The Schoolmarm, the Mountain Man, and the Bridge

July 29, 2010

A little over a year ago, in my April 6, 2009 blog post,  I blogged about my friends’ two houses separated by a foot bridge (to me the perfect living arrangement for a couple!).  Well I just didn’t do the story justice. There’s a new article out, “Harmony House: The Schoolmarm, the Mountain Man, and the Bridge between them”,  by the uber-talented Anna Macedo, Art Director of  Country Roads Magazine since its inception over 25 years ago.  I first met Anna when I moved to town back in 1989 at publisher Dorcas Brown’s kitchen table where this popular magazine first started.  Anna was the person I went to for both metaphysical color classes and the graphic design and marketing materials for my Full Spectrum Paints.  I’m still hoping to see the beautiful paint can labels she designed on store shelves!

Anna Macedo's design for Full Spectrum Paints

In any event, Anna’s article on Janie Simmons (the schoolmarm) and Randy Hunter (the mountain man) is a most interesting read, much like the prose she is known for!

Don’t forget to click on the photos when you click here to read the article:

Harmony House: The Schoolmarm, the Mountain Man, and the Bridge between them

One of the many outdoor areas features willow furniture by Fred Hunt

Note:  I was hired to create the architectural design of  Harmony House after I designed and built my home, Mon Soleil.  Harmony House is 5′ wider and 6′ longer, so it’s 1952 square feet as opposed to my initial 1160 square foot house and features the same features (outdoor shower, euro shower, huge adjoining fireplaces on porch and great room walls, dutch beds and windows galore).  The paint colors in Harmony House’s great room (Terracotta Sand with Edgewood Green trim) were created on the spot and have since become two of Full Spectrum Paints‘ most popular colors. Shortly after Janie saw the “Cornflower Blue” I used on my daughter’s deck fencing & windows, she used it for the furniture on “The Bridge to Terabitchia” as Janie likes to call it.

"Cornflower Blue" furniture on the bridge's tree-top seating area

Variations on these house plans are available. To inquire, visit my website:


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  1. I love the “new” label – and your posts, always inspiring!

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