Our Full Spectrum Version of “Silver Sage”

June 11, 2010

One of the most popular paint colors on the market is Restoration Hardware’s “Silver Sage”. We created a full spectrum version for color consultant Kate Smith of the wildly popular SensationalColor.com as her signature color for our Designer Palette. Here’s what Kate had to say about her experiences with having both the original Restoration Hardware color and our full spectrum version that she renamed “H2 Ahh!”:

“I just repainted my office using H2 Ahh!, my signature color from Ellen’s Designer’s Palette. I had originally painted my bedroom this color with “not full spectrum” blended paint from another company.  When Ellen invited me to be one of the designers in her line I knew I wanted my signature blue/green/gray and she formulated it as a full spectrum blend.

With just a quick glance you might think that the two rooms are painted the same color but I can tell you that after spending lots of time in both rooms that I am amazed at how much more life a paint blended from full spectrum pigments has.  The walls seem to come alive and the biggest difference is that the full spectrum paint stays beautiful even in dimmer lighting conditions.

Living with the same color–one full spectrum, one not–in two rooms in my own home has sold me on the value of full spectrum paints.”

Although I haven’t been able to get a photo of Kate’s office in “H2 Ahh!”, friend and client Keith Koppens sent me this photo of it in the bathroom of a home he just put on the market in Baton Rouge’s Garden District:

"H2 Ahh!" walls is our full spectrum version of "Silver Sage"

Another popular color that is a warm green version of this chameleon-like color is our “Sage”. Here’s a photo of one of the bedrooms in Keith’s house:

"Sage" is on of our most chameleon-like colors

Both “H2 Ahh!” and “Sage” were used in other rooms in the home along with “Wheat” that was used in the Living and Kitchen areas:

"Wheat" subtly brightens this Kitchen

What’s great about this color palette is that it includes both warm and cool colors, yet they are earthy colors from nature so they feel really good.  Because they are full spectrum they will coordinate much more easily with whatever furnishings a new owner might have.  We used the cooler colors in the bedrooms because they are mental colors bringing you into yourself, whereas the warm colors like “Wheat” promote physical activities like communication and kitchen tasks.  Interested in Keith’s Baton Rouge, Louisiana Garden District home that’s for sale? Here’s the link to the realtor’s website: MSL Listing

If you’d like hand-painted samples of these colors, email me at ellen@ellenkennon.com and I’ll get them right out to you!

One comment

  1. Ellen,
    Very attractive photos. Silver sage is apparently the rage!!

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