The Power of Gratitude!

January 21, 2010

Back on September 1st, I wrote about Tom Kenyon in my post  “The Powerful Heart“.  I included links to two channels about what he calls “chaotic nodes” and how they will result in energy changes that include “severe fluctuations in weather patterns affecting the availability of food and water, earth changes including volcanic and earthquake activity, financial instability, and political ineptitude in managing world events”.  Well, I recently received his most recent channel “Haiti and the Chaotic Node” where Tom reminds us that we will be experiencing even more volatility in weather patterns, as well as an increase in unpredictable earth changes and that the simple act of appreciation for what is in our lives will shift our vibratory field faster and more effectively than anything else.  He also offers (at no charge!) a very effective sound tool to help assist us during these upcoming turbulent events. It can be downloaded from his website: Dimensional Attunement for the Pineal Gland.  I was able to download it onto my iTunes so that I can play it on my iPod. It’s very soothing!

Now, I know this sounds like a lot of “woo woo” stuff to most people, but I have to tell you from personal experience, what we focus on, we really do create. I have been keeping a gratitude journal for years now and have no doubt that this is the reason I continue to live a life I love!  I also highly recommend his “Ecstasy of the Heart”  technique which is quite powerful. Intrigued? For more about Tom Kenyon, visit his website, www.tomkenyon.com. The channelled information can be found in the “Hathors” section.

Tom Kenyon offers many healing tools on his website http://www.tomkenyon.com

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