Little Darlin’ Here Comes the Sun! (no, not Tuscan Sun)

October 23, 2009

The sun is finally shining here in St. Francisville and it’s around 60 degrees outside. Perfect weather for a fire on the porch! It’s amazing how a little sunshine can brighten your day. However, if it’s still gloomy in your part of the world, read on:

Hunt Slonem is starting to remind me of the divorcee in the older version of the movie, The Women. The one with Joan Crawford. But of course he certainly doesn’t remind me of Crawford or actually any of the women in the movie, it’s just that he’s getting so much publicity these days, he reminds me of the older divorcee on the train to Reno who keeps getting what she calls “poo-blee-see-tay”!

There’s yet another article on www.nola.com about Hunt creating (& donating) an 18′ sculpture of Toucans which will grace Veteran’s Memorial Boulevard in Metairie, Louisiana. Lord knows that thoroughfare could use some beautifying and who better to cheer it up than Hunt!

The article has yet another photo of Hunt, but instead of him in his “Tuscan Sun” room at Lakeside Plantation (yesterday’s blog post features “Tuscan Sun” at Lakeside in a NY Times article); this time, he’s standing in front of another happy color in his parlor at Albania Plantation. The color is “Albania Mango”. Although we created this color especially for Hunt, you can have it, too! Just email me and I’ll send you a sample, free of charge.

I keep reading from various New Age sources, that the most important thing we can do to get through these turbulent times is to focus our intention and energy on appreciation, gratitude and joy (see earlier blog post on The Powerful Heart) and as I keep telling my teenage daughter, “if you act happy, you will be happy”. But lack of sunlight during the upcoming months can sure take its toll on both our psyche and our physical health, so be sure to take your vitamins (especially C, D3 & B12) and surround yourself with lots of happy colors (anything yellow or orange will do)!

To help get folks through the season, we’re having a sale (10% off) on all paint tinted in happy colors (the yellow-gold-orange range). Just be sure to mention when you call to order that you read about it here!


  1. Thank you for this blog, it is very informative and I will be sure to reference it when needed throughout our website once we add our resources section. Keep up the great blogging and thanks again.

    • Thank you! I’ll look forward to visiting your site!

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