Have you seen the July/August House Beautiful?

July 6, 2010

If you haven’t, this is one issue you won’t want to miss! It’s the first issue with the very talented Newell Turner as Editor in Chief (formerly the Style Director) and I have to say, even though House Beautiful has become my favorite design magazine over the last few years, this issue is the BEST ISSUE EVER!

Now, not to worry! The magazine still has all the wonderful articles it usually does, especially the ones relating to color (this issue features designers’ favorite ceiling colors).  However, this issue entitled “Is Small the New Big?” features articles on several spaces that although small, seem really big. Although I loved them all, my favorite was the 390 square foot apartment in the East Village that’s home to a family of three. This family’s use of multi-functional and over-sized furniture was pure genius.  There are so many great ideas, I’m most definitely saving this issue!

Newell is no stranger to small spaces. He recently finished his own 1200 square foot country getaway in the Catskills, implementing many creative ways to make a small space seem much bigger.  To see a “start to finish” video, photos, articles and Newell’s Blog posts while he was in this process, visit “Twilight Field: From Start to Finish” on House Beautiful’s website.

HB Editor-in-Chief Newell Turner's 1200 sq.ft. Getaway

Newell's view is the inspiration for the name of his house!

Congratulations Newell!  Your promotion is most definitely well-earned and it certainly couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

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