Serendipity, Publicity & New Friends

January 13, 2010

I received the nicest email from Yelena Kublitski of HousePaintingTutorials.com, the first commenter on my “2010 Color of the Year” post which is now up to over 15,000 visitors since Christmas Eve! Who would have thought so many folks would be interested in color. Yelena emailed to ask if she could interview me for one of her website articles with paint color experts. If you haven’t visited her site, you should! It contains a wealth of knowledge on everything you could possibly want to know about painting projects.  As it turns out, Yelena and her husband also run  AK Painting, one of the most respected residential painting contracting companies in New Jersey. Do you know how hard it is to find a painter with both skill, talent and integrity? Let me tell you, it’s RARE! 

The article  is a Question & Answer format and contains lots of photos as examples of both color and holistic design: “Interview with Ellen Kennon – Creator of Full Spectrum Paints and Holistic Designer”. Yelena’s questions were so thorough, I’m thinking I should get her to write that requested book proposal I keep putting off! 

I love that Yelena included this photo from a home I decorated in Crested Butte via Remote Control!

(Remote control? Yes, the entire house was decorated (including designing a fireplace & window treatments) with photos and measurements supplied by the client! Everything worked out perfectly!)

 Boston area Color Consultant & Designer Barbara Jacobs of Integral Color has also been wonderful about mentioning our paints in her new blog as well as articles she is often asked to write for other publications. If you haven’t visited her website IntegralColor.com, be sure to follow her “Case Studies” section (also new!) where you will see an in-depth view of  featured project’s client requirements and goals, design approach, methods and solutions, results, and response, complete with photos!

Barbara Jacobs' Photo of our Samples

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  1. I just noticed the picture and blog mention in your post. Thanks!

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