painted. This color is so warm and BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Thanks Jody! Photos!? We’d love to see!!!

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