More on 2010 Color(s) of the Year

December 29, 2009

My post back on October 2nd (2010 Color of the Year) has certainly generated quite a few comments! I wrote this post shortly after finding out what the International Color Team for AkzoNobel (formerly ICI Paints) selected as their “Color of the Year”. Although there are other experts that predict color trends (Pantone & the Color Marketing Group), I have found for the past couple of years that Akzo’s color experts have seemed ahead by a whole year (could this be because there aren’t just Americans on this panel?). For instance, last year, their color was a blue-green (similar to Pantone’s turquoise color for this year) and the year before, Akzo’s team predicted a golden yellow (very close to Pantone’s “Mimosa” color predicted for last year). 

So, as one of the commenters asked, what is it? Blue or Green? Well, according to Kiki Titterud’s Trend Tuesday Blog post today, the Color Marketing Group (the premier international non-profit organization of color design professionals) there’s yet another contender for the role: “Mardi Grape”!  Could this be named because they held their last meeting in New Orleans? In any event, they describe it as “a crossover between brown, purple and gray”.  James Martin, president of Color Marketing Group says “This purple is browner and grayer, a neutral we can love long-term.   These days everyone is seeking versatile colors with staying power.  Colors used to be the focus while neutrals were the understudies.  Today, neutrals are the lead performers, chameleon colors that shift and change.” I love the photo they selected to showcase this color and although it is similar to our “Lilac Mist”, I think I’m gonna have to make a full spectrum version of this one, too!

Color Marketing Group's pick for 2010 Color

So as you can see, there are many ideas out there for what colors will be seen as “hot” for next year, but I think you’ll have to agree, it is hard to choose just one

Be sure to read Kiki’s Trend Tuesday Blog Post to find out more about what the Color Marketing Group predicts we’ll see more of in 2010 (Kiki is a prominent member and nationally known color forecaster)!


  1. Mardi Grape is gorgeous! I just bought an older 1930’s home and am in the process of renovating. I would love to use this color as an accent wall in the living area, any idea how to get a swatch of this color?

  2. Ilike the colour, blue represent many things in the world particularly in my country, also it will be the colour of my wedding in may 2010,
    Thanks in avdance

    • Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! What country are you from and what does blue represent in your country?

  3. Ellen, Thanks so much for the mention! We just posted our 2010/2011 Sensational Color for Your Home Trends yesterday, here’s the link http://ow.ly/1aYFH. Hope to chat with you or see you soon! Kiki

    • Thanks Kiki! I will include this in today’s blog post!

  4. Mardi Grape is the exact lavendar colour with a brown under tone I am looking for. Where is it available?

    • It is a Pratt & Lambert color that is so close to our “Lilac Mist”, I decided not to create it. I’d be happy to send you a sample of our version if you’re interested.

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