Newsletter and New Photos Posted!

August 5, 2010

I finally posted my Summer 2010 Living Well Newsletter and have added lots of new photos to the “Photos & Reviews” page of my website, which by the way, is by far our most popular page!

In the newsletter, I talk about two great new books that just came out, Choosing Easy World by Julia Rogers Hamrick and ColorFlow by Patricia Kay Lebow. Both are paint customers and both talk about full spectrum paints! But better than that, both books teach you how to live in harmony with life’s universal flow so that you experience a greater sense of connection to Source, with all the joy, harmony, abundance and freedom that provides!

Summer 2010 Living Well Newsletter

“Photos & Reviews”


P.S. I haven’t received my copy yet, but I’m hearing raves about the September issue of House Beautiful magazine! Of course, I’m not surprised considering the uber-talented Newell Turner is the new Editor!


  1. Ellen, I haven’t gotten my new HB either, but saw it at the grocery store today — the cover alone is nearly breathtaking! I almost bought it even though I knew one was coming to my house!

  2. I finally got mine in the mail Cam and was thrilled to be quoted about patina, paints and my “Buttercream” color on page 126!

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